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Ultimate Fandom Icon Module

A module for those of us that love all of the fandoms on tumblr. The icons are: Sherlock, Harry Potter(Deathly Hallows), Starfleet Insignia(Star Trek), Castiel's Wings(Supernatural), Lungs with a fork and Knife(Hannibal), Arthur's Sword(MERLIN) and the TARDIS(Doctor Who).

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Love Lace

White lace background with black font on sides so you can see follower count, drafts, queue and so on. Follow my tumblr; I accept requests on there if you have any! Enjoy~

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5 Seconds of Summer #1

5 Seconds of Summer tumblr dashboard. 5SOS

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Tumblr - Activity - Jobs/Demonic Signs

Jobs - Requested by inthelandofsarahtopia on Tumblr. Demonic Signs - Requested by samanddeanandcasarelove on Tumblr.

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Stats activity button

Changes 'activity' to read as 'Stats'

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Calum Hood Tumblr Dashboard Theme | sweetenouis

I haven't made one in almost a week. I apologise! I started school this week so I'm a bit more busy with schoolwork and stress over tests and such. Enjoy this dashboard I made with Calum Hood from 5 Seconds of Summer!

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