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Space Aura

Update coming soon... -------------------------------- Here's a YouTube theme I've been working on: YouTube - Simple (DARK) NOTE: ~~ "UPLOAD YOUR OWN" DOESN'T SEEM TO WORK ~~

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Google Subspace

* Author : greekm@n.. * Usage : Use with Stylish Firefox extension ( A Blue Dark (subspace) style for your home page {Google.} * This theme based on Perfect Dark Google [] Special Thanks and credits to -stormi- [] for his great code..!

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google anime


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our EARTH google -by NORWIN-

6 optional EARTH images -testet with Chrome & Firefox-

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Gmail Dark #1

This is based off of: Gmail Dark Energy NOTE: make sure you use default google theme in gmail settings. Otherwise some icons may not align properly. NOTE2: The images on this theme are starting to break more and more. However due to popular demand I went ahead and did some overhaul bits to the major elements (that were also easy to fix/find. There's still some unthemed bits to some of the popup/flyout windows/menus. I'll get to these when I can. =========================== For a blue theme check this style: This Dark Blue style is one I designed from the ground up. It may start getting more attention than "Gmail Dark #1" which isn't organized the way I usually code.

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Google Matrix

Lovely Google Matrix with real animation!

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Black Google by Panos


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Google Dark Red

Google Dark Red

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