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Ultimate Whovian I — Doctor Who Gallifreyan icons

"[Tumblr 'new post'] Icons in Gallifreyan, compatible with the "new" tumblr layout. The "images" are the actual words transliterated using Gallifreyan"

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Tumblr - Bad Wolf Logo

A style for Doctor Who fans that turns Tumblr's logo, "tumblr.", into "badwolf." Enjoy! :)

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Dress up your dashboard to have a darker look and a TARDIS panel background texture.

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Ultimate Whovian VII — TARDIS Dashboard [Tumblr]

A Doctor Who theme for your Tumblr dashboard. "This is part of my Ultimate Whovian tumblr style, uploaded separately so you can mix and match anyway you like it! =)". Recycled from the original and repaired.

Updated: Aug 15, 2014 Installs This Week: 6 Average Rating: N/A
Tumblr - Doctor Who Theme

:Description: A restyle of Tumblr - Bad Wolf Logo (as it had sizing issues with the Dashboard 'Bubble'), and an editing of Pikachu! Tumblr. :Credits: Badwolf Logo: Inspired by Tumblr - Bad Wolf Logo, created myself in Fireworks Gallifreyan Symbols:, edited myself in Fireworks Background: Edited version of, edited myself in Fireworks TARDIS: Created myself. Got any questions? Head to to contact me directly.

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Doctor Who Dash Theme Tumblr

Doctor Who Dash Theme for Tumblr by Multi-fandom blogger: art work by:

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