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Google Un-Arial 0.2

Remove ugly "Arial" from Google pages (http/https), resetting to browser "Sans-serif" font. I like "Cambria/Candara/Consolas" font triple. todo: - adjust widget fonts - style must be extended to support gadgets Changes: 0.2: reset to main (http/https) url match 0.1.1 - added support to Calendar gadget iframe

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GMail 2 - Grays and Blues Redux

I'm a huge fan of GMail 2.0 Redesigned - Grays and Blues, but it has fallen behind on a few bug fixes and tweaks, so I've decided to post my version. This style works best with GMail Full Width 2: Please leave feedback in the comments... 04/05/08: Initial upload. GReader style coming up soon!

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Gmail2 is not BETA any more

The idea is taken from Gmail - is not BETA any more but done much easier way with less height consuming.

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Dark Shiny Blue, transparency fixes

just some fixes for Dark Shiny Blue, transparency until he intigrates them into his own style. gets rid of that wierd bar at the top, and fills in some blank white spaces. namely fixes the compose areas and makes labels actually readable, as well as killing the random ad gmail generates from your emails. newest fixes: dropdown bar for labels and more actions, background made more reliable go here for the actual style:

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Len R's rounded FF3 RC1 for glasser

A lot of work went into this - if you appreciate it, please support my work. looks great with my LR-UIBar windows vista-style menubars & toolbars replaces Len R's rounded FF3 for glasser v1.3.5 - more idbox fixes ---------------------------------------------- v1.3 - first version for FF3 RC1 - fixes glitches in id-box v1.2.1 - transparency edits v1.2 - finally, script updating is back. v1.1.3: urlbar tweaks, mostly; some page fixes; fixed findbar v1.1.1: statusbar fix; added new go-button image v1.1: lots of bugfixes; misc changes, added search-go button back in per request v1.0: initial release makes urlbar rounded and transparent; gives more vista-like menu effects; fixes some visual discrepancies in glasser; makes elements more transparent (back, forward etc). Show rounded text fields, menulists and more in Firefox 3 Includes webpage fields and multiline fields shows blue hover and focus for all fields (vista-themed colors) I've integrated parts my vista statusbar and findbar theming upon (many) requests; also shows

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Firefox Start Page - Ultra Wide SearchBar (Google)

Makes Google's Firefox Start Page Ultra Widescreen by stretching out the Search Bar. This is an ultimate style for those using Wide-Screen laptops or monitors. You can even change the width. ** Thanks Can Erten for the Google Wide Search Box - Use this style if you are not using the Firefox Start Page! Pages Supported: + Supports Google-West (.com) - United States homepages + Supports Google-Canada (.ca) - Canadian + Firefox Install Homepage - Canada + Firefox Install Homepage - US Additional Information: + The width is specified using a % operator. This means that the Google Query Textbox will take up 90% of your screen, no matter how large it is. Integrates with the following userstyle: + Block (Disable) Google Suggest Works on: -Firefox2 -Firefox3 Changelog: - Initial Release

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Google Notebook tweak - larger editing area

This is a similar style to another style created by me ( Google Notebook tweak - for 1024 x 768 screen ), but it remove the Google bar on the top and move the search area and Google Notebook icon to there. Therefore, it has a larger editing area. This style is for my screen, which is 1024 x 768. If you have a larger screen, you can remove table.p div#gn0_5 {width:200px !important;} table.p div#gn0_6 {width:800px !important;} or change to the variable whatever you like. '08 7/31 updated: fix the width of toolbar. '08 10/28 updated: remove #gn0_5 {width:200px !important;} , since it will ruin the small window. '08 11/3 updated: Use a better way to fix the small window. Therefore, the full window view has a larger editing area now. '08 11/24 updated: Add comments and change some margin and padding of the areas.

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Make Google Docs look like WriteRoom

Do you like using WriteRoom, the distraction-free Mac-based text editor? Maybe you like JDarkroom, the cross-platform Java WriteRoom clone. Me too. But I use Google Docs to store everything and manage versions. I tried with Greasemonkey to get this to work, but now you can edit Google Docs in fullscreen mode, Stylish seems a better answer. The best thing about this is it doesn't change the background colour in the document, just your browser. You can get the same effect with Edit CSS in Docs, but it ain't the same! Be sure to press F11 to make Firefox fullscreen too. Maybe someone can figure out how to make it do the type-writer line-feed thing?

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Gmail improved UI and whitespace

In an effort to take Khoi's post a bit further: I didn't remove the ads, because they don't bother me. And honestly, I find it amusing to see what kinds of ads they serve me based on the conversations I have. I'm easily pleased, what can I say? [Added 2008 Oct. 25] - Grayed out the read message text. - Removed the blue background on read message rows. [Added 2008 Sept. 3] - Gray font color for ads and footer info. [Original changes] - 150% font size on Body. - 120% font size on compose message Body. - Ample horizontal and vertical of inbox elements. - Tweaked the To and Subject field lengths on inbox. - Large checkboxes (Fitts law!)

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Google News - Dark Gray Theme

/* Google News Page */ /* by Marcus Lee */ /* Contains some modified code from Valacar's Google Web Search - Dark Gray Redesign */ Let me know what you think... Enjoy!

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