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広告削除でYahoo! Japanをコンパクトに

広告除去や不要な項目の非表示によりYahoo! Japanを極限までコンパクトにします アレいらないコレいらないの末に出来ました モニターが小さい環境でもほとんどスクロールせずに表示でき、余計な物に気を取られることを防ぎます ページ最上部からフッターまでの高さが500pxと、本来の高さの3分の1以下です 左カラムのYahoo!サービスメニューは必要なものを選択してカスタマイズできます 設定項目が多いですがデフォルト値を設定しているのでそのままでもある程度使えると思います こちらも合わせてお使いください Yahoo! Newsから広告を削除する < >

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Y!Mail Sweeped

Compacted Yahoo header, simply to leave things just for mail, along with removed ads and apps. Hidden Ads, Top-bar changed into a pop-down Top Bar on mouse over, and generally made more room for the e-mails while removing some extras. Works with all Themes, so feel free to choose any.

Updated: Feb 10, 2015 Installs This Week: 16 Average Rating: OK
Yahoo! Answers: In Shades of Green

The style for Yahoo! Answers in shades of green (from old format). The colors are taken from WayBackMachine ( For example (February. 5. 2014) If you want square avatars then add next 6 lines to text of the style: #Stencil .Answers .Bdrs-25 { border-radius: 5px; } #Stencil .Answers .Bdrs-24 { border-radius: 5px; } Avatars will be with rounded corners. PS: 1. This style does not remove the advertisement. I use Adblok Plus at the same time. 2. If you are using Adblock Plus, then the top of the page could be hidden when your are "log out". But there is no problem with seeing of page in "log in".

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Yahoo! Mail Morespace (fullscreen, minimal UI)

Remove unneeded elements in Yahoo! Mail web application, focusing only on mail elements, and optimal use of space on big screens.

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yahoo tech blue


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Yahoo by BamaBraves

Darkened and highlights

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Chinese Font (Noto Sans) 中文

Chinese Font using Noto Sans Traditional and Simplified 中文字體 思源黑體 Must install Noto Sans T Chinese, Noto Sans S Chinese 請安裝思源黑體 All in one 完整版: Individual download 單獨下載:

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Yahoo! Japan Briefcase - BlackStyle

Yahoo! Japanブリーフケースの黒系スタイル。 Original Background : painted black - graphics pack one [ ]

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Yahoo! Wide BlackForest

[2009.February.07] Now that the login issue is resolved, I should have access to this and the rest of my styles. I would like to know how many of you are using this style with the NASA Night Launch Theme ( for Firefox? [2008 October 1] I am sorry for my long absence. I have been without a decent computer for almost a year. By decent, I mean one that would (have a powerful enough processor and large memory space, to) allow me to run Firefox (with all of the tabs open as needed to verify changes in my code). I have now built a completely new machine, after having had numerous machine failures in this past year. I am now attempting to recover from this protracted period of inactivity. So now, hopefully the request below will continue to apply. Again, I'm sorry. But life is often contrary to our desires. I NEED FEEDBACK FOLKS!!! CONSTANTLY CHECK FOR UPDATES!!! As a further note, most of my time is spent on Yahoo! Answers. So m

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My Yahoo!(ja) ad block

My Yahoo!(ja)の広告ブロック

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