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Image Search Results Black Background Multi Site

Originally to make page background black on viewing Google Images, now includes others, all for which I have a "search all these" CustomButtons button. Less eye strain and "white noise;" images stand out better, AllTheWeb and Google Logos removed. Font "grey" - easier to read on some sites. Back out sites you don't need or want. If all you need is Google Images, change grey to "white." Update now includes : Google Images, Allthe web, images and pics, dogpile, flickr, msn live search, photobucket, picsearch, searchcom and webcrawler (not all fit into the generic "formula" and were amended to their own "settings"). If any of them give you problems just remove them; I like these settings "for me." Added on Jan 25th 2007 : separate rule now for Google Images which now requires "dataimage, divimage and divsnippet" to handle the new "mouseover popups" on Google Images. The others in the string don't require the Google additions, so I separated Google on "its own."

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Google - remove ads

All credits to Last Modified : August, 16th 2006 If you use the google website in a language which is not english, then you shall use this style instead of the easylist one listed above. In order to make the search window wider, have a look at Google - widen the searches display.

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Gmail: Inbox with new style

Small changes in the colors and font-face in the Gmail appearance. Compatible: Gmail English(en-US), (en-UK) and Spanish(es-ES). Last update: December 18, 2007

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Google: no ads and new style

This style removes some ads (sponsored links) on the Google results page and gives Google a new appearance. Seems to look good on the search page results. Tested with Firefox 2, not with Opera. You can also try the Google: no ads and compact style, which is a fork of this one and of the Google Compact one. You can also try the much more beautiful but less ad blocking google: pastle blue. Bellow the details: - recolorization of links (link, active, visited and hover) to the colors of the Google logo, - add an indent for the text below the URL of the result, - relax the width of the results to optimize the use of the available vertical space (less scrolling), - add a round border to each result with a blue background, - add an hover effect that makes this background and its border respectively switch to yellow and red (Google logo colors again). Changelog (19/05/2010): - fix the total result width to 100% after the big Google look-and-feel refresh (margin-right set to 0px) Changelog (25

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Google Image Search back to normal

Turns off the new "feature" of Google Image Search that hides information.

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Gmail Labels in a box/column

A new version of gmail is coming. This script does not work with the new version. Here is the new version of this script Gmail *2* Labels in a box/column To contact me:

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Gmail: Remove adds and footer

Removes text ads, expands message area, removes page footer

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Gmail - display keyboard shortcuts

This style displays keyboard shortcuts for old and new version of Gmail. About shortcuts, visit Gmail Help Center.(

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Google Homepage (using a theme) Transparency Edits

Sidneyboy -- Can you post a screenshot of your problems? I can verify this works on Vista Home Premium, WinXP SP2, Gentoo & Ubuntu Linux. I wouldn't see how it would work in VHP vs VHB. I love the new themes Google has added, but I wasn't fond of certain things (namely the input, tabs, etc) getting in the way of good artwork. So I modified certain parts of the page to be transparent so I can see all the goodies :) I am currently using the Springscape theme although this script is compatible with *ALL* of the Google Homepage Themes so far. *Current Script Size: 3.95 KB (4055 Bytes) **(New! Check Out - Zathman's Redesign)** UPDATES: * v1.4 * 25 JUN 2007 (Minor) - Temporarily disabled the tab height I set due to some google updates * v1.4 * 27 MAY 2007 (Major) - Rewrote/Organized code, new styling features & formatting, fixed old code. »» * 1024x768 * | * v1.3 * 25 MAY 2007 (Minor) - Fixed f

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