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Styles your Google+ into Pony+! Stylish will not correctly auto-update this script due to customization features, so remember to uninstall an old version before trying to upgrade! (Stylish->Options->Pony+->Delete) The configuration options allow you to choose a logo, background pony / mark and the type of stream mode you want! Default has the stream on the left, as normal. Centre makes the stream "old style".

Updated: Jul 8, 2012 Installs This Week: 8 Average Rating: N/A
PhpMyAdmin Nagato Yuki

Display Nagato Yuki in PhpMyAdmin (only when "/phpmyadmin/" is in the URL)

Updated: Nov 4, 2013 Installs This Week: 3 Average Rating: N/A
Communte - Remove Header Images

This user style removes the header from Communote, so you will have more room for the rest of the pages. This script also works in Opera.

Updated: Aug 24, 2010 Installs This Week: 5 Average Rating: N/A
Yacapaca - Clean-up

I don't suppose that there are many people who use both and the (dodgily-named) homework website, but I hope there are a few. Anyway, this style cleans up the student todolist, changing a few elements and hiding unnecessary logos and similar. It also makes the page fit on many screens, without needing to scroll. By the way, this is ONLY TESTED IN CHROME, although FIREFOX IS PROBABLY SUPPORTED. I have added an option below (generally yes for FF, no for non-FF and FF4).

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Bad Mofo Mods

Replaces some words.

Updated: Sep 29, 2012 Installs This Week: 2 Average Rating: N/A
Freewebs - Evil Homepage

The first page you reach on Freewebs ( will have a black background and red features on it. The "remember me" button is only red when you click it because it is controlled by JavaScript. The username box and password box can use the font "Old English Five" if you have it (giving it a sort of medieval look). The blue-drenched orange arrow is still there since I cannot change the 'src' of an image via CSS. The text boxes are most of the time white for an unidentified reason. The demo video picture is replaced with a picture of because looks dark-colored. It moves a little to the left because of my incorrect positioning. The 4 possibilities pictures are removed and so is the box to the right of them. I removed the Search box because I never (if not rarely) use it plus the arrow has a blue background and again, I cannot change the 'src' attribute of an image via CSS. If I could change the image, I would have kept th

Updated: Oct 11, 2008 Installs This Week: 1 Average Rating: N/A