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Transparent Extensions Options Black Mica

Firefox only. Works for me, see the pics: Vista HP/Aero/Fx default theme. Needs my Transparent ( glass ) Firefox - Black Mica. Try with: Textboxes (Fx UI) - black mica, Transparent check and radio boxes, Hide text in empty textboxes Inclided: AdBlock Plus, Addons Compatibility reporter, BBCode, BBCodeExtra, Biscuit, CheckPlaces, Clipple, Clippings, ColorZilla, Converter, CookieCuller, DragIt, eCleaner, Extensions List Dumper, Findbar Tweak, Flagfox, gTranslate, Greasemonkey, ImageTweak, Lazarus, Linkification, Menu Editor, Multiple Tab Handler, OPIE, OptimizeGoogle, Preferences Cleaner, Quick Java, Quick Translator, Rainbowpicker, Session manager, Status-4-Evar, Tab Utilities, Text Formatting bar, Textarea Cache, Text Link, Textsaver, Undo Detach Tab, Update Notifier. CustomizeGoogle has not been updated for a while now, use OptimizeGoogle instead. I don't use some of this exts. and have no idea how their prefs dialogs look with this style now. If you see problems, start a discussion and i'll see what i can do.

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GreaseMonkey - non jerky GUI

Expanding on pile0nades' idea (; this should remove virtually all the jerkiness of the greasemonkey gui and makes it a little bigger.

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Firefox 3.5 - Greasemonkey

Fenster in Schwarz mit weißer Schrift, Boxen in Blau mit weißer Schrift Highlightbalken in Schwarz bei Hover und Gold bei aktuell Window in black with white letters, Boxes in blue with white letters Highlight bar in black and gold to hover at current

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Custom Greasemonkey Icon Set

For a long time, I found the default Greasemonkey icons to be hideously ugly, so I made my own in the style of 15x15 emoticons that we all know well. You can also modify this style to change the toolbar button with your own custom icons!

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Greasemonkey - remove icon margins

- Removed the large margins on the sides of the Greasemonkey icon Let me now what you think! NOTE: since version 0.8.20090920.2 the extra spacing is removed.

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► GREASEMONKEY Manager - Monkey Icon

Greasemonkey manager - Changes scrollpaper icon to Monkey icon ● You can change to a small size monkey icon. Just remove the line in the code that says: /*REMOVE THIS LINE FOR SMALL SIZE MONKEY All my styles: Barbiegirl UPDATE: updated for later firefox versions.

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Greasemonkey button tweaks for FXChrome

Makes the Greasemonkey toolbar button look and behave like Stylish's and AdBlock Pro's. This is done by hiding the actual icon and making the menu drop marker the new icon. UPDATE: Ok, submitted and THEN remembered to test with the Firefox default theme. It's obvious what looked nice on FXChrome, doesn't otherwise. I may fix this later, but for now it's "for FXChrome".

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Old greasemonkey monkey icon

Mainly copy & paste job, original code taken from here: Original GM icon taken from GM version prior to 0.8

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Greasemonkey Manage Userscripts Custom Background

Allows you to Customize the text and background image of the GreaseMonkey UserScripts list. Features: + Background image will be a faded Firefox logo with shadowing + Supports a huge list of Fonts (discussed below) + Image supplied in default code is hard-coded - allowing you to view the background, even when offline! + Background image is static and is centered on the window. = Optional - Text size of the popup will be larger (must uncomment) = Optional - Bold text for easier readability (must un-comment) Fonts Supplied (Supported): - Currently, I supplied the following Fonts in the Code: 1. Segoe UI (User Interface of Vista) 2. Calibri (Text of Vista) 3. Verdana (XP Font) 4. Helvetica (XP) 5. Tahoma (XP User Interface Default Font) 6. Arial Global Font Applies to: + Scripts Listing + Grease Monkey User Scripts Manager Left Window Pane + Included + Excluded Browser Versions: - Works on Firefox 3 - Works on Firefox 2 Get scripts from

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