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G+ "Start a hangout" icon transparent bg fix

The "Start a hangout" icon doesn't have a transparent background, this fixes it. This one is mainly for other G+ style writer to swipe and use.

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Google Services Hopefully Cleaner RTL Contents

Google Services Hopefully Cleaner RTL Contents - by EllCiii This userstyle: - Makes RTL (Right-to-Left scripts like Arabic, Hebrew and Persian) more readable on Google Services: Gmail, Google+, Chat, Reader, Search, Calendar, Groups, Youtube, Buzz... - Adjust Font style, size and direction, especially usefull for users with Non RTL Browsers GUI. - Remove adverstisements and make the content like emails in Gmail start at the right, point.

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Simple Google with Fixed Areas

Fixed navigation bar, left side menu and input box in Google search result pages. Old style navigation bar in Google top page and Seach result pages. Disabled instant preview and so on. I didn't tested enough at English pages though I tested this at and Japanese pages of

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New Gmail - Combined Style - text + colour buttons

Combines/modifies a number of existing userstyles for the new Gmail interface. + Adds TEXT labels to the top row of buttons + Adds COLOUR to the button icons + Adds icon to MORE button ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I put together this userstyle for my own convenience, so that I could make my own modifications. Also useful if you'd like everything in a single stylesheet. I did not create the originals that have been combined/modified into a single style here. For the originals: For labels on buttons: For colours on buttons:

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G+ Google Plus - Red and black

***********NOT WORK*********** "G+ Google Plus - Red and black" Work good is Google Chrome. Half worked is Firefox. Background black, all red and black, little gray. If you have a color problem in Google Chrome badly done then disable and enable it later will be perfect. ***********NOT WORK***********

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Google - GM - Google Real Side Preview v2

It's for a WIDE SCREEN(1920x1080)! For this useful Greasemonkey Script: "Google Real Side Preview: - When you click on the icon next each result , it Open the site in an Individual inline frames (you stay on the Google search page). - You can too open Multiple sites together an the inline frame. - Search Results will be opened In the tab. More Options in the author's site

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Google Calendar - without Google Bar

This style will remove the new black/white Google Bar that Google introduced in late 2011 for only Google Calendar. The goal is to increase vertical space for Google Calendar Month View (which I mainly use) and expand the hidden appointments in "+more" link. It will not touch Google Calendar sidebars on the left/right side of the screen (mini calendar & task). Work best If you choose "Compact" display density in the top-right Gear icon.

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