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Vimperator HINTS Font Larger

VimperatorのHINTS表示を大きくする。 * VImperator 1.0でset hintstyleが効かないバグが直っているので.vimperatorrcに set hintstyle+= font-size:15px; とか書くと同じことができます。

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No MHz, no ads, even no logo...

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GoogleMonkeyR adjustments

Written for Google search using GoogleMonkeyR With simple up-to-date (10/2013) styling rules to reduce unused vertical space at the top, both for search pages and image search pages. Since GoogleMonkeyR script update to 1.7 (4/11/2013), adjustments aren't necessary, though the reduced vertical space is still usefull.

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Freewebs - Evil Homepage

The first page you reach on Freewebs ( will have a black background and red features on it. The "remember me" button is only red when you click it because it is controlled by JavaScript. The username box and password box can use the font "Old English Five" if you have it (giving it a sort of medieval look). The blue-drenched orange arrow is still there since I cannot change the 'src' of an image via CSS. The text boxes are most of the time white for an unidentified reason. The demo video picture is replaced with a picture of because looks dark-colored. It moves a little to the left because of my incorrect positioning. The 4 possibilities pictures are removed and so is the box to the right of them. I removed the Search box because I never (if not rarely) use it plus the arrow has a blue background and again, I cannot change the 'src' attribute of an image via CSS. If I could change the image, I would have kept th

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O hi5 beta nao ta la mt bom mas com os codigod fika mt fixe tenhu k agradecer ao helder7 ele fex um excelente trabalho ta de parabens

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Avril Lavigne in Vanity Fair.

A theme designed for Tumblr with images of the beautiful Avril Lavigne :D. Made by

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