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Sword Art Online Plus

Per request, I have created a new Google theme based off of the new hit anime, Sword Art Online.

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Facebook Glowing cube blue ( NO AD )

A very nice style in black and blue without ad´s Published by Pimp My Site A version for your mobile is here Download PLEASE Like us on facebook to support us and get all NEWS AND UPDATES or tell us about errors

Updated: Jan 14, 2014 Installs This Week: 34 Average Rating: N/A paywall remover

Hesarin maksumuurin poistaja. paywall remover PÄIVITYS: 4.12.2016 - Helsingin Sanomat muutti maksumuurin toimintansa JavaScript-pohjaiseksi, joten muuria ei voi kiertää enää tyylejä muuttamalla. Muurin voi kiertää lataamalla selaimeen UserScriptejä tukevan lisäosan, ja asentamalla kiertoskriptin: Firefox Asenna GreaseMonkey Asenna ohitusskripti Chrome Asenna TamperMonkey Asenna ohitusskripti

Updated: Dec 4, 2016 Installs This Week: 27 Average Rating: Good - Re-enable text selection

As of 2013-10-09, seems to be abusing the user-select family of CSS rules to make selecting text within story chapters more difficult. As this makes it more annoying for me to save quotes and causes problems for people using certain types of assistive technologies, Here's a userstyle to revert that change. I've included all known variants so it should have the desired effect in any browser with a userstyle harness.

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Cute mini cursor

A cute, mini yet simple cursor for your dashboard. Don't install if you're not used to a mini one! :) Enjoy this mini cursor ^^

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Dark YouTube Nights

Yet another dark youtube theme. A style that applies a dark colored theme to YouTube, without modifying anything else. Best for watching YouTube videos in dark nights. ;)

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Messi vs.Ronaldo Facebook Login Theme

Lionel Messi vs.Cristiano Ronaldo. FC Barcelona vs. Real Madrid CF. Who are you with..?? Connect with to stay updated..!! You can personally follow me at

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Smart Dark

Smart Dark: Protect your eyes. auto convert website style to night style, Almost all website,and compatibility Chrome & Firefox & Safari. 智能夜间模式:保护你的眼睛,自动转换网站样式到夜间模式。 几乎大部分网站都适用,并且兼容 Chrome 、 Firefox、Safari。 If you have any improvement opinions please let me know. 如果你有任何改进的意见请告诉我。 Github:

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