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Slashdot - Site cleanup

This style is meant for, a news site for people interested in IT and technology. It removes: - Sidebars (optional) - Tags (optional) - Unnecessary whitespace - The day breaks (don't care when news was posted, just show it) It changes: - Grey/black background - Centers articles with a fixed width of 900px - Moves the 'from the ... dept' text to the right side of the article subheader Note: - I ranted about their code before, but with the latest redesign they've produced proper HTML. Very possible to style, so: yay!

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zDarkSlashDot - 01/13/09 - by -z- of Based on the DarkSlashdot theme (Aug 16 2006). - I've updated it a bit and spiced things up. It's not yet complete but it's much improved over the previous addressing some changes in the markup since the author's last update. If I make another update, I will post it with a date with the format in the title of this sheet: zDarkSlashDot_011309 where 01.13.09 is day.month.year I encourage others to do the same. However, I request if you release it within 30 days of my last date, you prefix the date in the title with a 'p' to indicate a patch zDarkSlashDot_p012409 this way I can disolve it into any additions I may be working on. -z-

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Slashdot - Minimalist just the stories, nowt else (:

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Make story boxes extend all the way to the right

Makes each story box on the front page extend all the way to the right edge of the page. Only works when right-side ads, etc. are filtered out with Adblock or another style.

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Readable for /.jp

from 080502 DestroyAllLayouts: スラッシュドット ジャパン

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Slashdot - cleaner look 1.0.1

This style makes Slashdot cleaner and easier to read by justifying article, journal and comment text, making article quotes inline, removing the curves from the sidebars (they face right while the articles' and header's curve faced left), and about a dozen other minor tweaks. Some CSS taken from: edit:fixed version number in title, lol

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slashdot sidebar dropdown

Turn the left navigation sidebar into a dropdown menu at the top of the page.

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Slashdot - hide tags

If you don't like/use the beta tagging of slashdot articles, this style removes it.

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Extended fix for Slashdot comments

This is an extension to Bou's extension to Jim's "Fix Slashdot fonts" style. :) It puts the comment scores right beside the title, rather than underneath it (isn't that where it used to be?) - I think it's a better use of space. Also, I added !important to the body{} styles so that they take effect. Update 2006-06-09: Minor tweaks to div.title to reflect changes to /.'s CSS.

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Slashdot - Limit comment height

I really can't come up with good long descriptions for most things. I guess since I mostly only do really simple styles. :\

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