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Enlarge your emoji block!

Стиль увеличивает блок со смайликами в Диалогах и окошке «Новое сообщение» на сайте для более комфортного использования.

Updated: Apr 17, 2014 Installs This Week: 62 Average Rating: OK
Green Like Bar - youtube

It gives you back, green like bar. Przywraca zielony pasek pozytywnych ocen.

Updated: Nov 17, 2013 Installs This Week: 83 Average Rating: N/A
Simple Dark and Red Youtube

This is a simple, standard-user-optimized dark YouTube style with red elements. It is ment to be small, fast and universal. WARNING: This style is only optimized for often used YouTube pages, such as Dashboard, a video, channels, playlists, etc... It's not optimized for people who upload videos, this means for pages like video analytics, etc. Please keep that in mind. I cannot test these pages, because I'm not uploading any videos. Thank you for trying out this style, have a nice day! If you have any feedback, just start a new thread, write a comment or contact me.Thanks.

Updated: Dec 20, 2014 Installs This Week: 62 Average Rating: N/A
Facebook - Deus Ex: Human Revolution

This theme is based off of my Facebook - Dark Shiny Gold, transparency, with special wallpaper for the game Deus Ex: Human Revolution Become a fan of my themes: Wallpaper images can be found here: Additional Deus Ex: Human Revolution wallpapers can be obtained from this thread on the official forums:

Updated: Sep 11, 2012 Installs This Week: 61 Average Rating: N/A
Youtube 720p layout

[Rate and discuss!] Resizes the wide (expanded but not fullscreen) layout to 720p instead of 480p so you can view 720p in full resolution without the need of going fullscreen. Also tweaks the featured-sidebar to fill the newly created whitespace by creating two columns instead of one. I use it myself, so when it breaks will mostly be updated in less than a day.

Updated: Feb 24, 2014 Installs This Week: 47 Average Rating: N/A
The Pirate Bay: The Great Wave

Designed a new style around the Great Wave artwork which I think is kinda fitting for the Pirate Bay. It's a pretty dark theme as per usual for these types of sites. Looks great in 1920x1080.

Updated: Jul 31, 2014 Installs This Week: 41 Average Rating: Good
Half Cursed Sasuke

This is Naruto style Half Cursed Sasuke if want any othe just tell me on my page

Updated: Sep 3, 2013 Installs This Week: 55 Average Rating: N/A
Facebook Clean 0.2.5

Simple and clean Facebook style. NOTE: It's in development state right now. Visual Bugs may appear. I'm modifying the style daily, so stay tuned for more! If you have suggestions or find any kind of bugs, please write them down here. THANK YOU for 200 Downloads!

Updated: Mar 31, 2014 Installs This Week: 45 Average Rating: N/A