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pastel pink dashboard

hello!! i've been trying to find some nice pastel dashboard themes for dang, i don't even know. but i've had no luck, so i decided to make my own!!! it was for personal use, but i decided to make it public!! yeah!! tumblr logo: ask box, help, etc: my tumblr:

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BTS (Suga) Cursor

Min Suga cursor for your dash

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Black Tumblr Dashboard Theme ♦

English: Let your Tumblr dashboard in black. See notifications of new posts and messages in white. Português: Deixe seu painel de instrumentos do Tumblr em preto. Veja as notificações de novos posts e mensagens em branco.

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Tumblr logo in Japanese

Changes the default Tumblr logo/button to its Japanese-language equivalent

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rock on hands tumblr dashboard cursor the original is a blog cursor and jagkpumpkinking wanted it to be a dashboard cursor so here you go

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⧸ Style for ⧸ Made With These Styles in Mind: Tumblr - UNDERTALE Dashboard Theme by pretzel TUMBLRTALE - Undertale Header for Tumblr by SilverInfinity Other Undertale related styles by me: UNDERTALE [WiP] (My Candy Love)

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vintage floral n°2 TUMBLR

check out my blog:

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blue sky. updated 051014

background is from five centimetres per second. please message me at ( ) if you encounter any problems/bugs. enjoy!! 10.14.13: hey!! i would just really like to thank all of you who are using my theme. i really appreciate it. when i first released my themes i didnt expect them to get so many installs and i wouldnt be in this position i am today if it werent for all the feedback and support you guys give. thank you all so much!! 05.10.14: i got a message a while ago saying that the bg on the theme was messed up so i changed it. :-) also, userstyles wont let me change the screenshot some odd reason but the actual theme 100% better than the screenshot since it's pretty old and i've just got around to revamping this theme. thanks for using my themes!!

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