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SlimCal -- Sidebar Only

Slims down Google Calendar by hiding only the sidebar (to the left).

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Beşiktaş Taraftarının Facebook Twitter Teması

Türkiye Twitter ve Facebook Teması Galatasaray Twitter ve Facebook Teması Fenerbahçe Twitter ve Facebook Teması Beşiktaş Twitter ve Facebook Teması

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Google Docs - Acrobat Style

This style makes the google docs document editor look similar to buzzword from acrobat.

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Google Calendar - Coloring Sat/Sun (starts on Sun)

Coloring Saturday (blue) and Sunday (red). Features: - Coloring on Month view - Coloring on Week view (only for English and Japanese) - Coloring on Day view (only for English and Japanese) - Coloring mini calendar Variations: - Starts on Mon: - Starts on Sat: Similar Scripts: - Google Calendar - colorize Sat/Sun (start on Sun) | - Google Calendar - colorize weekends | - Google Calendar Colorize weekend and minor change | - Google Calendar - Colorize Weekends (Sun-Sat) |

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M-Style Gmail Meiryo+AdOmit

Windows XP にメイリオを導入し、ClearTypeで見やすく調整してみる。 ※Gmail側の設定、表示間隔:最小 2013/02/26 メール本文表示の文字サイズ上げ調整。 Welcome!!

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Google - Dark Shiny Grey, transparency

For iGoogle, Google search, Google Maps, Google Reader, etc. This style is a modification of Google - Dark Shiny Blue, transparency by DaedalusIcarusHelios 9/8/10 - updated the logo for the instant search. 9/1/10 - Fixed a things, such as the iGoogle results dropdown when typing, and the input fields for the gadgets for Wikipedia and Google Translate 5/14/10 - Themed Firefox start page ( 5/14/10 - Many fixes for Google changes which caused many white boxes 4/27/10 - Fixes for iGoogle feeds and Google Reader content which had scroll bars for no apparent reason 4/12/10 - Fixes for iGoogle 12/16/09 - Fixes for normal google search starting page, Gooooogle fixed, misc. other fixes, bookmarks 11/30/09 - More Google Reader fixes 11/26/09 - Google Reader fixes 11/14/09 - Fixed Google Video header (showing up white), and the Goooogle results graphic at the bottom 11/3/09 - Another tweak for WbMynd 11/2/09 - Results from WebMynd firefox add-on themed 11/

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This style fixes Google Apps mail accounts (hosted domain accounts) by adding in the modified Google redesigned logo instead of the default. Only use with Google Redesigned for Firefox or Chrome (Extensions)

Updated: Sep 8, 2010 Installs This Week: 0 Average Rating: N/A Attachments series! If you prefer a script, check out : Tango attachment icons for Gmail! As of now it supports the following extensions: Archives(rar,zip,7z) Audio(mp3,wav,wma,m4a) Images(jpg,jpeg,bmp,png) Videos(avi,mpg,mpeg,mov,mp4,divx,mkv,flv) Text(txt) Document(doc) Spreadsheet(xls,xlsx) Presentation(ppt,pps) PDF(pdf) Installers(exe,msi) HMTL(html,htm) Encrypted mail(p7m,p7s) I'll be adding more as and when i get time. If you have icons for extensions i've missed out, pls lemme know. This not only styles the attachment icons in inbox, but also in each e-mails. Find the rest of the series @ "user 43074" Also check out some of other Gmail scripts @ CHANGELOG: v0.1 : 14-09-2010 - Initial release.

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Gmail autohide sidebar

Hide the left sidebar and expand the rest of the page. To use the left sidebar, move the mouse to the left edge. (My first style, only tested in Chrome)

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