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Facebook Wolf Style

Do you like wolfs? Install now! :-)

Updated: Jul 31, 2015 Installs This Week: 577 Average Rating: N/A
GT DeepDark for Google [Legacy]

Dark style for google: Images, translate and webmasters supported.

Updated: Sep 18, 2015 Installs This Week: 457 Average Rating: Good
YouTube - Material Design (Blue Grey/ CUSTOM)

It is the new material design from google! Just try it! It's free! Only HTML5 Player! (For Videos) Please look at my suggestion form Suggestions for my Styles Take a look at my new style: Google - Material Design

Updated: Apr 10, 2015 Installs This Week: 373 Average Rating: Good
YouTube – Pikachu progress bar video player theme

Bring Pikachu to your YouTube videos with this custom video progress bar! Animated Pikachu leaves a red shiny trail behind him as he gallops faster than ever! This style only works on YouTube videos supporting the HTML5 video player. You must also have the HTML5 video player enabled on your YouTube account (you can do that here). Please note that not all videos currently support playback in the HTML5 player, so it won't work for every video. YouTube - Sonic progress bar video player theme ============================== Be sure to check out my dark YouTube theme! ==============================

Updated: Aug 2, 2014 Installs This Week: 553 Average Rating: N/A
Black Google by Panos


Updated: Feb 9, 2015 Installs This Week: 437 Average Rating: Good
simpsons google style

two style or google Simpsons •yellow logo in yellow this resolved

Updated: May 24, 2016 Installs This Week: 1,092 Average Rating: Bad - Dark / Black / Customisable Theme

Style is pretty dead, use FrankerFacez. Advanced options within it has most of the same options as offered by this userstyle as well as a number of things CSS alone couldn't reliably offer. A customisable dark / black / white / gray interface for Contains font options, icon hiding, etc. Please note that due to this style having settings it will not in fact automatically update. Check back in if Twitch breaks or if it's been a while since you updated.

Updated: Jul 19, 2015 Installs This Week: 537 Average Rating: OK
Facebook Sexy Purple (NO ADD) by Royal Ace

a purple Version of our Sexy Blue Theme old Theme with new colors ;) LIKE us on Facebook:

Updated: Jan 14, 2014 Installs This Week: 537 Average Rating: OK
Reddit - Dark Naut Style

Now has custom colors for the header! Naut is a customized CSS for reddit made by reddit user Cryptonaut, found on /r/Naut. It is used in many subreddits natively through subreddit styles and RES. I made a global version of Naut's night-theme for my own personal use, but I thought someone else might like it. My New Reddit Themes - Reddit - Naut 4.0 - - Reddit - Dark Naut 4.0 -

Updated: May 20, 2016 Installs This Week: 442 Average Rating: OK
Roblox Landing

Themes the rest of the Roblox website to resemble the landing page with a customizable background.

Updated: May 12, 2016 Installs This Week: 353 Average Rating: Good