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replace myspace login with a loading error

Stop people from logging in to myspace by removing the log-in box typing fields. Why? You either want to tick someone off or you are a parent who thinks myspace is evil. image stored in base64 encoding

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Improved MySpace Annoyance Remover 2 - Profile 2.0

Some improvements added to the MySpace Ad/Annoyance Remover ( The best one I've seen. Adds and Google Search bars removed from Profile 2.0 pages also. Version 02 includes some extra edits for some new changes as of 12/25/08 Enjoy!

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NoBS Myspace Home - Remove Ads, Condense Display

Basically combines the effect of various other styles here. Removes the display of ads, the apps box, people you may know, suggestions, toms announcements, and various other BS. It also condenses the display to 3 columns with scroll bars in the various sections.

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MySpace Login

Cleans up "" so that it is just a log in page with a dark background.

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MySpace - Super Clean Home Wide

03/14/2010 - Removed Virtual Gifts 02/09/2010 - MySpace decided to make their "Stream" mimic Facebook. I don't see a way to get the old tables back at all, but this update makes the 3 remaining, useful, the full width of the main table. Everything that is worthless, of course, is gone. 01/09/2010 - The ID's keep switching back and forth for me, so I edited the code to work with both. 01/08/2010 - MySpace changed the ID's for some fields. This update will fix it. Updated for MySpace Home 1.3. Created with 1280x1024 resolution with MySpace's Stealth theme installed. It might work on other setups and it might not. The new code is a re-work of "MySpace 1.3 Home Screen [Customized by TrYp MyNe]", because I'm too lazy to make my own since I don't use MySpace too much anymore. It adds some features back, like apps, fixes thumbnails, and switches "bulletins" and "stream". If you have no idea what I'm talking about, don't worry about it. Just update already.

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Myspace Kill Ads

I just started a nice little style sheet that I use to remove advertising from myspace. Please note that I'm currently still wondering around myspace looking for all the spots because there are so many of them. If you spot one I missed let me know. **Update 7/10/09 +Login Page Ads Removed **Update 7/14/09 +Music Search Page Ad Found & Removed **Update 7/15/09 +Home Page Half Blood Prince Ad

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MySpace 1.3 Home Screen [Customized by TrYp MyNe]

Edit (Again): Something happened with the home page code again, and it messed up the sizes of the boxes. So, I edited the code to make it fit to what happened. The "Stream" box is fixed back to the right sized, the bulletins were moved up and made taller. The friends box has been changed to a scrolling box. That way you don't have a mess when using a friend count different than 12. Hope it works for everyone. If not, edit the code to your liking. Have fun! Edit: I have fixed a few things. The left column has been made smaller width-wise, so it looks better. The BIG gaping hole is fixed now. If you need to make it taller or shorter, go into the code, you will see where to edit it at to fix the height. The IM no longer has the main background in the code. I had to open up another namespace separate for that Iframe so that I could set the background to none. So, Tom decided it was time to change the home screen again, rendering my Home Page Beautifulizer or whatever it

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Myspace Scrollable Stream

It makes the newly obnoxious stream updates scrollabe so it doesn't take up your whole page.

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