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Barcelona log face

logeate en face con el barza

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/* minor variation of by hkr (dreamflame in) */

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Facebook One Piece

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Gmail with different attachment icons

See from your inbox what kind of attachment an email has. (inspired from the Gmail skins extension). A new version of gmail is coming. This script does not work with the new version. Here is the new version of this script Gmail *2* small attachment icons To contact me:

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4Chan Dark Compact++

NOTE: I created a new high-contrast fork of this style for personal use. If people like it then I'll support it officially and actively develop it: I heartily recommend Zixaphir's slide-on side reply box in addition to this style: v. 3 "The Zixaphir Update" -- many changes as described here: -- Post form improved -- Super pretty captcha buttons -- Pretty checkboxes -- Mad respec to my boy v 3.1 -- Calmed down the contrast around the post boxes -- Added support for /b/ackwash tooltips v 3.2 -- Corrected erroneous use on pages other than 4chan -- Formatted CSS correctly

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FB Roses by Ofly

Vintage floral theme for facebook by OctoberFly. ***12/5-Updated the setting dropdown menu***

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FACEBOOK - Blue, No Ads!, Wide Screen

Let your Facebook make better use of your widescreen! This script organises the layout to fit perfectly on a 1366x768 (laptop standard) resolution as well as setting the theme to a cool, relaxing blue one.

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