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GMail NEW STRUCTURE Ad remove and Column shift

This Style will remove the ads on the right of the screen in GMail and expand the message area to fit the entire screen. I threw this together really quickly, so I did this using a major no-no: negative margins. So far I have not experienced any bugs, but if you have a different screen resolution you will have to edit the margin on the last line of code. THIS STYLE WORKS ON THE NEW VERSION OF GMAIL ONLY ****WARNING**** this script will remove the special context features which GMail has, such as "map this", "add to calendar", etc. These items are blocked by the same method as blocking the ads.

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Google Search CSS (Ver, hamashun

LDRizeを使用してるとシマシマが2P目以降に適用されてなかったので作った。 なんという階段コード。 こういうのはLDRize側を書き換えるべきなのかなあ。 まあでも、追々色々と追加していきます。 割と自分用です。 /* 更新履歴 */ /* 2007-11-25 公開 */

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GMail 2: monospace font for non-HTML mails

This style change the font (by default it uses the monospace courier) to be used for non-HTML mails and for the composing text area. It is intended for the *new interface* of gmail. It is based on this style: In fact, at least for me, it does not change the font for the composing text area (it works only for already sent/received mails). UPDATE (11/06/2008) Added maxxyme suggestion -- actually not checked... :)

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Google Calendar - Shrink sidebar

Narrows google calendar's sidebar (the thumbnail and 'My Calendars') to allow more room to display the calendar.

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GMail 2.0 Redesigned - Grays and Blues

Now included in Lifehacker's Better GMail 2 Firefox Extension: Thanks guys! A compilation of designs and tweaks (thanks to Paulfox and lan @, marteau @, and countless others (who I just can't remember, but appreciate) from whom I snipped bits of code). This is my first style. I'm not a programmer, and my code might not be consistent, so please be kind. ;-) A larger version of the screenshot: Specifically, here is a list of all the items this style will change: * Default font is changed to Segoe UI, Tahoma, or Verdana. * Background for interface (not individual messages) is changed to light gray. * GMail logo is replaced by one which does not have the Beta graphic. * Storage info/usage is moved to the top right. * Buttons are rounded and are light gray, with yellow hover effect. * The blue line below t

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Gmail 2.x - change message hover color

This code sets it to light yellow. Change "#FFFFC5" to your liking. Revised 03/08/09. Thanks Modanchor!

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