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Google .com & .fr - Dark Lolifox (NEW)

Sorry, I lost my password -_-" I make a new account to reupload new version of the style. Modification of the Google Web Search - Dark Gray Theme made by Valacar with a Lolifox Google logo and support of Support,,,, . Comment if you like ^^ Updates : 20 August 2009 : Google Web Search - Dark Gray Theme update + support for 13 December 2009 : Support of new google modifications

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Firefox Start page Dark Gray Style-like Vc style

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Skin for Firefox Start Page >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> // **********************************<<< Note >>>****************************************** in order to make work the style if you are not in chile, you have to change in the second line This URL "" To your local Firefox Start Page Adress. ******************************************************************************************// also you can view Firefox Start page Slate Blue Style-like Vc style Scrollbars - Firefox better look

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Google Finance - Only the Chart

Expands the chart (including current financials) to fill the browser

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Web3beta RTL All Service: Google & TT & FF

RTL (Persian & Arabic & othaer) Style for All Important Service: Google Product: Gmail & Google Buzz & Google Reader & Google Search & Google Calendar & Google groups & Other ... twitter friendfeed brizzly goodreads & Other استایل فارسی برای همه‌ی سرویسهای مهم اینترنتی پر استفاده شامل: محصولات گوگل: جیمیل، جی تاک، گوگل باز، گوگل ریدر، جستجوگر، تقویم، گروه و دیگر محصولات گوگل تویتر فرندفید فیسبوک و سرویسهای دیگر. ویژگی این استایل بهترین نمایش و بیشترین سازگاری در استفاده‌ی همزمان از زبانهای راست به چپ (فارسی) و چپ به راست (انگلیسی) است. این استایل بصورت بتا منتشر شده [مراحل اولیه‌ی آزمایش و بهبود را میگذارند]؛ به تدریج بهتر و گسترده‌تر میشود، هر از چند گاهی استایل را بروز کرده؛ مجددا نصب کنید. پیشنهادهای خود را از طریق ایمیل یا سرویسهای اجتماعی با من در میان بگذارید /* -------------------------------------------------- */ برای نمایش بخشهای مهم سرویسهای اینترنتی [منوها، پیامها و...] به زبان فارسی، استایل زیر را نیز نصب کنید

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Google Maps FullScreen for RTL users

based on Google Maps - Full Screen (Updated 12. August '08) By Cruse_Car -adjusted to Right-To-Left users so the search result panel will be shown at the right side of the screen -search field is floating at the top of screen -Maximum map with all neccesary items -ads invisible p.s if you're a LTR user and you want this, just replace every "right" in the CSS to "left" and you'll be good..

Updated: Feb 16, 2010 Installs This Week: 2 Average Rating: N/A Navbar series! If you prefer a script, check out : First things first, this style is inspired & built upon the style by "user 15925" This style will Pimp up the Gmail Appbar, which is nothing but the navigation bar which hosts links to other services of Google. The icons in this style are all 16px. Some are taken from google sites, some from tango icon packages, while the rest are from the style mentioned above. So credits to the authors of those packages. Find the rest of the series @ "user 43074" Also check out some of other Gmail scripts @ CHANGELOG: v0.4 : 08-05-2010 - Replaced ugly drop-down icon for more menu. - Fixed issue where icons wouldn't show on different google tlds(top level domains). - Fully compatible with Opera. v0.3 : 23-04-2010 - Merged Appbar & Userbar into a single style - Navbar now floats at the

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Fenerbahçe Taraftarının Facebook Twitter Teması

Türkiye Twitter ve Facebook Teması Galatasaray Twitter ve Facebook Teması Fenerbahçe Twitter ve Facebook Teması Beşiktaş Twitter ve Facebook Teması

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Google Left Navigation Panel Popup

Makes the Google Left Navigation Panel popup and automatically show/hide it just by moving the cursor to near the right side of display like "Sidebar Autohide" ( If you don't use Google in English or in Japanese, you can use in your language by just add a simple code like this: Before @-moz-document domain(""), domain(""){ After @-moz-document domain(""), domain(""), domain(""){ ---- 仕様変更によってデフォルトで表示されるようになったGoogleの左側のナビゲーションバーを、 目立たないように右側に移動し、さらにSidebar Autohideのようにマウスを持っていった時のみポップアップするようにします。 ---- Before: Moving mouse out of blue area (panel is hidden) After: Moving mouse into blue area (show panel)

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