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Ultimate Whovian by circlemaze (Full)

After the success of my Gallifreyan new post icons, I decided to make a full Doctor Who style. Top Icons HOME — The TARDIS! INBOX — A hypercube: my rendition of the Time Lord mail thingie as seen in The Doctors Wife. HELP — K-9: The Doctor's little helper =) SETTINGS — Bowtie: because he's always fixing it. LOGOUT — A Dalek: because EXTERMINATE! New Post Icons My regular Gallifreyan icons. They're the actual words transliterated into my favourite Gallifreyan style. Time-cracked Tumblr Logo I might add more options on later versions, but for now, just avoid getting into the glow. "Return to top" button Modified 11th's era TARDIS logo. Selector The classic TARDIS key. I never got why they stopped using this layout, it's beautiful. Cursor 1Oth's Sonic Screwdriver with mouseover action =]

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Sailor Moon - Lavender & Lace

Optimized for widescreen monitors (1920x1080) and google chrome, this dashboard layout features a transparent lavender body and a solid darker lavender color for notifications as seen in the screenshot. My monitor is pretty bright, so your results may vary. ***Note: This can be used on firefox/waterfox, however, some of the styles may not show (i.e - pointer arrows, some border lines, small things like that.) If you are looking for the top menu Sailor Moon brooches (Pink Sugar Dash Attack), please go to: Enjoy!

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↪Eva 3.0 poster. (tags - ikari shinji, neon genesis evangelion, nagisa kaworu, anime, stars) ☁☁☁☁☁☁☁☁☁ ⇢Follow sugoi dashboards for more!

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House Stark Dashboard

Dashboard theme featuring the sigil of House Stark from George R.R. Martin's book series A Song of Ice and Fire and the HBO television series Game of Thrones. New post icons are a separate style. Larger preview and more information here:

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Cats [Tumblr post icons]

Tumblr 'new post' icons for your dashboard.

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Monokuma Dashboard Theme

A simple dashboard theme of Monokuma from Dangan Ronpa

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Supernatural Control Bar Section

Revamp your posts, followers and drafts supernatural style. Posts > Journal Entries; Followers > Fallen Angels; Activity > Lives Saved; Drafts > Purgatory; Queue > Waiting; Likes > Pie; Following > Assbutts Find Blogs > Find Hunters Customize > Change Vessels

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