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db Google Keep - Dark Matters

As a self-proclaimed Google henchman, I obviously love Google Keep. But similar to a Mogwai or a vampire, I don’t like bright light. Google seems hellbent on blinding us users, probably in a scheme to sneakily implement Google Eye… So here is my custom CSS for a darker, more pleasantly Keep interface.

Updated: Jul 26, 2016 Installs This Week: 28 Average Rating: Good
facebook - dark-facebook 2 [modified version]

A modified version of this . There are some issues (like the chat search) but unless someone provides me with the css to fix it don't expect it to be fixed soon. Any updates that break it will be fixed asap, however I'm not a CSS expert so there may be parts that I can't fix. If you want to help feel free to do so down below.

Updated: Oct 21, 2016 Installs This Week: 43 Average Rating: N/A
YouTube - Simple (LIGHT)

Please note, this theme is in Early development, there are bound to be bugs. :\ Dark Version: YouTube - Simple (DARK) What's Different? - I've changed the homepage width to max for users of 1366x768 (Laptop) and above. - Moved to left navigation to hide. Will show upon hovering over to the left of the page. - Changed some colours. - Centered the following: Homepage, Search Bar and Search Page. - Channel uses full width of screen. (W.I.P, there WILL be bugs) Known Bugs: - For FireFox: going to a channel than returning to homepage will set homepage width to max. - For FireFox: Going to a channel than going to a video will make the video clip to the right. ^ Refresh to fix these problems :\.

Updated: Sep 4, 2016 Installs This Week: 43 Average Rating: N/A
Facebook Bright and Breezy

10 Minute makeover....literally. I don't really use it but on the occasions that I do I wanted this look. Chat bar auto hides, hover bottom right to make it appear. Point out whats wrong and I will fix it for you, I just have no inclination to take it much further.

Updated: Oct 17, 2016 Installs This Week: 43 Average Rating: N/A
DAISY by brand new - tumblr theme

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SAO Facebook Theme

A Sword Art Online Facebook Theme

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