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Pokemon Pokeballs [Tumblr post icons]

Tumblr 'new post' icons for your dashboard. "A Poké Ball (Japanese: モンスターボール Monster Ball) is a type of item that is critical to a Trainer's quest, used for catching and storing Pokémon. Up to six Pokémon can be carried with a Trainer in Poké Balls, while any number of other Poké Balls can be held in the Bag for later use." *

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Legendary Bird Tumblr Post Icons

Changes post icons to legendary bird Pokemon. I take requests:

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Pokemon Tumblr Dashboard Icons 0.3

Pokemon tumblr dashboard icons featuring Trainer Red from Heart Gold, Feraligatr, Ampharos, Weavile, Ho-Oh, Dragonite and Lucario. Made on request~ [Pictures do not belong to me] {[by: ]}

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Pokemon Squirtle Home Button

For more dashboard stuff, or any tumblr codes visit

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Pokemon A pokemon layout for Tumblr

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Tumblr - Pokemon - Arty & Hahakomori

tumblr dashboard theme featuring arty, hahakomori, and other gen5 bug pokemon make sure to set it to only apply to (click on the stylish icon, manage installed styles, click "edit" under the theme's title and click "specify" next to "applies to", select "URL starting with" and put the above mentioned URL in the box)

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