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Styles - blue/tan/white color scheme (re)

A re-upload of - blue/tan/white color scheme because it works fine for me but the original author blanked out the CSS to try to prevent people from using it.

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YouTube - Fix new look with elements from old look

YouTube's new look does have advantages (eg. using avatars to make it easier to tell who wrote which comment at a glance) but it also has problems which, to me, drown out the advantages: 1. The all-white look is somewhat eye-searing 2. It's harder to quickly locate buttons such as like/dislike and show more/less. 3. It's distracting for so many things to change as your mouse moves over the larger region containing them. 4. The sticky header isn't worth the wasted space This userstyle solves those problems while retaining as much of the new design aesthetic as feasibly possible by borrowing a few things from the older looks like background patterns and on-hover behaviours. Thanks to for the selectors needed for the main background color. Ignore the missing video in the screenshot. It was too hard to get a sub-100KiB screenshot with it.

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YouTube - Hide Annotations

A quick, lightweight solution for people who generally don't want annotations but also don't want to install a whole new addon or give YouTube permission to remember who they are. (Easy to temporarily disable using the Stylish button menu on those rare occasions when you do want annotations.)

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