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Ames Public Library Menu Fixer

The menu on is ugly when hovering the mouse over it - the links become bold, and that resizes the menu and makes it harder to read. I've fixed this by making menu items all the same size and changing the background color for mouse hovers. Ideally, the company who made the library website would fix the menu so it works in a way that's not annoying. Until then, enjoy this stylesheet.

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Evernote - Screen Maximizer

Evernote is pretty nice for note taking. Unless you're on a netbook, in which case the ad along the side takes up way too much screen space, making the interface hard to use. This style removes that ad, and hides the stuff in the page footer. Wish Evernote would address the issue, or create a Linux client. Until then, this will have to do. Created, tested, and working as of 2010-07-07. TO DO: 1) Decrease page margin whitespace, especially at bottom, but also on sides. Spent too much time on this already. If anybody can tell me the trick, I'll update the style.

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Microformats: Link Rel/Rev Highlighter

A script by Dan Rasmussen that highlights "rel" or "rev" attributes, by printing the attribute value after the link that uses it. Sometimes this will indicate microformats (see, tags, XFN friends, rel="me", nofollow, content license used, etc. For an idea as to what this style looks like, see my style for displaying access keys (which this one is based on) Main difference: this link rel/rev highlighter displays words instead of letters. Fixes + Suggestions: Potential enhancements: Use these icons, with or without highlighting text: Highlight "standard" rel values ( in one color, "draft" and "experimental" values in a different color. Use another color for values that aren't in the list at all. IE, to help catch typos.

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Myspace - BandView

MySpace BandView - optimizes MySpace for non-members to look up bands by Dan Rasmussen Some of us aren't members of MySpace, and will never be. MySpace BandView hides those parts of the site that aren't useful to us, and tidies a few things up. Here's what it does: 1) Hides the background image - makes for faster scrolling 2) Hides the MySpace-specific contact table 3) Hides the list of MySpace friends 4) Hides the MySpace friend comments 5) Makes some of the text bigger* (when the default is too small) *: I'd like some help to get this working better. I've spent too much time working on it already. Maybe at some point I'll have interest in doing it myself, but it will get fixed sooner if I get help. The following is either too small, or irregulary sized: General Info: Band Website, Band Members, Influences, Sounds Like Upcoming Shows: heading, "view all" link, venues. This style isn't perfect. If you send me corrections and suggestions, I

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Show Accesskeys

Many websites make use of access keys to help power users do things quicker and reduce the amount of back-and-forth between keyboard and mouse. These shortcuts are different from site to site, and it can take a while to remember them. Additionally, websites don't usually go out of the way to advertise their use of access keys. Enter this stylesheet, which places a high-contrast box next to page elements that specify access keys. More information: See this style in action before installing it! Requests and suggestions welcome at

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