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My Reddit Ponies

Version 6.8 Use MLP emotes anywhere on Reddit. It's so much better! Disclaimer: this style just uses the emoticon style rules from the /r/mylittlepony subreddit.

Updated: Dec 1, 2012 Installs This Week: 37 Average Rating: N/A
新浪微博去广告脚本 (Weibo Cleanup)

*清理新浪微博页面上的广告和各种烦人内容* *最适合大多数po主使用!* 根据大多数人的使用习惯,保留三栏布局,兼顾视宽和美观因素! 对热门话题、微博应用、好友推荐等进行样式改进和悬停特效。 还你安静无扰的主页君,原汁原味的微博!

Updated: Mar 20, 2016 Installs This Week: 37 Average Rating: N/A
Liqube Night (Chrome)

Liqube Night style A nice balance of dark backgrounds and medium bright text for late-night surfing. Usually pretty easy on the eyes, especially when you've been in a darkened room for a while. Effectively prevents sudden white flashes ;) Images are slightly dimmed as well. Let me know if like this or if you find it useful :) Thanks Recent updates: - incorporated input fix posted at the Javanese blog - Thanks! - handling background color for about:blank and fixed Google text input field - images slightly less opaque which is easier on the eyes. - color updates, fixed bright borders I recommend using this style in combination with a Firefox theme called "NASA Night Launch". You might also want to check out my other styles: Liqube Day - takes some strain off the eyes during day-time Liqube Printable - great for printing in black and white Enjoy!

Updated: Jan 11, 2014 Installs This Week: 37 Average Rating: OK
Youtube Party

This is a Youtube theme made or people who wants thier youtube page to look colourful!!Its half finished.. i will fully finish it after i learn how to use this thing!!

Updated: Nov 17, 2013 Installs This Week: 37 Average Rating: N/A
Piratebay: DeepDark

This is the one you were looking for... A fix up / mix-match of these themes. Deep Dark by shellcore13 modified Deep Dark by shellcore13 I intend to update it to look more like this one for Google The style is best viewed using FT Deep Dark (Firefox) or Sobrio(Chrome) themes for browser - also made by Sr21 ( I love this guys themes - check out his VLC one too:

Updated: May 26, 2016 Installs This Week: 37 Average Rating: OK - simple and bright

this userstyle makes awesome tool* "simple and bright". -font tweak -full notes option -no borders -no share buttons -some handy tweaks -customizable note, tag, text, link, font size, bullet and background colour -customizable font (you should already have the fonts) -simple tag view: hides the tree view in searches (this feature sometimes causes a freeze on loading screen. you should disable the script, open workflowy and enable it, if you are so into this feature. i leave the default as disabled.) *i personally do support workflowy by buying pro version and strongly recommend you to do so.

Updated: Jul 13, 2016 Installs This Week: 24 Average Rating: Good
Outlook y!Glass

UNDER CONSTRUCTION - PREVIEW Made to mimic the glass yahoo mail experience with a linux display feel. Extended to address book and skydrive. Includes adblock.

Updated: Aug 20, 2014 Installs This Week: 37 Average Rating: N/A
Simple Dark and Red Youtube

This is a simple, standard-user-optimized dark YouTube style with red elements. It is ment to be small, fast and universal. Thank you for trying out this style, have a nice day! If you have any feedback, just start a new thread, write a comment or contact me.Thanks.

Updated: Feb 18, 2017 Installs This Week: 37 Average Rating: N/A
M-Rayquaza vs Doexys Pokemon Showdown Skin

This is a skin based off Mega Rayquaza and Deoxys. If you see any issue, anything that doesn't look right then PM me on the Wisp server, I'm usually under the name Master Float. And if you enjoy this skin don't hesitate to drop a positive comment/thumbs up. This skin effects and servers.

Updated: Dec 15, 2015 Installs This Week: 37 Average Rating: N/A