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YouTube Earth Hour Dark 2012

Modified YouTube Earth Hour stylesheet for March 31st 2012.

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YouTube Earth Hour 2012

The CSS file used on Earth Hour 2012 for YouTube.

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Youtube EarthHour

[DECEMBER UPDATE] currently working on the new youtube layout to match with earthhour theme. Extended edition of EarthHour 31-March-2012 For Chrome! (haven't tested on firefox), Changed the script so it works in harmony with playlists, search queries and profile pages.

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Youtube - vimeo style

Vimeo style for Youtube Because Vimeo is much better. ****** EDIT: working on a fix for YouTube's stupid update.

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Hide header - YouTube

The header at the top of the page is collapsed to a thin horizontal strip, but expands again when the cursor is over it. User info is also hidden - mouse over the video title to restore it. The right sidebar is dimmed until the cursor moves over it.

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YouTube -- Hide account name

Fades out your YouTube account name. Works with both pre-Google+ and post-Google+ accounts.

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@Youtube: Cinema

Youtube Cinema. Full width video with large, dark margins to eliminate need for youtube darkening addons/css.

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YouTube De-Crapifier

Removes a *ton* of things from YouTube, including comments, sidebar, logo, footer, etc. This is great for people who just use YouTube to watch videos, not any of the social features that come with the site. The best place to send me feedback is to email me at (replace "a" with "@"), or directly on the blog post at

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