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Owl Post message icon

An Owl Post icon for your mail, this time without the Deathly Hallows home icon - Updated with new "Discover" icon to get rid of the space that appeared there after tumblr added the button.

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Wikipedia "Hitchhiker"

A dark version of :) Hope you like it. Enjoy! Thanks to Plathix for the idea :D Also check out these dark themes :) Facebook "HitchHiker" Userstyles "HitchHiker" Youtube "HitchHiker" ZippyShare "HitchHiker" Greasy Fork "HitchHiker" Wikipedia Fork "HitchHiker" FEEL FREE TO SEND IDEAS, SUGGESTIONS AND QUESTIONS TO -> Please comment and give feedback if you like this Style :) it would help me a lot in terms of motivation. Thanks!

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Youtube Clean Design

YCD (Youtube Clean Design) is a personalized youtube layout which puts a bit of personality in the otherwise flat youtube design. Well, less flat now with the new design. This sheet is also available at GitHub.

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ニコニコ動画:GINZA YouTube化

YouTubeライクなデザインへ一新します。動画が常に一番上に表示されるためスクロール不要の動画再生が可能になったり、ディスプレイの解像度に合わせて表示を最適化したりします。それ以外にも数多くの変更を施してありますので、ぜひ一度インストールしてみてCSSの持つ可能性を体感してください。 不具合報告などは twitter にお願いします。 使い方など詳しくはブログ記事に書きました。 アイコンフォントを使用しているので下記のページよりフォントをダウンロードしてお使いのPCにインストールしておかないとアイコンが正常に表示されません。お手数ですがよろしくお願いします。 Font Awesome -The iconic font and CSS toolkit-

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Tumblr - Compose Buttons - Harry Potter

Set requested by pvnde on Tumblr. If you want something changed, or a different fandom, set just ask on my blog - Cammerel.

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Firefox Addons Manager

about:addons – clean & compact Mostly inspired by Cleanest Addon Manager. Also Firefox: Awesome Addons Manager for the 'User Styles' category. The addon manager is in dire need of a facelift, but until Mozilla addresses this "issue", css styles will have to do..

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Facebook - LuciD

LuciD V1 is a theme created by DanGer. It's a fusion of various themes from members. Clean, simple, wide, no ads and useless information. This is the first version of my first theme, maybe I bring other versions in new colors, additional and with a better finish. Thank you and please leave a rating.

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