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Dark Netflix [GRiMiNTENT]

This is a Dark Style for "" This is complete and looks really nice. very easy on the eyes. I hope you enjoy this new style and thank you for using it! :) Notes: Please. do not take credit for this style and please give credit to me where it is due. Thank you.

Updated: Jan 26, 2015 Installs This Week: 33 Average Rating: N/A
Roblox 2014 OBC theme

The best OBC theme for Roblox. Get it for free instead of buying OBC you can get a look a like. If it's not working just click the stylish button on the top right and click enable. Want more? Take a look at my extension:

Updated: Dec 16, 2016 Installs This Week: 66 Average Rating: Bad
Smart Dark

Smart Dark: Protect your eyes. auto convert website style to night style, Almost all website,and compatibility Chrome & Firefox & Safari. 智能夜间模式:保护你的眼睛,自动转换网站样式到夜间模式。 几乎大部分网站都适用,并且兼容 Chrome 、 Firefox、Safari。 If you have any improvement opinions please let me know. 如果你有任何改进的意见请告诉我。 Github:

Updated: Jun 4, 2015 Installs This Week: 33 Average Rating: N/A
Tumblr - Nighttime (BakaThemes)

***UPDATED 2016 JANUARY*** A full customized Tumblr Dashboard including the - chatbox and updated navigation tab - log in and sign up page - view blog in dash - followers, activity, drafts and queue page - inbox, settings, help, following and recommended blogs - explore, tags and search page - theme documentation page - create a new blog and upload static file page - and even XKit and its features! (If you're using a feature that I didn't customize, please tell me) Make sure to always update the styles by clicking the Stylish icon > "Managed installed styles" > Under the name of Style click "Check for update" > "Update style" because Tumblr changes a lot stuff from time to time. Follow BakaThemes for more, bakayaro!

Updated: Jan 20, 2016 Installs This Week: 22 Average Rating: Good [Personalizable] [NO ADS]

Animeflv version Night/Dark (default) personalizable sin publicidad Para desactivar el anti adblocker en mis filtros en ublock/adblock: @@|| Estilo realizado nuevamente desde 0 y mucho mejor que antes! Se recomienda instalar Ublock Origin y Popup Blocker Pro En este enlace se encuentra los colores que se usaron para las muestras de imagen "personalizado 1,2 y 3":

Updated: Feb 23, 2017 Installs This Week: 33 Average Rating: N/A

还你一个简洁干净的邮箱! ———————— 登陆页面美化支持 去广告支持 126 邮箱; 163 邮箱; 139 邮箱; 邮箱; qq 邮箱; 搜狐邮箱; 新浪邮箱;; Google GMail; Yahoo Mail; 问题反馈 和 维护支持:

Updated: Mar 12, 2017 Installs This Week: 33 Average Rating: N/A
Dark - BitBucket

Darkens the BitBucket website for late night programming. Inspired by:

Updated: Mar 21, 2017 Installs This Week: 33 Average Rating: OK
Facebook - LuciD V.2

LuciD V.2 is here! Facebook introduces new changes so I decided to bring a new version of LuciD Theme. More clean, simple, wide and no Ads. * New coloring more LuciD. * New scrollbar style. * New animations. * New Post Box. * Fullscreen fixes. * Centralized posts fixes. * New Top Bar. * Fixes to Left/Right Sidebars. * New chat window. * New full chat. * New notifications. * New style to Facebook Reactions. * CSS Code optimized for fast loading. and more... =-----------------------------------------------------------------= I hope you like it and please leave a rate. Thanks.

Updated: Jul 1, 2016 Installs This Week: 25 Average Rating: Good
Wider Instagram

I didn't change much, basically I removed most margins and paddings, and I also made the photos bigger.

Updated: Mar 29, 2016 Installs This Week: 33 Average Rating: N/A