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Pride Tumblr Logo by Ira V. Simon

To celebrate the LGBT Pride Month, Tumblr released a rainbow logo. Now, don't you wish you could have this logo forever? Now you can do it by adding this script!

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Reddit - Terrible Name Theme

A grey+black+orange theme for Reddit. It's a port of subreddit theme with the same name. It works fine with RES in normal mode, but no nightmode compatibility yet. Please use Github for reporting issues.

Updated: Mar 30, 2015 Installs This Week: 50 Average Rating: Good
Google Simple V1.0

a nice Google theme with a clear background and invisibility system

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Eldarya - Personal illustration 1 (Discovery)

We did it \o/ !!! Select colors of skin/eyes/hair of your character to obtain a personal "Discovery" illustration. Look at the 4th and 5th pictures to seee which colors are available (you have their names to choose them) Sélectionnez les couleur de peau, d'yeux et de cheveux de votre gardienne pour obtenir une version personnalisée de l'illustration "Découverte". Regardez les autres images du preview (notamment les deux dernières) pour voir quelles couleurs sont dispo)

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標題:css-巴哈姆特-深色主題(首頁) 最後修改日期:2015 / 04 / 15 作者:HBL917070(異音) 作者小屋:

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Tumblr Dashboard - Maroon Harry Potter Logo

Tumblr logo in Harry Potter font. Black and maroon colors. I made this to go with this background: because I didn't really like the logo it came yea. The before picture is the logo that the said background came with. The after is my logo. So, please enjoy :) UPDATE (8/23/13): I see now that tinypic has deleted my picture. I don't know why exactly. The computer I created this logo on crashed some time ago and I do not have the ability to upload it again. I will, however, try to recreate it. No ETA available, but know that I have every intention on uploading it as quickly as possible. Thank you for bringing this to my attention, cheryy-lipz. If you like this logo, please keep checking the description every other day or so to find out if it's up. I'm really sorry about this. Thank you for your understanding.

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Pink One Direction Facebook Login

For 1D fans.Check out my 1D styles for facebook, gmail, youtube and google here. My One Direction Facebook is here but is not compatible with this style

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