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Gmail - Slim Sidebar (Normal)

================================================================ NOW COMPATIBLE WITH THE NEW GMAIL(2010/9/9). Sorry for being late! ================================================================ Get slimmer navigation menus on the sidebar of Gmail. Here is a "Fixed" version. You can try it too, and find which one you prefer. *Gmail - Slim Sidebar (Fixed): Updated(2010/9/9) *Now compatible to the new Gmail. Updated(2009/10/22) *Fixed a shifting bug on Setting page. (Thanks mandy.z!) *Fixed a bad look bug on Setting>Web Clip page.

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Gmail - Block ads

Gmail - Block ads. Works as of 2009-12-01.

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Dark Gray For Serbian Google -


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eco-friendly Google

Turn Google Serch Engine, Google Images, Google News, Google Translate, Google Books, Google Accounts login page and iGoogle into a eco-friendly version by changing colors. -------------------------------------------- 10-feb-2010 v Changelog: * Major code improvements; * Fixed Google Books logo; * Fixed some Google Books bugs; * Fixed Dropdown top menu highlight; * Fixed Google Translate logo; * Fixed Google Translate minor bugs; * Fixed Google Docs logo; * Fixed Google Accounts Login box; -------------------------------------------- 26-jan-2010 v Changelog: * Fixed some bugs with the Reader logo; * Minor improvements on the code; -------------------------------------------- 22-jan-2010 v 0.1.9 Changelog: * Added support to Google Reader; - - - - - ~Working on support Google Videos and Google Product Search. -------------------------------------------- 24-dec-2009 v 0.1.6b Changelog: * Changed default font to Segoe

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Google services in Segoe UI 8pt

This is a very simple style to view most google services in Segoe UI 8pt The only reason for adding this here right now is since Chrome doesn't have a userstyles extension yet. This style doesn't apply to all of googles services, infact as of now it only applies to GMail, GCalendar & GReader. Also applies to "Remember the Milk" gadget since i use that on GMail and GCalendar. This will also remove the invite a friend box in GMail.

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Advertisement Chat tango!fied series! If you prefer a script, check out : This style will pimp up the Gmail chat. It will replace the default smileys with the ones from the tango project. It will also replace some hidden ones not accessible by the smiley menu ;) PS: You need to have emoticons enabled for this to work. If you can point me to better/more smileys than the ones covered here, i'll be glad. Find the rest of the series @ "user 43074" Also check out some of other Gmail scripts @ CHANGELOG: v0.5 : 23-07-2010 - Updated to work with new Chat window layout. - Fixed a bug which affected non-tango smileys. v0.4 : 08-05-2010 - Replaced ugly drop-down icon for menu. - Fully compatible with Opera. v0.3 : 06-04-2010 - Added a work around for a bug which prevented me from adding the devil smiley. v0.2 : 26-03-2010 - Optimised the code a bit. - Added a background frame for

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Türk Bayrağı Facebook Girişi ve Twitter Temasi

Türkiye Twitter ve Facebook Teması Galatasaray Twitter ve Facebook Teması Fenerbahçe Twitter ve Facebook Teması Beşiktaş Twitter ve Facebook Teması

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IXO FIXED 10/5/10 Gray Logo Replacement by Valacar

Update to Google Web Search - Gray Logo Replacement by Valacar (vC) - Modified for Google Update by IXO 11/05/10 Includes logo height fix Also on pastebin ::::: ::::: Tested Fully Working Feel free to comment if this helps you out!!

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Disable Google Everything sidebar

Remove the "Everything" left bar from the new Google layout. It also expands the results text to better use the page width.

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google 左 うざい

マウスオーバーで表示 何かあれば @yuden とかしてくれると気づくかも

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