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Facebook Minimal Dark Theme by Aniki

This theme is a minimal dark theme for Facebook. If you don't like staring at a white screen or spend alot of time at your computer, then this theme might suit you.

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Hide Facebook News Feed Timeline Posts

Facebook is utterly shit. Face it. Let's call it Shitbook. Sadly some people insist upon using Shitbook, which means we must log-in to the SHIT to message them. This user-style will HIDE ALL of the posts in the Facebook (Shitbook) news feed. The collective timeline (best of and most recent posts regarding friends or people you follow) is hidden. This allows you to use the chat/message function without being distracted by all the shit people post to the news-feed timeline. Instead of posts in the news feed you just see a blank space. Lovely! Fuck off Mark Zuckerberg, I hate you! I have no idea if people will like or use this style, but here is it nevertheless. Crippled Shitbook functionality, via this style, will remind you to either not log-in or log-out sooner rather than later.

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Facebook Helvetica/Arial on Windows

Facebook recently changed the fonts used on the site to match the OS font. On Windows, that means Segoe UI. However, the UI/UX was not designed for this font, and so some folks may get annoyed with the change. This style reverts back to Helvetica/Arial. (Note: Windows obviously does not come with Helvetica, but some folks have it installed, and this is in line with the previous configuration, which Facebook simply overrides for each OS.)

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Style for Kami_S

Style for Kami_S

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Bring Back the Bird

This userstyle attempts to bring back Christian E's Facebook profile picture. Despite the constant requests, he refused to switch back to the bird. So I decided to take into my own hands.

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para bruna

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All-In-One Distractions Remover For Old Facebook

This removes anything from anywhere on Facebook that I don't like! Complete list of functionality below: * Removes Advertisements * Removes New Stuff and Next Steps * Removes Non-Standard Applications from Profile Pages - thanks to aliumalik for the initial idea (see New Facebook Application Remover for the original; I've modified it so group pages still work) * Removes Application Stories from the Minifeed * Removes Application Icons and Show More Profile Boxes Links * Removes Attach Items (on new wall post) and Attach a Gift * Expands all Remaining Application Boxes It's heavily commented to allow you to customise it to your needs. Feedback is welcome.

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