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Tumblr Dashboard - Maroon Harry Potter Logo

Tumblr logo in Harry Potter font. Black and maroon colors. I made this to go with this background: because I didn't really like the logo it came yea. The before picture is the logo that the said background came with. The after is my logo. So, please enjoy :) UPDATE (8/23/13): I see now that tinypic has deleted my picture. I don't know why exactly. The computer I created this logo on crashed some time ago and I do not have the ability to upload it again. I will, however, try to recreate it. No ETA available, but know that I have every intention on uploading it as quickly as possible. Thank you for bringing this to my attention, cheryy-lipz. If you like this logo, please keep checking the description every other day or so to find out if it's up. I'm really sorry about this. Thank you for your understanding.

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Tumblr logo - Harry Potter font {white}

Tumblr logo in Harry Potter font. White, with a black outer glow. Requested by osolhosdeasuamae.

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Harry Potter Icons #2

Harry Potter related Icons

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tumblr pointer Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Silver

tumblr dashboard pointer Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Silver version (White version is here :

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Tumblr - Compose Buttons - Harry Potter

Set requested by pvnde on Tumblr. If you want something changed, or a different fandom, set just ask on my blog - Cammerel.

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Tumblr - Harry Potter: Pottermore

// CUSTOM DASHBOARD THEME: POTTERMORE // Check for more themes. // INSTRUCTIONS // 1. Install Stylish 2. Click the 'Install with Stylish' button below 3. Check out your new Tumblr dashboard!

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Tumblr | SuperWhoPotterCabinLock Icons

A study in how to cram every fandom I'm a part of (and ones I'm not) into dashboard icons. From left to right; Doctor Who, Cabin Pressure, Sherlock, Harry Potter, and Supernatural. More versions in the info, to come soon.

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