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facebook - transparent - 2/10 - byme

updated 10-13-10 for new better transparent style goto transparent style ready for your wallpaper please improve upon 1. some black text (dark backgrounds or wallpapers do not work well) 2. photos work everywhere except from the photos tab 2/12 removed borders

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Facebook - Stationary Top Bar

This makes it so the top Facebook bar is stationary (it stays in place even when scrolling). This way you can always see your notifications icon and have quick access to that toolbar even when you are scrolled down to the bottom where it would normally not be visible. Works with normal Facebook layout as well as my Facebook themes (may work on other Facebook themes, but I haven't tested) Become a fan of my Themes on Facebook: 2/19/10 - FB changes made the top bar contents within the top bar not be stationary; it is fixed now.

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Facebook - Pokemon ( by )

T E M P L A H . C O M Theme for Facebook - Pokemon See more themes in Image: see here a complete list of all Theme made by

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Facebook Old-Style Chat

[Updated 8/5/11] Facebook made some changes, I've updated the style sheet to match this. The biggest change is Facebook has it's own scroll bar now. [Updated 7/25/11] Chrome had a silly little problem I missed with the options gear thingy hiding itself, it has been fixed. [Updated 7/20/11] Hey, so it ends up facebook uses this fancy javascript thingymabobber to calculate how many users it should show to you. To combat this, I made some changes. On top of that, I added the ability for you to choose if you want to show offline friends or not. Let me know how it goes. Please note that if you turn off offline friends, it also turns off idle friends. [Original] This is a simple style that makes the FB chat similar to it's older appearance. If you guys want it to be even more like it or notice any places where there could be improvements/needs to be fixed let me know.

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Facebook chat: connected friends only

With the introduction of a new Facebook chat in July 2011, lots of unconnected friends are now displayed in chat panel, which is quite useless. This style hides them, showing only connected (available and idle) friends. You may prefer rendering offline contacts subtler without removing them. In this case, try Facebook chat: subtler offline friends. Also available as an add-on: Facebook updated their code in February 2014. The new markup for the chat is unintelligible and the userstyle won’t work anymore. Sorry!

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antisocialnetwork (social network blocker)

do you hate to get irritaded by these facebook, google+, or from what ever so called social network plugins? well, I do! till now it blocks the facebook frames globaly in your browser. but there will be some more soon... think the best way to block other social network system would be to create different style for each. so anybody could block them individually. disables site integration: :::::::::::::::::::::::::: * facebook via iframe * google+ via iframe * stumbleupon via iframe * twitter via iframe * addthis via a selector on onmouseout / onmouseover attributes * linked in in via span selector on id attribute (IN-widget) * werkenntwen via img selector on src attribute ( tested browsers: :::::::::::::::: * google chrome * mozilla firefox

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Facebook Wood ♦

This theme was edited from other themes and blablabla I am very happy with this my self, spent several hours on this one so feed back would be awesome! I will update this theme if things change, the theme may look different for others I also stole/edited Minimalistic Login by kilroy- all credit goes to him

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Facerane - Facebook more friendly

Facebook simple theme based on the Jonaska "Facebook Redesign" design on DeviantART. Color : more blue, more black, with white also... I don't want to make a theme who destroys your eyes like the others, so all is clean...

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