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MinimalSearch for Google

Makes Google search result simple.

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Styles your Google+ into Pony+! Stylish will not correctly auto-update this script due to customization features, so remember to uninstall an old version before trying to upgrade! (Stylish->Options->Pony+->Delete) The configuration options allow you to choose a logo, background pony / mark and the type of stream mode you want! Default has the stream on the left, as normal. Centre makes the stream "old style".

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Facebook - Main content only scroll.

Makes you only scroll the main content when you scroll.

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Feedly wide with sidebar

A simple theme for Feedly for widescreen. Sidebar included (unlike other wide themes here)! Based on with elements from Differences: sidebar is enabled, Lucida font used for article view, some little visual tweaks Tested od 1680x1050, Chrome 28, Win 8; can be used with any color theme. Not to be used with other userstyles for Feedly. It has some bugs which you are free to correct. I merely put the theme to fit my needs.

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Likström Fasta Menyer Allmänt + Forum

Likström Fasta Menyer testad för Deadsculls Färgschemat, Denna är huvudscriptet och för forumet, gästbok,dagbok och kontackter kräver tillägsscript i dagsläget. Dagbok se: Gästbok se: Kontackter se: Anpassa iaf sidebar right px värdet efter er valda bredd,ev.zoomnivå och teckenstorlek. Även andra pixel(px) värden kan behövas ändras beroende på skärmstorlek. skrivet för 20tum wide. Grund script av Halfbeard på LIkström , Utökad och modifierad och uppladdad av of_darkness på Likström

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GoogleMonkeyR adjustments

Written for Google search using GoogleMonkeyR With simple up-to-date (10/2013) styling rules to reduce unused vertical space at the top, both for search pages and image search pages. Since GoogleMonkeyR script update to 1.7 (4/11/2013), adjustments aren't necessary, though the reduced vertical space is still usefull.

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