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LiveJournal homepage cleaner (including ONTD)

It removes particular elements from LiveJournal homepage. There are: - Oh No They Didn't (ONTD) - Recent Posts - Search Journals and Communities - Feature showcase - Featured Styles - Gifts, Inbox messages from the Updates If someone needs to kill only ONTD - let me know and I'll upload ONTD only version.

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Anti-SUP Livejournal Style Light

Remove advertising, LJ-Times line and reposts from all LiveJournal pages Позволяет не видеть на страницах живого журнала LJ-Times (спам-полосу со звездой), рекламу, лайки и перепосты Чтобы убрать также меняющийся фон в шапках, используйте стиль Anti-SUP Livejournal Style (, представляющий собой расширенный вариант этого стиля Контакт с автором:

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Livejournal - No New Navbar

Simple bit of CSS to get rid of the May 2011 version of the navbar/control strip across all of

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LJ no warp

//18.09.11 beta //13.01.12 cut footer and empty space in header

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Livejournal Flat Colors

LJ has redesigned their format, and its the revenge of Web 2.0! This gets rid of the gradients for the header, comment box and mass editor, while switching the colors back to the old layout.

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