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Black dashboard for Tumblr!

UPDATED FEBRUARY 06, 2014! A black design for Tumblr, including some design fixes. (Doesn't mess up with other tumblr pages like tumbleblogs or iframes!) - Hides Tumblr's annoying fading blue after the sidebar; - Updated with Tumblr's new posting. If something's wrong with the coding or some pages are not being affected, contact me. Remember to check for updates periodically. Follow me on Tumblr! ;)

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Tumblr Dashboard Cleanup

Cleans Up Tumblr Dashboard, Tweaks and Styles Things FEATURES: -Reverts Newer Post Style Partially, Gives Posts With Images Small Left and Right Borders -Reverts Notifications Bubble to Red and White Colors -Reverts 'Elevator' (Go-To-Top Arrow Button) Back to Previous Style -Forces Normal Tumblr Logo Always (No Seinfeld-like or other logos) -Removes Tumblr Crap: Ads, Radar, Sponsored Blogs, Recommended Posts and Blogs, Unnecessary Buttons, Special Event Dots On Tumblr Logo, Avatar Hats, Floating Sidebar (Optional, Recommended) -Reverts Header Sticky* (Optional) -Reverts Sticky* Avatars (Optional) -Adds Hover and Click Opacity Responsiveness On Header Buttons *Sticky Elements Scroll With Your Page, Floating On Top

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old style dashboard titles for tumblr

do you find the new title font and dimensions on tumblr nauseating? don’t worry, i’ve got that covered. this script affects the attributes of .post_title to make the dashboard readable again!

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sherlock smiley icon

Sherlock Smiley icon for tumblr dashboard.

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Tumblr - Minimalist Theme

A grey-based minimalistic dashboard theme for Tumblr. No curved edges. No box shadows. Just flat and minimal. My blog:

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