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Blacked Out - (Rounded Corners) NO ADS!

10.03 - From now on This style can`t be updated anymore from Style manager. For every one new UPDATE You need to delete the old one, and install new one from here, based on your choise This is commin from the background selection and columns. This style was based on Blacked Out [Facebook Dark Theme] at start, but going far far away... Това е стил базиран на Blacked Out [Facebook Dark Theme] в началото, но вече отиде твърде далеч.

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Pinterest: Hide nag

Pinterest normally has a huge nag box that covers a large portion of the screen, asking you to sign up or log in. This style removes that and allows you to browse Pinterest without logging in.

Updated: Oct 14, 2014 Installs This Week: 51 Average Rating: OK
Pandora8: Grayscale (Resizeable)

Designed for Firefox and Chrome, this is a re-hash of my Pandora8 theme that takes Pandora and removes color, replacing it with all forms of gray. It also enables you to pick how much screen space Pandora should take up, allowing you to view more album art and artist information with less scrolling.

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贴吧素雅样式(深度清洁+半透),适合火狐浏览器使用。 如果您不了解以下选项的含义,无需选择,直接点绿色按钮安装即可。 如果安装按钮不显示,试试帖内方法,尽量别回复 或用软件配合福字扩展 freegate(自由门) 密码:fbrh —————————————————————————— ★★★贴吧顶部回复提醒改版导致接收消息不便, 推荐脚本(作者:noe132)【贴吧回复提醒】 个人收集的一些图,可以选择喜欢的做贴吧背景 【kill-tieba-ad 单独去广告样式】 【独立样式】贴吧仅换图 ←喜欢纯色背景戳 【light blue-baidu 新百度首页透明】 【淡蓝色透明滚动条】 ★本样式中某些自定义部分,如果您不了解它们的含义,请勿修改★ ★不透明度范围0~1,涉及(margin)位置调整的数值支持负数。★ 『感谢所有在样式代码方面帮助过我的朋友们』

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User Styles: Dark and Flat

This is another rushed CSS for, and is part of my dark and flat series. Forum is currently not supported, I'll be doing that in a while. Features: ◈ a dark and clean interface for ◈ fixes menu, sidebar, and 'contact the admin' to the top of the screen ◈ kills all ads ◈ consistent button and link colors ◈ option to show/hide social links Note: Install the font "Open Sans" for best viewing experience. Check out my other styles in the dark and flat series! ◉ Facebook: Dark and Flat ◉ Grooveshark: Dark and Flat ◉ MyAnimeList: Dark and Flat Style last updated GMT+8, 21 December 2014, 23:00.

Updated: Dec 21, 2014 Installs This Week: 34 Average Rating: Good

Based on '新浪微博 V6 轻量优化', 隐藏了几乎所有可以隐藏的,给予用户最纯粹的刷微博体验。 Fork me on GitHub

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Wallpapers para Facebook - Minions - 25

Imagen subida por: Tu Nombre Script Original: Black Facebook Anime Theme by El3c7r1x creado por El3c7r1x, Modificado por : Tolch Mas Wallpapers para personalizar Facebook en

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