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Tab Mix Plus Progressbar: Strip At Top (ANY COLOR)

ONLY WORKS WITH FIREFOX ADDON: Tab Mix Plus Tab Mix Plus settings in Tab Mix Plus Options: Tab Mix Plus Options > Display > Tab > Progress meter on Tab * You can change the color to any color you choose. (background: lightsteelblue !important;) * 437 Tab Mix Plus (STYLE REMOVED) * 442 Tab Mix Plus (STYLE REMOVED) * 436 Statusbar (STYLE REMOVED) ALL MY STYLES: Barbiegirl #438 Re-inserted for REVerdi.

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TABS - Compose Editing

● Tabs that are in Editing/Composing will be colored. ● You can change the color in the code. Just change the word red to another color. ● You can change the tab favicon for the Editing Tabs. Easy Instructions in the code. In Custombuttons and some other sites, if many tabs are opened, you cannot see the title of the tab. When Editing/Composing a post, sometimes you leave that tab to go search for a link, and it is difficult to find your way back to that 'Editing' tab again. — — — custombuttons forum — Greasemonkey — Greasemonkey forum — — — and some others Another choice:

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All tabs numbered up to 99. To exclude the number in the Selected tab... remove the line in the code that states /*REMOVE THIS LINE for no number selectedtab You can change the color of the Tab Number in the code. Just change #555 in both instances to another color.

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Toolbar Buttons FFaddon-Remove in CustomizeStorage

Toolbar Buttons Firefox Addon: ● All these 125 Toolbarbuttons will not appear in the Customize Toolbar Storage Window to eliminate CLUTTER. ● JUST REMOVE THE Toolbarbuttons in the Code List that you want to appear. ● All other Toolbarbuttons or Custombuttons will appear as normal. ► Toolbarbutton Storage Window - Compact Blue All My Styles Barbiegirl

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Toolbarbutton Storage Window - Compact Blue

Customize Toolbar. Where the toolbarbuttons you are not using are stored. For Firefox28 and below. ►►► FEATURES ◄◄◄ ● Toolbarbuttons are spaced close together. ● Frame is lightblue. You can change the coloring in the code. ● Removed button "Restore Default Set". This is to prevent accidentally clicking it. If this button is clicked... you will lose everything and have to start all over again... a big problem. If you ever need that button, which would be once or twice in a lifetime, then just disable this style, use the button, then re-enable this style. ● CustomButtons will appear with grey background to distinguish them from other toolbarbuttons. You can add a border to custombuttons to separate each one, just remove the line in the code that states: /*REMOVE THIS LINE FOR CUSTOMBUTTONS BORDERED --Update: Fix typo for custombuttons border

Updated: Sep 12, 2014 Installs This Week: 1 Average Rating: Good
URLBAR - Small Until Hover (With Timer)

●Urlbar is shrunk to just showing the favicon, then will become full width on hover (and focus). ●To change the width measurements to your liking... change the px number. ●Measurements are based on Default Firefox urlbar. (Windows) ● Ctrl+L or Alt+D or F6 will automatically open/widen the Urlbar and focus. ●To Move Starbutton to the far left: LeftSideStar firefox addon. (then you can view to see if the url is bookmarked when the urlbar is in small mode).

Updated: Jan 23, 2013 Installs This Week: 0 Average Rating: N/A - Only Site Login (Opened)(Minimal)

●Username/Password Button is automatically OPENED. You don't have to click it to open it. ●Removes the Google,Yahoo,OpenID login. ●Removes Junk text. ●Affects Login for, Forum, 'Discussions:Post a question' on style pages.

Updated: May 20, 2012 Installs This Week: 0 Average Rating: N/A
WEBPAGE Scrollbars ONLY - Autohide(No Empty Space)

►►► IMPORTANT ◄◄◄ YOU MUST RELOAD WEBPAGE AND ANY TABS ALREADY OPENED AFTER INSTALLING THIS STYLE to see the results of this style and after Uninstalling or Disable YOU MUST do a Firefox RESTART to REMOVE COMPLETELY! FIXED THIS FOR Firefox 3.6 and up (maybe still works for ff1-ff3.5) Works for Firefox32. For Windows. ▶ AUTOHIDES both the Vertical Scrollbars and Horizontal Scrollbars in only the Webpages ! (including textarea textbox scrollbars). ▶ REMOVES the EMPTY SPACE left behind when the scrollbars don't show. ▶ Scrollbar Width is set at Default 17px but you can adjust that. ▶ You can Edit code and choose to ONLY AUTOHIDE Webpage Vertical Scrollbars OR ONLY AUTOHIDE Horizontal Webpage Scrollbars ! To Color Scrollbars Scrollbars-Colored (Solid Combo)style 5 ALL MY STYLES: here #330

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➤ WOT ICONS are Tiny. ➤ YOU CAN CHANGE ICON SIZE: IN -moz-transform: scale(.5,.5) CHANGE (.5,.5) TO (.4,.4) ETC. (KEEP BOTH NUMBERS THE SAME) ➤ If you have other icons or styles then you might need to adjust the px number in margin:-3px ➤ WOT Firefox Addon ALL MY STYLES: Barbiegirl #416 Re-inserted by request

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X-Notifier FFaddon - Gmail Style Envelope

X-Notifier FFAddon (Was Webmail Notifier, xnotifier) ● Changes the Toolbarbutton and Statusbar button to the Gmail Style envelope. ● Small icons. Another Choice X-Notifier FFaddon - Oldstyle Envelope Button ALL MY STYLES Barbiegirl UPDATE:April 8 2013: Grey Envelope is lighter Grey. The previous darker grey envelope is still in the code to change back to.

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