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LJ - deleted usernames

Colors deleted Livejournal usernames red. (Obsolete as of August 2008, when LJ reverted the display of deleted and suspended usernames from a non-hyperlinked bold font to a struck-through and clickable state. )

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(No screenshot available) Red Visited Links in Comment Threa

Changes visited link color to red, for links in comment threads only, so you can see at a glance where in a thread you've left off. (If you want to make all visited links on livejournal red, change "a[href *='thread']:visited" to "body a:visited" in the code.)

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LiveJournal - Entry Box Width Tweak

I don't know about anybody else, but for me 800px (max width of the box) is not enough and there's a lot of wasted space left on the right side. This could be useful for HDTV/Widescreen monitors owners. P.S.: forgot to mention that it changes width on both "Edit Entry" & "Update" pages. If you want it to take effect on only one of those pages, just change: '@-moz-document domain("")' to '@-moz-document url("")' or '@-moz-document url("*")' accordingly. Thnx, 90d for pointing that out.

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LJ post pages

So I can see all LiveJournal pages in my own style.

Updated: Sep 14, 2008 Installs This Week: 1 Average Rating: N/A - Real ADs Removing

Removing any ads on (also ads in profile & start page) author:

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Livejournal - Profile page tweaks

ETA December 20, 2008: I've completely revamped this script to work with the latest changes to the profile page. What this script does: - changes the font family to Verdana on the whole page - removes the blue bars completely - changes the font colour of the section headers to match the blue of Horizon/Vertigo - adds left- and righthand margins both to the whole page and to each section - changes the colour of visited links to provide a bit more contrast with unvisited ones - reinstates underlining for the links in the Interest, Friends, Communities, and Feeds sections - removes the unnecessary text from the tool/action bar - moves the default usericon to the right side of the text - makes the font size of the title and subtitle a bit larger - mades the font size of the stats a little bit larger and changes the font colour to black - makes the font size of the tags, memories etc stats a bit smaller - adds some padding in this whole section to make it look less cramped

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livejournal cleaner by 91koff v.0.2

Версия 0.2 Убрал рекламу внизу после всех комментариев. Версия 0.1 Просто чистит adv. Особо не тестировал.

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LiveJournal Images Skin Edited

Changed icon version of LiveJournal Simple Icons/Images Skin by Elizabeth Mitchell. UPDATE (February 10th, 2010): Added icons to replace the custom userheads. Added "application" icon and "warning" icon. Fixed all broken links. LiveJournal Clean Homepage made available for those who want to remove sections of the LiveJournal Homepage. UPDATE (April 14th, 2010): Added "mark as spam" icon. Added icons to replace Facebook and Twitter userheads. Fixed all broken links. UPDATE (January 6th, 2012): Fixed all broken links.

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Livejournal: simpler comment titles.

Good when you block userpics. Also good if you do not like new pin icon. Displays needed information on hover.

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