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Dbz Goku Ssj

This is dragn ball z style Goku Super Sayian if want any othe just tell me on my page

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★享受更为舒适的百度搜索 对百度的搜索结果页面的风格进行了一些修改,在不破坏原有排版的前提下使搜索结果更加美观、便于识别   1.加入了适度的色块、阴影与动画   2.调整了各项结果的间距,并对每项结果加上了悬停和点击效果   3.修改字体为方正兰亭黑或微软雅黑   …… *初次尝试,代码可能不规范,轻喷

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Eric S. Raymond writings – improve readability

Makes some online books and articles by Eric S. Raymond ( much easier to read. Affects The Jargon File, The Art of Unix Programming, The Art of Unix Usability, A Brief History of Hackerdom, The Cathedral and the Bazaar, and The Unix Koans of Master Foo, as well as some of the articles linked from Eric’s Random Writings.

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Facebook - Naruto ( by )

Theme for Facebook - Naruto See more themes in Image: see here a complete list of all Theme made by

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Something Awfully Wrong. SA Dark Style

~!~!~! If something is broken or you want something changed or whatever then PM here or on SA (FillInTheBlank) DON'T use the "Discussions" thing as the site does not notify me when they happen, only with PMs ~!~!~! This is a dark style for the Something Awful forums. Features: Option to disable ads. OP highlighting. To disable ads open up the code and simply uncomment the lines at the top. No more goddamn underline or box/text shadows.

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Facebook - Light Blue

These scripts are a hack from madebymat's script, "Facebook - pink!", which can be found here: The other colors I've made can be found at the following: Light Blue: Green: Light Green: Purple: Light Purple: Orange: Red: Teal: Yellow: Thanks again to madebymat for his original script.

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effects the following about: sites... about: about:about , about:blank , about:credits , about:license , about:neterror , about:newtab , about:plugins , about:privatebrowsing , about:sessionrestore only tested in firefox

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Darker KINJA

All KINJA sites: Lifehacker, IO9, Kinja, Deadspin, Jalopnik, Jezebel, Gizmodo, Kotaku - Completely re-designed in tones of dark gray with light gray text & CSS3 effects. Enjoy!

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Luna Google logo

My deviantart Thepatrollpl.Deviantart.Com

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