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GreaseMonkey - non jerky GUI

Expanding on pile0nades' idea (; this should remove virtually all the jerkiness of the greasemonkey gui and makes it a little bigger.

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Firefox 3.5 - Greasemonkey

Fenster in Schwarz mit weißer Schrift, Boxen in Blau mit weißer Schrift Highlightbalken in Schwarz bei Hover und Gold bei aktuell Window in black with white letters, Boxes in blue with white letters Highlight bar in black and gold to hover at current

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Greasemonkey button tweaks for FXChrome

Makes the Greasemonkey toolbar button look and behave like Stylish's and AdBlock Pro's. This is done by hiding the actual icon and making the menu drop marker the new icon. UPDATE: Ok, submitted and THEN remembered to test with the Firefox default theme. It's obvious what looked nice on FXChrome, doesn't otherwise. I may fix this later, but for now it's "for FXChrome".

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Greasemonkey - Textual Status Bar Icon

A matching textual icon for Greasemonkey, to match Stylish statusbar icon (normal text) by dougeeebear.

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Stylishier Greasemonkey status icon

Modification for Greasemonkey ( status bar icon. Icons are grayscaled and tightened to best suit the GrApple ( themes. 2009.06.12: FIXED disabled icon is now actually grayscaled. [156] 2009.03.15: Initial release.

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Greasemonkey button tweaks for Australis

* Greasemonkey button tweaks for Australis * Originally by raina * Edited by victorvscn to fit Australis

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Change GreaseMonkey Icon to UserScripts FavIcon

Just an icon adaptation of; , credits goes there... Although it's named Grease-Monkey, I don't like to see a monkey lol'ing me all the time. Since UserScripts.Org FavIcon represents scripting "more accurate" than the monkey IMHO, I simply adapted above userstyle with UserScripts FavIcon... If you don't like the colors of the icons, simply download, open it with a decent image editor with png transparency support plus hue/saturation controls. Play it as you like and re-encode it with Then replace the desired icon with your version and remember to share it here ;-) ...

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Allegro z Greasemonkey, FullHD+ - update 12-05-20

Na liście produktów ustawia w stałych miejscach elementy takie jak lista kategorii po lewej stronie ekranu oraz szukaczkę na górze (szukaczka chowa/pokazuje się za sprawą skryptu greasmnokey Na stronie produktu formularz kupna oraz dane dostawy wyniesione zostały w lewy górny róg, wyszukiwarka została przeniesiona na górę (szukaczka chowa/pokazuje się za sprawą skryptu greasmnokey, galeria przenosi się pod dane dostawy). Usunięte zostały najmniej potrzebne elementy strony tj. boxy reklamowe. Mimo tego polecam użyć dodatkowo AdBlocka.

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