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Clearer And Compact Gmail - More Borders, No Ads

For those who don't like the new gmail look. It takes up too much space and there are no clear boundaries between different sections of the site. This style tries to overcome these issues. Changes ---------------------------- - Ads Removed - More Borders / Darker Borders - Compact Header - Compact Sidebar - Compact Chat - Labels on buttons instead of icons - Some small changes here and there v0.2 Fixes --------------------------------- - Contacts menu is now accessible - Chat list now won't overlap with chat search Please note that this style is kind of an alpha version and tested only on Firefox 13.0a2, so don't expect it to work perfectly (works best in display density: cozy). By

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Gmail Non-Transparent (Light)

This is a Gmail script that makes the main background of the email/contact section non transparent light color. This might help in clarity/readability of the page. Works with the new Google themes. If you like it please leave a positive comment.

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Compact Google Voice

Applies a compact view to Google Voice, leaving more space for messages.

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Wicked Gmail Grey

Added some color separation between the inbox and the rest of the interface because it's too stinking white.

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Google+ Dark Text + Transparent Image Fix

Code grabbed from , all credit goes to him. Changes the background colour of images in Google+ lightbox and thumbnail from black to #777, mid-grey, to allow black text on transparent images to be read.

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Koehel, Google cow

Koehel (Koe is dutch for Cow) is a theme for google with a cow print background, enjoy.

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Just Google Keep / Gmail / Calendar

Fold Google black menu & search bar, move your mouse cursor hover on top if you want them display. *Works better if run as Chrome offline apps.

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