- Livejournal themes and skins Red Visited Links in Comment Threa

Changes visited link color to red, for links in comment threads only, so you can see at a glance where in a thread you've left off. (If you want to make all visited links on livejournal red, change "a[href *='thread']:visited" to "body a:visited" in the code.)

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LiveJournal - Entry Box Width Tweak

I don't know about anybody else, but for me 800px (max width of the box) is not enough and there's a lot of wasted space left on the right side. This could be useful for HDTV/Widescreen monitors owners. P.S.: forgot to mention that it changes width on both "Edit Entry" & "Update" pages. If you want it to take effect on only one of those pages, just change: '@-moz-document domain("")' to '@-moz-document url("")' or '@-moz-document url("*")' accordingly. Thnx, 90d for pointing that out.

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LJ post pages

So I can see all LiveJournal pages in my own style.

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Livejournal - Profile page tweaks

ETA December 20, 2008: I've completely revamped this script to work with the latest changes to the profile page. What this script does: - changes the font family to Verdana on the whole page - removes the blue bars completely - changes the font colour of the section headers to match the blue of Horizon/Vertigo - adds left- and righthand margins both to the whole page and to each section - changes the colour of visited links to provide a bit more contrast with unvisited ones - reinstates underlining for the links in the Interest, Friends, Communities, and Feeds sections - removes the unnecessary text from the tool/action bar - moves the default usericon to the right side of the text - makes the font size of the title and subtitle a bit larger - mades the font size of the stats a little bit larger and changes the font colour to black - makes the font size of the tags, memories etc stats a bit smaller - adds some padding in this whole section to make it look less cramped

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MerlinxArthur LiveJournal - ReDesign

A redesign of this community on, changes color scheme and removes some features which use up screen space.

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Dirty hack for LiveJournal: removes that annoying "LJTIMES" line from the bottom. Note: If you're using AdBlock, you may add the following rule to reach the same result (untested): #*(b-ljtimes-wrapper)

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Livejournal - comment fix

Fix for the new changes to LJ's css for comments.

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