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Replace Gmail Logo with your own

Replace gmail logo with your own logo (placed in url previously). Works with the new version of Gmail (nov-23-2011). works for firefox and Chrome.

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Google Sticky Navigation

Modifies Google search related services like Web, Images, Videos, Search, News, Books, Blogs and more. - Two Column Layout; 1. Results 2. Preview - Sticky Google Bar, Search Bar, Side Bar and Page Navigation footer. - Auto Hides Side Bar. - Removes unnecessary links.

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G+ "Start a hangout" icon transparent bg fix

The "Start a hangout" icon doesn't have a transparent background, this fixes it. This one is mainly for other G+ style writer to swipe and use.

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Simple Google with Fixed Areas

Fixed navigation bar, left side menu and input box in Google search result pages. Old style navigation bar in Google top page and Seach result pages. Disabled instant preview and so on. I didn't tested enough at English pages though I tested this at and Japanese pages of

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Gmail - Unread/Read/Hover color: part2

I really liked the idea of this one but it was left unfinished and hasn't been updated. Thus, I quickly fixed it and uploaded the new version here so that I wouldn't be nagged by Stylish about updating my modified style :D The default colors are ones I felt went well with this style:

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Google Mail with Space Theme

ATTENTION, you must in the edit mode your image insert - view on additional Info The image from screenshot you can find on Small Modification for new GMail with a standart Design applied >please not a Grafik-theme< , for best resululs of view, Google Mail Theme 'Aubergine' please forgot my english, this is havy brocken ;)

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(No screenshot available)
Gmail / Autohide "People"

This style hide "People" pane, shown right side of message pane. When you hover the black bar upside shown instead of "People" pane, "People" pane is shown. This style work with "Vertical Split" mode and "Horizontal Split" mode.

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