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tumblr - colour revert

I dont really know what exactly tumblr changed, but I do know they changed the colour of the person that reblogs it. this small code will fix it

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Harmonia Pastelis [Tumblr post icons]

Tumblr "new post" dashboard icons, from the Harmonia Pastelis Icon Set by Raindropmemory. (Thank you, Raindropmemory!)

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Rounded avatars [Tumblr dash icons]

Crops the avatar and sub-avatar to a circle on your Tumblr dashboard. (Woo-hoo?)

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doodle logo

Made by_jayme (

Updated: Nov 16, 2010 Installs This Week: 84 Average Rating: OK
cute pixel tumblrbar

a cute pixel tumblr bar lol

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Tumblr - Black Theme

The theme I was using stopped working after the new update so I made my own.

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Custom Tumblr Labels

Create your own labels for your blog's info! You can type anything you want (but keep it preferably under 20 characters) to replace the Posts, Followers, Members, Activity, Drafts, Queue, and Customize labels in the sidebar on the right-hand side. Using the text boxes, type in the labels you want to use, then click the "Install with Stylish" button.

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White/Grey and Black Tumblr Dash UPDATED 04/2014

A minimalist/classy theme for the NEW dashboard tumblr theme! Coded in Firefox with Missing E. ENJOY AND USE IT! ♥ November 8, 2013 / the css has been updated! it supports the new version of tumblr!!!! April 6, 2014 / I fixed Update cut-off links and i fixed the logo of tumblr!!!! Enjoy! made by please don't delete the credits

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