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GMail Login - Dark and Simple

This style pulls out pretty much everything from the GMail login page except for a top image (borrowed from Valacar 's excellent Google Web Search - Dark Gray Theme (vC)) and the login box.

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Google Search Results Fixed (4 dark gray redesign)

Coded by josdigital reworked colors & size by Google Search - Fixed Search Page #'S Results Bar at bottom of page. made especially 4 Dark Gray Google or dark backgrounds. * * * Fixed May 25, 2009 @ 10:31 pm * * * Looks good with " Dark Gray Google ( "

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Google Slovakia/Czech Dark Grey Design

English description: I have added the support for the and as well as i made some corrections for for this countries into the original vC style for official English web. Original find here: Image Search results, and settings are supported (Compact style). Slovenský popis: Pridal som podporu pre stránky a ako aj upravil pôvodný skript pre danou jazykovou podporou, do originálneho designu od vC pre oficiálny anglický web. Originál nájdete tu: Je doplnená i funkčnosť vyhľadávania obrázkov a nastavení pre vyhľadávanie.

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LenR's Google Maps - Minimal Redux

A lot of work went into this - if you appreciate it, please support my work. v1.1 hides controls, saves screen space many transparent elements, all of which go opaque on hover (including street view!) based on ChoGGi's script at fixes MANY bugs (including the infamous marker-page-movement bug), looks neater, adds lots of sexy transparency, hover effects and rounded elements. try it out! designed to match my rounded dialogs theme - the images are the same height if you open them: try these links:

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Firefox Start Page - Ultra Wide SearchBar (Google)

Makes Google's Firefox Start Page Ultra Widescreen by stretching out the Search Bar. This is an ultimate style for those using Wide-Screen laptops or monitors. You can even change the width. ** Thanks Can Erten for the Google Wide Search Box - Use this style if you are not using the Firefox Start Page! Pages Supported: + Supports Google-West (.com) - United States homepages + Supports Google-Canada (.ca) - Canadian + Firefox Install Homepage - Canada + Firefox Install Homepage - US Additional Information: + The width is specified using a % operator. This means that the Google Query Textbox will take up 90% of your screen, no matter how large it is. Integrates with the following userstyle: + Block (Disable) Google Suggest Works on: -Firefox2 -Firefox3 Changelog: - Initial Release

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Picasa Web Albums - Dark

I haven't seen anything for Picasa yet, so since i found the great XRAY applet, I made my first style from scratch.. just a rough beginning, but working. There may be some unneeded code in there, I kind of worked backward on this. I'm gonna make a new Picasa graphic eventually, but for now this is doing what i want. Not much but a start. Enjoy

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Google Autohide Dots: Search and Account Options

Collapses the search options list (links to apply current search to web, images, maps, etc) and account options ("sign in" or user name) when not hovering over the dots in the upper corners of the page. It works on a variety, if not the majority, of Google search sites, so it's applied to the entire domain. (To minimize Google's search interface, try Google Text & Image: slim header, wide results, which is compatible with this one.) Started (20080904)

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FF3 - Startpage Minimal

Customised Firefox Google start page. Has no effect on any that follow, this is simply the standard home page when installing Firefox. Text size in search box is large. Page is positioned top left, would fit a very small screen. Google Search button lowered slightly. Some of the google bar links at the top removed. Once the search refers you or you click another link the style no longer applies.

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Google Search 20/20

I created the style with a 19" wide screen monitor, so you will have to adjust for other screen sizes. If you want to take full advantage of this style, increase the number of results that Google displays to 100. You can change this using Settings, located in the upper right hand corner of Google search webpages. This requires that you disable Google instant results. To change the number of columns displayed change the following 3s to 2s. > div { -moz-column-count: 3 !important; } #rso { -moz-column-count: 3 !important; } This style removes the new Google sidebar and includes a fixed navigation bar located in the top right hand corner of the browsing window. This style benefits from multi-column view featured in, as well as removing the side bar featured in

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GMail - Remove ads and relocate action links

This style removes the ad panel from Gmail or Google Apps Mail, relocates the action links (Print all, new window, etc.) from the side bar to above the mail subject, and widens the mail content area. ****** DEPRECATED ****** This is not working anymore after the update that brought the "People" widget in the right side column. It may be replaced by GMail - People Widget Drawer (with ad blocking).

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