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LiveJournal PrevNext Tab Removal

Removes the Previous/Next entry popout tab on LJ's default comment pages

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Remove LJ Ads

Removes ads on Flexible Squares layouts. May work on others. I don't know.

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LiveJournal Error Page Edit

A simple style that changes the creepy goat on the LiveJournal error page to a sad cartoon character, which gets the point across without being disturbing (although you can change the image by replacing the url in the code if you would prefer a different picture). Huge thanks to qwerty321 for making a joke error page so I could take some of the code for this style and to for the stock picture.

Updated: Apr 29, 2014 Installs This Week: 1 Average Rating: N/A DanillaTech ESI глазосбережение

ESI (eyes-saving inrerface) - глазосохраняющий интерфейс - это стандарт, это проект по сохранению зрения благодаря использованию оптимального размера 16 пикселей, что исключает нагрузку на глаза, ведь вам не нужно присматриваться к мелким шрифтам. Кроме того, ЕСИ может компенсировать различные расстройства зрения, благодаря чему вы можете обходиться без коррекции. По всем вопросам, пожеланиям, пишите сюда .

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LJ Nav Strip Prod Nix

LJ's Nav Strip sometimes puts nags for Plus accounts. This will remove them.

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LiveJournal tweak comments

LiveJournal comments count larger for quick notice

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LJ Vertigo v.1

When the Vertigo scheme on LJ was in beta, it had a dark blue sidebar and the default userpic sensibly centered. Now that it has been officially released, the sidebar is light blue and the default userpic tucked into the corner. This stylesheet recreates the original look. Note that this style *requires* the Greasemonkey script LJClasses (, which adds a different class name to the body according to the viewing scheme.

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LJ Skin: Visions v2 - a Dystopic Vertigo

LiveJournal recently released from beta a new site scheme called "Vertigo", and will not by default show options for the old "Dystopia" and "XColibur" themes any longer, as they are old and not supported any longer. As I'm a die-hard Dystopia user, but at the same time wanting something a little more kept up-to-date, I decided to roll a set of CSS changes to make the Vertigo site scheme look more Dystopia-ish. The original version of this style was LJ: Visions - a Dystopic Vertigo (with ljvertigo), but this was made while Vertigo was still in beta, and it now no longer works. This new version works on Vertigo v2, which is the released version. Note that this style will NOT do anything on its own; it requires the 'LJ Skins: Class Adder' script from to work as LJ does not yet allow easy identification of site schemed pages. This script can be found at ; please see that link for more information on the script itself. For more skins like this, check out the 'ljs

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LJ - deleted usernames

Colors deleted Livejournal usernames red. (Obsolete as of August 2008, when LJ reverted the display of deleted and suspended usernames from a non-hyperlinked bold font to a struck-through and clickable state. )

Updated: Aug 4, 2007 Installs This Week: 0 Average Rating: N/A Red Visited Links in Comment Threa

Changes visited link color to red, for links in comment threads only, so you can see at a glance where in a thread you've left off. (If you want to make all visited links on livejournal red, change "a[href *='thread']:visited" to "body a:visited" in the code.)

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