- Youtube themes and skins

(No screenshot available) (by danny)

I increased the size of the video, moved the information box to the left, comments to the right and hid any advertisements I saw. Hope some of you find it useful. I recommend you use this style together with this one: YouTube - Dark Carbon Theme

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Bigger Youtube HD

This style resizes youtube to fit the full width of your screen.

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Youtube - Themed

Youtube simple attractive theme.

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YouTube (100% width) a work in progress

We all love youtube for funny vids or whatever tickles your pickle, but yet again another site that should be utilising the screen width of the viewer. Below is code i'm still working on, it will update as i work on it, but for the most part it's 100% and working. Feel free to use and point out any areas of problem and i will correct them, it's easy with youtube they use lots of CSS. All code thus far is what i'm using and playing with, so whether it's all required to work i don't know yet, all the same......... use as you choose... Ads also removed, if i've missed some, again please point these out. This covers the main site and videos area, i don't use the forum, so if this doesn't work there you'll have to add addition code yourself.

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ChangeYoutubeVideoTitle ( Appearance )

change the appearance of the video title. look at the image below for more information right click at the image below and click view image to view larger image

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Video and comments side by side! No scrolling down

Watch the video and read the comments at the same time, side by side. Resolution required: 1320x800 or more. Normally, when you scroll through comments, the video gets scrolled up off the screen. This has been intentionally bad design on Youtube's part for years, because they want you to click through related videos that might have ads, instead of engaging in the comments section. This userstyle fixes that: you can now watch the video and read/reply to the text comments at the same time. Author: Dan Dascalescu

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YouTube No default language message box

Hides the big, annoying message box on top of YouTube which asks you if you want to keep the default language set according to your browser settings. This message will appear everytime you visit YouTube if you have cookies disabled, but this style just strips it out without giving up your privacy.

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My Youtube Resizer for 1280 x 720 resolution

My personal Youtube Resizer It renders tho video player at a perfect 854x480 This style can be used alone but was originally meant to be used with Valacar's - dark gray redesign (vC) ***UPDATE***___8/16/2009 This style now works with user profile and channel pages ***UPDATE*** ***UPDATE***___10/17/2009 This style now only works with youtube (thanks to Inhuman and ChoGGi ) ***UPDATE*** I know there are still a few very small bugs i will try to address later Enjoy !

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