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Small ScrEeens: Google Docs

Optimizes Google Docs for small screens like the Asus Eee PC by removing the top header and some useless borders. Use Ctrl+minus to decrease the font size.

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Gmail Logo Remover

Remove Gmail logo to give more space, especially when you use to move "your account activity and account space left" to the top right. It also moves "search mail" to left side above "Compose Mail." Tested with Gmail 2.0 and Google Apps.

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GMail - Remove Ad and Search/Add/Invite

Removes the ad/quote just to the right of the "Compose" button. Also removes the seldom used "Search, Add, or Invite" text box. I have been trying to see if I could find some way to kill these two birds with one magical-CSS-stone, but alas I couldn't. Its a pity you can't nest :not() selectors inside of each other, as that is the only way I could think of to get some OR-logic going on. I am using the Google Redesigned extension in screen-shots. This edit - One class name now seems to change depending what exactly you are viewing. Generalized to compensate. Apr 14 2009 - One class name got changed. Mar 15 2009 - Completely reworked after Google renamed all of their classes to things even less humanly readable.

Updated: Oct 22, 2009 Installs This Week: 2 Average Rating: N/A Halloween Concept

Petit style pour Google Web Fr. Il fonctionne uniquement avec la page d'accueil et les pages de recherche de pages web. Il n'y a pas de changements pour la recherche d'images ou autres. Le style est destiné au Google français ( Les principaux changements sont le logo et le fond qui est noir (le texte est donc blanc). Enjoy !

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Google Aero! - Calendar plugin

______________________________________________________________________ Google Calendar plugin for Google Aero! (actually it's the style from Outlook 2007. I'll problably change it a little 'cause I dont't really like the orange a lot... at least if I find the time, so probably not I guess...) ______________________________________________________________________ TODO: • Google changed it's markup and classnames again (sigh). This will be a neverending story i'm afraid. I'm working on the fixes (might take a while though)... ______________________________________________________________________ RECENT UPDATES: • Search box styled • Month view now working (still somewhat buggy though) • Config panels are now displaying correctly ______________________________________________________________________ RECENT BUGFIXES: • ... ______________________________________________________________________

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Gmail - Silly logo

The Gmail logo is boring, this changes it to something a bit more fun. - Updated 2009-03-05, Gmail changed the CSS ID of the logo.

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Gmail 2.x White background / Inbox Row Colors

Thank you to: (doesn't work for me) This is a style that adds custom colors to the rows in your gmail inbox as follows: 1. The background of any message is white (-> Screenshot) 2. Rows with unread messages have a light blue color 3. Rows get a brighter blue highlight as you mouse-over them 4. Selected rows have a light green color Enjoy ...

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Reduce Gmail date column width

In the message lists, reduce the width of the date column to remove the wasted space.

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Gmail 3: Create an economy of space

Like Gmail: multiple adjustments (revised 22.04.10) By dabrown Updated to work with Gmail (non-beta) Utilize this conglomeration of styles by enabling the following in Gmail labs: Quick links | Navbar drag and drop | Google Calendar gadget While this style is not enabled, save a quick link for any menu item, like chat or starred, that you would like to see in the drop down. Drag your chat to the bottom and set to tiny or medium depending on your screen size. My macbook 13" looks best with tiny. This style highlights lines. You can change the color. This will also move the footer to the top while removing tips, gmail view, and copyright. UPDATE reduces the space around Inbox menu to free up real estate on the right side of the screen. Changes font to Gill Sans. UPDATE lets you know that this doesn't work for gmail 5.10.2011

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Google - Compact and Keyword-Highlight(优化加关键字高亮)

The style intends for moderate compact layout with more readability and keyword highlight. It covers most common google search pages. It also hides some space-wasting Google logoes. I added more for better visual effect. *This style is effective on the following Google search pages in major languages: web, images, video, maps, news, groups, books, blogs and dictionary and even some other pages using the same layout. It also contains codes for Google Translate. ----- 本样式使 Google 的主要搜索页面格局更紧凑,可读性更强,而且为关键字添加高亮,可以让使用者更集中精神于 Google 提供的服务并且使用起来更舒适。 *此样式应用于主要语言版本的 Google 站点,对如下搜索页面有效:网页、图片、视频、地图、资讯、图书、博客和字典,甚至其他使用相同格局的网页。

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