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CustomizeGoogle - remove filtered

When the "filter" option is used in CustomizeGoogle (a wonderful extension, by the way), the filtered results are replaced with a line of text alerting you that a result has been removed. Originally inspired by Google Search Results Filter, the purpose of this style is to ENTIRELY remove ALL filtered search results; if I intended to filter a specific site, I don't necessarily want to a giant hole in the layout of search results. This style takes care of that, removing any trace, all without breaking the layout of the page. Also, you do not have to update your "list", as there is no "list," as there is in Google Search Results Filter. This style works for both sites CustomizeGoogle filters: 1) Google search results and 2) Google News If you use CustomizeGoogle, please also see: CustomizeGoogle additions - Google Web, CustomizeGoogle additions - Google Images, CustomizeGoogle additions - Google Books, and CustomizeGoogle additions - Google Products. (03-08-08 - updated to include the inexplicable addition of the "" domain) (09-02-08 - updated to reflect new Google code) (09-15-08 - code cleanup & updated t

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Gmail Air Skin With Green Labels In Subject Line

The same as (and based on) Gmail Air Skin except it has green label declarations in the subject line. the red was a little harsh. although i haven't tried it, apparently loading it into greasemonkey instead of stylish will not work.

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Gmail logo - remove beta & talk

It is in fact just a modification of Gmail to Google Mail logo by apexad (credits to him) where I replaced Google Mail logo with clean Gmail logo. Advantage of this style to other similar is that it works in print window too! If you want to put your own image in place of Gmail logo, make 143x59 gif, encode it as MIME (Base64), and put code in here: url("_YOUR_GIF'S_B64_CODE_HERE") For example: (example removed) Image is never downloaded, but decoded from style! UPDATE: Just tried it out. Clean gmail logo is showed on print page, but print preview or printed mails are with no logo at all! If anyone knows how to achieve to keep it on printed mails, mail me to or leave a comment and I'll update the style. If you want to clean printed mail you can use Gmail - Remove logo on printer friendly page by shigefumi.

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Google Maps Cleaner

Google Maps Cleaner

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Gmail (old version) - email drafting area (width)

This style makes the email drafting/reading area in Gmail full width. This is nice, especially if you have a lower resolution screen. I admit, this code is potentially confusing, but if you take a look at the CSS, you should see that I've commented everything out and all you'll have to do is uncomment any elements you'd like to include. If you use this style (making the email area full-width), I'd recommend that you leave the "bonus" context sensitive stuff disabled, as otherwise it potentially gets in the way of your reading your email. Originally inspired at the same time as Gmail (old version) - navigation box (width mod) and Gmail (old version) - navigation box (float).

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Google Web Search - dark gray redesign "SPANISH"

--- Google Web Search - dark gray redesign "SPANISH" --- Traduccion de "Google Web Searh - Dark Gray Redesing" para usar con Podras poner un fondo mas oscuro a, que aumentara la vida util de tu monitor, y es mas ecologico. Un saludo, Unai.

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Google Accounts logon minimized

This style, removes all *useless* information in the Google Accounts logon screen, and leaves visible only the real login form. I have tested this in: * Gmail * Google docs * Sitemaps * Analytics * Google Reader

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Gmail conversation list make a gap

This style make a gap between gmail conversations. Gmailのメール一覧の行間を広くします。 changelog: 2008/06/25 Gmail Redesigned (by Globex Designs) との互換性を確認 2008/06/25 Now it's compatible with Gmail v2, and also Gmail Redesigned (by Globex Designs) 2007/10/31 - 新しいUI(IMAP対応・Contact Manager追加・高速化が施されたバージョン)に対応

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Google for the ladies

This style goes for the ladies out there who just want a cool theme to the GOOGLE web search/page. It uses dark pink, and purple for the colors.

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