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ニコニコ動画 検索結果 6列表示

ニコニコ動画(の各種検索結果を3、6列化。 動画以外の連動コンテンツ(大百科,チャンネル,コミュニティ etc.)を非表示にして検索をシンプルにします。 詳細 ・キーワード検索(1,3,6列選択、タイムシフト非表示) ・タグ検索(1,3,6列選択) ・新着投稿(1,3,6列選択) ・新着コメント(1,3,6列選択) ・ホットリスト(1,3,6列選択) ・コミュニティ検索(3列)

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sparkling stars for hipsters (UPDATED)

******OKAY SO basically I got a message from a lovely tumblr user who told me when they came on tumblr with my theme that it had somehow changes (the background) to a baby with a pumpkin on it's head???? so i checked this out for myself and it was true! (i laughed because it was hilarious, but nevertheless i also fixed the theme.******* *****IT IS BACK TO NORMAL NOW AND FEEL FREE TO REINSTALL THANK YOU :)***** PLEASE let me know if anything of this sort happens again ahahaha this flashes or sparkles whatever. hope you lalalalalove it. get@me: i'm taking requests now if you'd like me to make a theme, lemme know.

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Facebook Chat: Online Friends Only

I'm sorry, but this style is currently not working! Facebook has changed the code so it isn't any longer possible to detect the status of a user inside the code :( If you know a solution (without JS) feel free to contact me. --------- With this style only your online frinds are shown in the Facebook chat sidebar. I'm not sure if this works with the newest version of Facebook ( As soon as the new layout is visible for me I will update the style.

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Reddit Web 2.0 Dynamic

A dark, somewhat minimal theme for the easily distracted. Text is focused at the center of the page, marginalized and slightly more condensed for reading efficiency. I mostly use the black theme and so consequently it'll be the most tested. If in doubt about the choices below, leave as is for recommended style. Also, if you're looking for a dark Firefox theme, you might like my recent theme: Firefox Dark Duality

Updated: Jul 26, 2016 Installs This Week: 45 Average Rating: N/A - Old 2006 Header

Style brings back second site header from 2006 Стиль возвращает вторую шапку сайта из 2006 года (Ресурсы не были взяты исторические - это отреставрированные варианты со старых скриншотов)

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GMail - Message List Color Changer

This is a super-simple and straightforward style that lets you easily change the Gmail message rows' background and text colors. Individual colors may be set for Read, Unread, and Selected rows. Hover colors can also be changed for each type of row. Finally, you can change the style of the Snippets and the dividing line between rows.

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Quora Dark

Dark style for Quora. Hosted with ♥ at GitHub

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