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Userstyles updating without Reloading the page

Tiny tweak for easy updates of userstyles. On update-button disappears after applying a userstyle until you refresh the page. It's not comfortable, if you play with a bunch of options. So I decide to make update-button always visible. In Firefox you still need to refresh the page once after the first installation of some userstyle. Небольшой твик для более комфортного обновления стилей. На кнопка обновления, после применения стиля, исчезает до тех пор, пока страница не будет перезагружена. Это неудобно, если Вы играетесь с кучей опций. Потому я решил сделать кнопку обновления видимой всегда. В Firefox всё-таки потребуется один раз обновить страницу после первичной установки какого-либо стиля.

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Userstyles Flat Dark Blue [Firefox]

Chrome Edition:

Updated: Jul 6, 2016 Installs This Week: 16 Average Rating: Good
Material Userstyles

This userstyle will apply a cool material design theme to Only is affected. You can get the forum version here: I recommend you use this site when picking colors: Known bugs: - Form buttons get transparent on hover - Form items have very little padding

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Userstyles Flat Dark Blue [Chrome]

Firefox Edition:

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Fire Dragon!

This is my first theme, it was made for It may have been inspired by THIS song and/or dragons in general... Anyway. Enjoy! :]

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Userstyles Theme.

Nocturnal Theme for Userstyles.

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userstyle - modern [by OliverGrack]

Makes more modern. (A bit like Material Design from Android) *try this one:*

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