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yahoo - dark

A dark style for yahoo answers.

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Yahoo! Mail Morespace (fullscreen, minimal UI)

Remove unneeded elements in Yahoo! Mail web application, focusing only on mail elements, and optimal use of space on big screens. Might be best in use together with ad blocking browser plugins.

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clean Yahoo + no Ads (for BASIC & NEW Layout)

Removes all Ads and other annoying things from the yahoo mail client. Works on the old/basic and new Yahoo Mail design. •Works with the Yahoo 2015 Update

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Yahoo! Cool Dark Purp + The Huffington Post

A dark theme featuring classic Yahoo! purple to compliment cool shades of blue and grey. This style works with most Yahoo! domains. I tried to keep this simple and fast, so no replacement images or base64 are in this script. ***UPDATE!*** I found this script also works with The Huffington Post. It isn't seamless, but the layout is similar enough that I really like how this works. If you prefer to keep your old install of Yahoo! Cool Dark Purp, just add [domain(""),] to the list below @-moz-document.

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yahoo dark

yahoo dark

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Yahoo! Mail : no ads, clean, minimal, modern

A script that optimizes the interface of Yahoo! Mail. -No ads -Clean UI without gradient -Highlight message color -Remove scrolling bar in message view -Blue theme (view instructions below to change color) -Works across address Book, calendar and notepad -Note : Works best with a non photo-based initial Y!Mail themes To change the accent color : - Open the script with the Stylish extension - Look for the /*Blue Theme code section around line 30 - Replace the hexacode #1FA4C2, with your own - You may use to find the hexacode corresponding to your favorite color

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Yahoo! Wide BlackForest

[2009.February.07] Now that the login issue is resolved, I should have access to this and the rest of my styles. I would like to know how many of you are using this style with the NASA Night Launch Theme ( for Firefox? [2008 October 1] I am sorry for my long absence. I have been without a decent computer for almost a year. By decent, I mean one that would (have a powerful enough processor and large memory space, to) allow me to run Firefox (with all of the tabs open as needed to verify changes in my code). I have now built a completely new machine, after having had numerous machine failures in this past year. I am now attempting to recover from this protracted period of inactivity. So now, hopefully the request below will continue to apply. Again, I'm sorry. But life is often contrary to our desires. I NEED FEEDBACK FOLKS!!! CONSTANTLY CHECK FOR UPDATES!!! As a further note, most of my time is spent on Yahoo! Answers. So m

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Yahoo! Newsから広告を削除する

Yahoo! Newsから広告を削除する こちらも合わせてお使いください 広告削除でYahoo! Japanをコンパクトに | < >

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Yahoo! WebMail (Classic) Reader - less cluttered

Applies to (url-prefix). Will create a less busy and cluttered page with the glaring white background softened down to a mellow green shade. Still a work-in-progress. The appearance of other users' screens may differ from the screenshots shown because the author also has a specific non-default Yahoo! color theme selected ("Red/Olive"). This server-side option can be chosen by any Yahoo! Mail Classic user. Note that manual editing of the url-prefix strings may be needed to allow this Style to apply to your own Yahoo! WebMail-Classic server address.

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