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LR WRounded search/text box theme - Google etc

please support me if you enjoy this; thank you to everyone who has already! v2.7 Matches my ff3 theme: also, as a little extra, wide search results on google (full width; generally shows quotes on one line) and vista-colored top box on google (see screenshot) I'm currently working on remaking this theme over again; see google, amazon, yahoo, ebay, pubmed, userstyles, userscripts, wikipedia, piratebay, mozilla addons, amf, yahoo fantasy, youtube... and many more

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Gmail 1 - Ultra Clean

A mixture of my own plus other styles put together to make a very clean, simple & pleasing to use gmail interface. As I have compiled this over time with numerous edits I have lost track of who's styles I have if a bit is yours...please mention & I will include credits. Just to mention a couple of things... - hidden app bar (top left)...will appear on mouseover - hidden unessary links in the top right - non beta gmail logo - only search email box present - neat mail bar - new email icon - proper attachment icons - etc, etc

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Gmail2 is not BETA any more

The idea is taken from Gmail - is not BETA any more but done much easier way with less height consuming.

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Gmail Cleaner Style for 2.0

A simply cleaner style for Gmail 2.0, Updated 8/28/2010 fix some bugs. ============================================= It works Best with Classic theme. 2\22 Added the Buzz Style.

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Google Search - Super clean

Hello! I made a few tweaks to Google search to make it even cleaner! Leaves only gmail link, account login/logout Search field much larger Smaller logo Removes footer links except for localized search switch (your country's Google portal for times when you want to search in your country's language)

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Google iPhone - reStyled as Firefox Sidebar

The Google iPhone pages make great sidebars in Firefox, but they need to be tweaked to match the screen-size, and provide correct mouse cursor feedback. This script works with the Gmail iPhone interface and the Google iPhone Reader interface . To get them to work, you need to go to Bookmarks --> Organize Bookmarks... and right-click where you would like the new bookmark (the Bookmark toolbar folder is a good choice) and select New Bookmark... Put the above address in the Location field, and give it a name. Make sure that the Load this bookmark in the sidebar box is checked.

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GMail 2 typographical skin

[The style does not work well since GMail handle themes] This is a skin for GMail 2. It is a minimalist skin with a monospace typeface. It is almost finished and should already be fully usable. I strongly suggest using the following styles with it: hide gmail add and extends mail column in gmailV2 Gmail - Hide Invites You may also enjoy other minimalist styles I made (and that work very well with this one): GMail - 2 Remove lines from the main menu GMail 2 Remove the selectors (top and bottom) GMail 2 Remove the star system GMail2 Remove Quick Contacts Info Cards

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Hide Gmail Chat

Hide the Chat section in Gmail.

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Firefox Start Page - Ultra Wide SearchBar (Google)

Makes Google's Firefox Start Page Ultra Widescreen by stretching out the Search Bar. This is an ultimate style for those using Wide-Screen laptops or monitors. You can even change the width. ** Thanks Can Erten for the Google Wide Search Box - Use this style if you are not using the Firefox Start Page! Pages Supported: + Supports Google-West (.com) - United States homepages + Supports Google-Canada (.ca) - Canadian + Firefox Install Homepage - Canada + Firefox Install Homepage - US Additional Information: + The width is specified using a % operator. This means that the Google Query Textbox will take up 90% of your screen, no matter how large it is. Integrates with the following userstyle: + Block (Disable) Google Suggest Works on: -Firefox2 -Firefox3 Changelog: - Initial Release

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GMail(minus) - Without the Needless Extras v1.2

I'm sure like me you love your GMail account, but doesn't it come with a lot of extra bumf that just gets in the way.. Cluttering up the screen and detracting from the important business of viewing and replying to your emails.. So here is my own personal attempt at clearing things up a little, I've adapted bits from here and twiddled with bits from there as I've learnt the delicate art of re-styling a page to me own tastes.. I hope someone else might like this too, I'll try to keep things updated as GMail fiddles and I'm also open to suggestions for how this can be improved.. Also as an added bonus I've tried to keep the code clean and have documented what each bit does so you should be able to adapt this to your own needs with ease (hopefully) but I'm on hand should you need some help you only haveto ask :) More Screenshots: A Few of the features: * Ads Removed and Full Width on Read Mail * Chat/Invite/

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