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Facebook - Sticky Top Nav Bar & More Prettiness

This is a tweak that fixes basic usage problems and adds a little prettiness to the new Facebook layout introduced in Feb 2010. This style has been tested with Firefox and Chrome. It: - sticks the position of the top nav bar so it stays on the screen when you scroll - adds a log out button to the nav bar for easy access - blinks the new notifications icon to make it more obvious you have new notifications - also provides some visual tweaks, such as rounding some corners, adding drop shadows, and adding subtle animations (Chrome only). I will update to fix if the basic functionality is broken by Facebook, and may also add other features. Note that each feature is commented, so if you do not want a specific tweak, just comment it out or delete that section of the style! Also, check out Facebook Plus - install it on top of this userstyle to round the corners of your Facebook! Plastikmaniac has done a great job on it, and keeps it up-to-date.

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