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Dark Google Plus

I just copied "Matrix-Global" and changed the colors to the ones used by "tjwoosta" on his many "KISS" styles.

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Persian Gmail

بهترین استایل برای جی میل فارسی، در این استایل بسیار سعی شده که شکل کلی جی میل بر هم نخورد و همچنین نوشته های فارسی شکل استانداردی به خود بگیرند.

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New style Gmail get rid of internal scrollbars

When I switched to the new Gmail I had no less than 3 internal scrollbars (and that's not including the ones for widgets!). One on the left column, one on right-side chat and one on my main mail. This gets rid of them, replacing them with a good old fashioned master scrollbar for the whole page - Enjoy!

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Google For Persian Language

توسط این استایل تمامی صفحات اعم از صفحه جست و جوی گوگل ، جیمیل ، تقویم ، تاریخچه وب ، ابزار مدیریت ، اسناد ، گوگل + ، یوتوب ، آلبوم های وب پیکاسا و سایر صفحات به شکل بسیار زیبایی متناسب برای فارسی زبان ها در می آید . این استایل فونت پیش فرض گوگل برای صفحات را به فونت تاهوما تبدیل کرده و سایز فونت ها را استاندارد سازی می کند ، همچنین ساختار عناصر موجود در صفحات وب را تنظیم می نماید . مطئن هستم که بعد از نصب از ظاهر جدید گوگل خوشتان می آید .

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Simple Google with Fixed Areas

Fixed navigation bar, left side menu and input box in Google search result pages. Old style navigation bar in Google top page and Seach result pages. Disabled instant preview and so on. I didn't tested enough at English pages though I tested this at and Japanese pages of

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New Google+ Style (By Apollo Wayne)

Change the Google+ Style. You'll get a simple and clear screen with this style sheet. If you want new wallpaper, type the URL address below. 修改Google+的頁面樣式為一種更為簡潔清新的樣式。 請在下方輸入您需要的背景圖片地址。

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Clearer And Compact Gmail - More Borders, No Ads

For those who don't like the new gmail look. It takes up too much space and there are no clear boundaries between different sections of the site. This style tries to overcome these issues. Changes ---------------------------- - Ads Removed - More Borders / Darker Borders - Compact Header - Compact Sidebar - Compact Chat - Labels on buttons instead of icons - Some small changes here and there v0.2 Fixes --------------------------------- - Contacts menu is now accessible - Chat list now won't overlap with chat search Please note that this style is kind of an alpha version and tested only on Firefox 13.0a2, so don't expect it to work perfectly (works best in display density: cozy). By

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Gmail Non-Transparent (Light)

This is a Gmail script that makes the main background of the email/contact section non transparent light color. This might help in clarity/readability of the page. Works with the new Google themes. If you like it please leave a positive comment.

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Compact Google Voice

Applies a compact view to Google Voice, leaving more space for messages.

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