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Battlelog - Enhanced, Simplified ~UPDATE 06/21/14~

Battlelog enhancer for log-in page and some of the main contents. -Removes useless info such as: -footer -feedback icon -unneeded play buttons under large play icons -terrible log-in page and main page ads -Cleans up overall tackiness. Feel free to edit and don't forget to credit me; P.S: Please leave a review and message me for any corrections and updates and I update revisions accordingly P.P.S: I don't own medal of Rehash but I try to remove stuff that's universal to battlelog according to where each stuff is to the white space

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xzhpete's Battlelog

Originally I made this just for myself, but I figured I'd share it and someone might like it. Basically this just cleans up Battlelog a little bit. It removes some things that I think are annoying or unnecessary and adds some transparency to certain elements, most noticeably the header and friends bar. There are some other minor tweaks here and there too. This style applies mostly to the BF4 and BFH sites, though you will notice some sitewide changes that apply to BF3 and MOH too. It also applies to BF4 CTE and BFH CTE. I don't really intend to support this style a whole lot, but if you notice any problems you can leave feedback below or add me on Battlelog (xzhpete) and send me a message and I'll look in to it. I may also update the style with things I notice at a later date.

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Battlelog - Remove ads

Removes the ads in hte left sidebar in battlelog.

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Battlelog - Remove banner on "Home"

Removes the banner for choosing "Multiplayer", "Co-op" or "Campaign" on page "Home".

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Battlefield 3 Battlelog - Fixed Userbar

This script keeps the Battlelog "userbar" fixed to the top of the window. No matter where you scroll on the page, no matter where you are in Battlelog, it will remain visible.

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BF3 Battlelog Remove Offline Friends, Ad, and Foot

Cleans up the battle log a smidge, but primarily it hides offline users since there is no way to get it to remember to do that by default.

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