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Gmail - Setting, Help, and Sign-out Buttons

Based off of "Web: Gmail sign-out with button appearance" by solido, but this adds the same buttions to your settings, help and sign out.

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Google: no ads and compact

I love "style 728" and "style 640", thus I use both of them. But there are some conflicts when using them at the same time. So I combine and optimize their codes, also I add domains for and other areas. And I add styles for Reader and AdSense Reports, then here it is. Please take a look at for more detail. Suggestions are always welcome. :-) Update @ 20081222, For Google Reader, 1. Google Reader becomes pretty and useful, but some of my codes break its layout. So I removed those codes. Update @ 20080817 For Google Reader, 1. Make each article's content area 100% width. 2. Highlight when mouse hovers over the list-view title. Update @ 20071122 Removed codes for Gmail. I've made a new one for Gmail 2.0, please give Gmail Cleaner and Tweaker a try!. Update @ 20071015 Some miner tunes.

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Google Wide Search Box

Google Search Box becomes wider and with font colour red. It is optimized for 1280 sized screens.

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Gmail - display keyboard shortcuts

This style displays keyboard shortcuts for old and new version of Gmail. About shortcuts, visit Gmail Help Center.(

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Cleaner Google

This style is really clean and simplified look for You need to have ProFontWindows ( or Monaco font installed, or you have to modify the style to use some other font. Changed 2007-06-08 (v0.21): * Added Googel logo on front page * Small visual enhancements Changed 2007-06-08 (v0.20): * domain changed to url-prefix and url to prevent this skin to mess up for example Google Reader Changed 2007-06-07: * Cleaner code with comments * Removes ads * Small visual enhancements

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Fix Google Widescreen View

With the latest run of Google Reader updates, I noticed that when I removed the sidebar using the toggle button between the sidebar and the main screen - I would get the scrollbar pushed out of the browser. Looking around for a fix - I found out if you removed the toggle between the menu and body of Google Reader it would fix the problem. Hopefully this is only a temp. fix till Google gets things corrected. First public user style - so be nice. ;)

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Custom GMail - Ntm (v1.01b)

ATTENTION!!! This Script is OUTDATED and discontinued!!! ================================================== Alternatively you could use my new style! [ Gmail - NtmSmlLift ] -------------------------------------------------- Custom GMail - Ntm (v1.01b) -------------------------------------------------- It's just another skin for GMail... Some of the features visible in the screens are possible because i use two extensions for GMail: "Better Gmail" and "Gmail Skins". Some features from this skin: - New body background (Image) - Logo has small changes - New header line, with style buttons and all - Inbox zone has mouse over effect, and has a styled background (image) - NavBar has mouse hover effect, and other small tweaks - Labels has mouse hover effect to, and other small tweaks - Visualization zone occupy full screen, and no more ads to - Bottom info no more - Space status re-styled, and re-positioned By: Newtomic

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Gmail Dark Redesign

Gmail with black background, and red text. Some of the links at the bottom of the page are hidden. What is shown as the preview is the old version of gmail. i have updated this to the new version. Unfortunately it will probably need another update.

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