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Slashdot - use whole screen width, bigger font

make Slashdot readable on netbooks/tablets 2011 Feb 07 - various fixes, remove links on top of page remove the: "@-moz-document domain("") {}" block to make it work in chromium if doesn't strip it itself when you download it

Updated: Feb 7, 2011 Installs This Week: 1 Average Rating: N/A
Slashdot 2011 Simplifier

Based on "Slashdot Cleanup" by darkphoenix22. Like "Slashdot Cleanup" this CSS removes the left sidebar and makes the header scrollable. The key difference is that the slashboxes remain on the right for those who like them. However, the syndication icons which normally appear in the slashbox section have been removed. This style also adds a more aggressive indentation to user comments. This makes the comment tree easier to read.

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slashdot beta - classic

Something I threw together to make /. beta look like classic. It's not perfect, but it's good enough for me. Unfortunately, because /. is using CNAME's for a lot of the beta "sites", you have little choice but to enable it for all of /. (*

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Slashdot - That Classic Feeling

Tries to undo the Beta changes to Slashdot. With the failure of Slashdot Beta, Dice stated they would leave Slashdot alone, only making incremental changes "where they make sense". What this really means is that they're slowly rolling up Beta changes into the main site. This style tries to undo or at least make these changes palatable.

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Slashdot - cleaner look 1.0.1

This style makes Slashdot cleaner and easier to read by justifying article, journal and comment text, making article quotes inline, removing the curves from the sidebars (they face right while the articles' and header's curve faced left), and about a dozen other minor tweaks. Some CSS taken from: edit:fixed version number in title, lol

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Slashdot - hide tags

If you don't like/use the beta tagging of slashdot articles, this style removes it.

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Slashdot Classic 2.0

Restores the classic look of, before the redesign contest. Update: fixed some white space, and removed the beta comment system checkbox. If you want it back, delete the relevant code in the beginning of the style.

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Slashdot - Stories 1em left shift

There's a arguably fat border on the left of the stories. This Stylish mod removes that border. Found from Mydron 's post on Slashdot.

Updated: Jun 17, 2006 Installs This Week: 0 Average Rating: N/A - cleaner

uses code from pile0nades's excellent Slashdot Classic 2.0 (it hasnt been updated for awhile so i figure no point in having two styles) add to display:none rule to hide article icons #articles .topic, this code is kind of a monstrosity so it can be bugged looking at times Updates: hide leftside menu till hover/active (click+drag on a link to keep it open) made idle more like the rest changed comments border bunch of fixes worked on the comments box fix for tag arrow widen idle comment reply fixed firehose page a bit fix for large whitespace on some pages a couple of changes for the new stuff change fixed font comments to usual font fix for search blocked by previous stories some fixes for idle. fix for Anonymous Cowardon changed searchbox not to expand on hover couple fixes for tech. removing the ads question box also removed the user box from articles

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