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ActiveInbox Big Status Counts

This style makes the status indicators/counts at the top of your gmail screen, for those with the ActiveInbox plugin, much larger and brighter, and with different colors. It also makes the notes field much larger and colored so that it cannot be missed.

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Remember The Milk - Long Search

This is a very simple style that does just one thing - it makes the search field for creating impromptu dynamic lists (smartlists) much longer than it is by default. I've set the width to about the maximum it can be on the normal RTM screen - 750 pixels, however, if you are using one of the other RTM scripts here, specifically the excellent Remember The Milk widely scripts, you can push this out much further - I have mine set to around 1000 pixels for example. *** note - RTM creates a confirmation note of sorts after you do something (change or delete something in RTM) to the right of their logo. In order to avoid the search box obscuring this note, I pushed the search box down a bit. This will only account for 1-line confirmation notes, though, although that should be 90+% of the ones you encounter. ***

Updated: Nov 23, 2007 Installs This Week: 1 Average Rating: N/A
Remember The Milk - Tag Cloud Line Spacing

Based on this excellent idea found in RTM's forum: I've been using my task cloud as a nicely formatted way to get to what normally I would need a smartlist for. Clicking on a tag creates an automatic smartlist of sorts. It's only a one-dimensional smartlist that looks for the given tag, but having your cloud formatted in such a way makes creating things like on-the-fly context lists easy. Unfortunately this is all a hack and so you can't introduce spacing to help seperate the various sections out. So in order to make things a bit more readable, I've created this small script which increases the line-spacing for all the lines within the cloud.

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