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Google - Hide Username

This is meant to hide the Google username for all Google sites (personalized Google, Gmail, Google calendar, Google News, etc). If you do not want the username to disappear entirely, or add back altered content, simply replace "display:none !important;" with the one of the options seen at the bottom of the CSS code. Inspired by Gmail - Customize header line.. Please make sure to check that style for further options. (06/18/07 - updated) (06/23/07 - Updated to include Google Books, while viewing a book) (06/23/07 - Updated Google Base) (07/16/07 - Updated Google Patents & Gmail) (09/08/07 - Updated Google Products) (09/18/07 - Updated to include Google Presentations) (09/30/07 - Updated to include *secure* (e.g., https://...) editing of Spreadsheets) (09/30/07 - Updated to include additional Google search page URLs) (12/03/07 - Updated to include the "new" version of Gmail - sorry about the delay) (01/04/07 - Includes Google Movie listings) (02/06/08 - Added Google blog search, updated Goo

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Google Image Search back to normal

Turns off the new "feature" of Google Image Search that hides information.

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Gmail Cleaner and Ad Remover

Gmail Cleaner and Ad Remover (Version 1.0) January 28, 2007 I love the Clean Gmail code that was developed. However, I felt that too much was removed including the very useful search function, so I added that feature back in. I also added the remove ad feature to this script. ----------------------------------------------- Full credit for the code goes to JRaspass who developed the original "Clean Gmail" code on - Full credit for the ad removal code goes to "Shadow the hedgehog" who wrote the Gmail - remove ads script. - ----------------------------------------------- Change log: Version 1.0 - First public release Thank you for downloading Nick Roberts

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google: pastle blue

Based on Google: no ads and new style but changed to white boxes on a blue background for a softer look.

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Gmail Labels in a box/column

A new version of gmail is coming. This script does not work with the new version. Here is the new version of this script Gmail *2* Labels in a box/column To contact me:

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Gmail - Logo Effect

Change logo when mouse moves over. Original:

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Gmail: Remove adds and footer

Removes text ads, expands message area, removes page footer

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Google Homepage (using a theme) Transparency Edits

Sidneyboy -- Can you post a screenshot of your problems? I can verify this works on Vista Home Premium, WinXP SP2, Gentoo & Ubuntu Linux. I wouldn't see how it would work in VHP vs VHB. I love the new themes Google has added, but I wasn't fond of certain things (namely the input, tabs, etc) getting in the way of good artwork. So I modified certain parts of the page to be transparent so I can see all the goodies :) I am currently using the Springscape theme although this script is compatible with *ALL* of the Google Homepage Themes so far. *Current Script Size: 3.95 KB (4055 Bytes) **(New! Check Out - Zathman's Redesign)** UPDATES: * v1.4 * 25 JUN 2007 (Minor) - Temporarily disabled the tab height I set due to some google updates * v1.4 * 27 MAY 2007 (Major) - Rewrote/Organized code, new styling features & formatting, fixed old code. »» * 1024x768 * | * v1.3 * 25 MAY 2007 (Minor) - Fixed f

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Google in Calibri (font)

Those of you who have installed Office 2007 might have notived the new font: Calibri. Personally I liked the font so much that I adobted the Tahoma (unified font) style and made a "Calibri-version". It is set to 10px and I hope this will work ok on the various Google pages and for all your different resolutions. Since the font-size is unified some headers that originally were sized up will with this style be same size as normal text.

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Googlepedia Dark Blue fixer

Based on Googlepedia dark fixer, it fixes problems associated with using the Google Web Search - Blue Theme (vC) by Valacar. It uses a color scheme that complements this style.

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