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Toodledo monospace/pre notes

Force note content to use a monospace font and not squash whitespace characters.

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Toodledo - Colored Importance (2015)

This style is intended for those who sort primarily by importance and would like extra color to differentiate more important from less important groups of tasks. Features: - highlighted groups red/yellow/blue based on importance. - fancy yellow note field (credit "Toodledo - MacOSX") - gray, italicize, strike-through for completed items Works with ToodleDo's site update after Sept 2015.

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Toodledo Whitespace Edition 2015

Added much needed padding and coloring to tasks. This also works with the new pages.

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NEW 2Do-styling for Toodledo

So I had another style for Toodledo that I had made based on the old 2Do interface. 2Do is an iOS, Android, and Mac OS app that syncs with Toodledo. It used to have a skeuomorphic interface based on natural elements like wood, leather, and cloth. Now it's gone all minimal just like everything in the Mac world. Sigh. But anyway, just so that I can get my Toodledo experience feeling a bit consistent, I've created a new style that uses some of the schemes of the new 2Do. Note that you might have to download and install a font on your computer for this to work fully. See the Additional Info section below.

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Toodledo "Warning" Hidden

Gets rid of that annoying Toodledo "Warning" about display styles. If you don't know what that is, then you don't need this.

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Toodledo Modern - 2016

Gives Toodledo a better look by getting rid of tired, old gradients and stiff fonts. A much needed upgrade for 2016. Baby on the way.. Small donations via the PayPal link are appreciated!

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Simple Toodledo Theme to Better Match iOS App v.3

• Changes font family for tasks only to "Tahoma". This is fairly legible with what follows. • Changes color of task-info, but not tasks themselves, to a gray better matching iOS 3 app. • Changes priority colors to match the priority corners on the iOS 3 app, with the exception of "Low" priority. There is no CSS hook in Toodledo distinguishing Low and Negative priority, so this is unavoidable. • Bolds all tasks. This is desirable because the prioritized colors of the tasks can be a little on the light side. Also, in the app itself, the same font weight (in that case, not bolded, but dark text) is used for the different priorities. See More Info.

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2Do-like style for Toodledo

2Do is an iOs- and Android-based application that syncs with Toodledo. It has used to have a lush, slick interface based on natural elements like wood, leather, and cloth. Unfortunately, there isn't such a thing as a 2do web client, and the company doesn't seem to be interested in making one. So I reskinned the existing Toodledo site to evoke how my 2Do app looks. It's not 100% accurate, but it's good enough for me, and maybe good enough for any other 2Do lovers out there. Learn more about this style on If you see any major bugs, please leave a comment and I'll try to get a fix out. UPDATE (25-01-2015): 2Do looks completely different now and I made a new skin.

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Toodledo Distraction Free

Shape Color Text. Eye friendly. Update 31.8.2014 * Bugfix: changing status of starred task works now without refresh * complete separation of task list and navigation etc.. (quick add field moved back to lower right corner) Update 29.8.2014 * added support for starred tasks * quickAdd is now in the upper left corner * all other controls are now in the right pane * several bugfixes * improved readability for css

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Clean ToodleDo (Mar 2014)

I slightly tweaked HostileCombover's "Toodledo - sitewide restyle - Feb, 2012" style, which was last updated in 2012 and thus did not take into account the "Outlines" and "Lists" features added since then. The only thing I couldn't quite figure out was how to remove the blank Menu space in the upper lefthand corner of those pages. Tested on newest Firefox and Chrome

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