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Broken Valentine-Google Skin

A broken heart (also known as a heartbreak or heartache) is a term metaphor for the intense emotional—and sometimes physical—stress or pain one feels at experiencing great longing. Emotional pain that is severe can cause 'broken heart syndrome', including physical damage to the heart.(Wipikedia)

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Lego Love-Google Skin

I would walk on Lego for you. I love Lego.

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Gmail as App

Simply remove some useless parts. I'm using vertical division. Not tested in normal mode.

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Gmail Tune Up

Light and simple

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GMail Attachment Icons Lite

Updated November 13th (and previously end of October) because of element name changes. Many thanks (AGAIN) to Moktoipas for solving this new element problem; I had it almost nailed but wasn't "getting it perfect." If icons are not the right size for your liking, try going smaller on the Height and Padding "Px" numbers. These work for me in 1280x1024. This is based on the original GREAT Moktoipas script for giving attachment icons in your GMail. Invaluable for sorting through emails and seeing if an attachment is a "known" or "common" filetype. I have shortened the original script to 5k by making icons simpler (shorter base64 code), and combining Word, Excel and Text into one icon. I have eliminated .exe, since GMail won't allow you to send those anyway. I tested "dangerous" file types with an exclamation mark, but it was moot since GMail won't allows those to be sent either (vbs, etc). Also optimized the code and changed some syntax, so now images, pdf, zip, text and css

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Gmail - Customize message record colors

Inspired by solido's Gmail: Inbox with new style to apply different colors when hovering on Gmail mail records. (Also fixed a small omission about unread messages)

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Google: no ads and new style

This style removes some ads (sponsored links) on the Google results page and gives Google a new appearance. Seems to look good on the search page results. Tested with Firefox 2, not with Opera. You can also try the Google: no ads and compact style, which is a fork of this one and of the Google Compact one. You can also try the much more beautiful but less ad blocking google: pastle blue. Bellow the details: - recolorization of links (link, active, visited and hover) to the colors of the Google logo, - add an indent for the text below the URL of the result, - relax the width of the results to optimize the use of the available vertical space (less scrolling), - add a round border to each result with a blue background, - add an hover effect that makes this background and its border respectively switch to yellow and red (Google logo colors again). Changelog (19/05/2010): - fix the total result width to 100% after the big Google look-and-feel refresh (margin-right set to 0px) Changelog (25

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Google: no ads and compact

I love "style 728" and "style 640", thus I use both of them. But there are some conflicts when using them at the same time. So I combine and optimize their codes, also I add domains for and other areas. And I add styles for Reader and AdSense Reports, then here it is. Please take a look at for more detail. Suggestions are always welcome. :-) Update @ 20081222, For Google Reader, 1. Google Reader becomes pretty and useful, but some of my codes break its layout. So I removed those codes. Update @ 20080817 For Google Reader, 1. Make each article's content area 100% width. 2. Highlight when mouse hovers over the list-view title. Update @ 20071122 Removed codes for Gmail. I've made a new one for Gmail 2.0, please give Gmail Cleaner and Tweaker a try!. Update @ 20071015 Some miner tunes.

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