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(No screenshot available) - Color Background

Color Background to except the homepage. See also my Enlarge Text.

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(No screenshot available) Enlarge Text Enlarge Text. See also my - Color Background.

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Mickey Mouse Cursor 2.0

Mickey Mouse Cursor (themesltd)

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Resize Images to Maximum Size when Mouse Hovers

Hover your mouse over an image, and it will display in its full size. This only works for images that have been resized in code (example: The preview images of Styles on UserStyles) ** Thanks goes to arteekay (rtk) for the Image Resize idea, which is used in the - tweaked. I made the code work on Width and Height as well, not just Max-width and Max-Height!! Try it out! Once you install the Style, head over to the page: Custom Toolbar Firefox Background Image (WOW!) and give it a try... Cool hey? Functions: - When you hover your mouse over an image that has been resized, it will display normally. Applies to: - Any image that has been resized by code - max-width, preventing a full-width image - max-height, preventing a full-height image + Just hover your mouse cursor over the image, and it will appear in it's original state (100% size, as if you were to save it to your disk.) Browser Versions: - Works on Firefox 2 - Works on Firefox 3 Additional Information: + This style works PERFECTLY on Userstyles.

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Splatoon - Squid Mouse Cursor

A Squid as a mouse cursor is the best idea i ever had! Enjoy!

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Firefox 3 - Shows Go button when hover your mouse

By default, the Go button on Firefox 3 is hidden and only appears if the location bar is empty or if you're entering text into location bar. This style will make the Go button visible if you hover your mouse onto the location bar. If you want to make the Go button always visible, use Firefox 3 - Go button always visible

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Electrsey Mouse

Makes your mouse look like Electrsey

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Tooltip - more distance to mouse, smaller

- don't hide tooltip by big mouse cursors - smaller font size based on:

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