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Google no-Ads

Un petit Style qui permet de se passer des pubs qui peuvent apparaître lors de recherches Google, lecture de mail Gmail ou de ballades sur Google Maps. Il fonctionne pour toutes les urls en ***** ou ****** N'hésitez pas à me faire part de vos remarques afin d'améliorer ce style encore et toujours ! ** 27/02/2009 ** Suppression des publicités apparues avec la mise à jour de Gmail

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Googlepedia (dark gray redesign)

This userstyle is designed to make Googlepedia visually appealing with Google Web Search - Dark Gray Theme (vC) by Valacar It's not perfect, but it should be good enough for regular use.

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Make Google Docs look like WriteRoom

Do you like using WriteRoom, the distraction-free Mac-based text editor? Maybe you like JDarkroom, the cross-platform Java WriteRoom clone. Me too. But I use Google Docs to store everything and manage versions. I tried with Greasemonkey to get this to work, but now you can edit Google Docs in fullscreen mode, Stylish seems a better answer. The best thing about this is it doesn't change the background colour in the document, just your browser. You can get the same effect with Edit CSS in Docs, but it ain't the same! Be sure to press F11 to make Firefox fullscreen too. Maybe someone can figure out how to make it do the type-writer line-feed thing?

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Gmail improved UI and whitespace

In an effort to take Khoi's post a bit further: I didn't remove the ads, because they don't bother me. And honestly, I find it amusing to see what kinds of ads they serve me based on the conversations I have. I'm easily pleased, what can I say? [Added 2008 Oct. 25] - Grayed out the read message text. - Removed the blue background on read message rows. [Added 2008 Sept. 3] - Gray font color for ads and footer info. [Original changes] - 150% font size on Body. - 120% font size on compose message Body. - Ample horizontal and vertical of inbox elements. - Tweaked the To and Subject field lengths on inbox. - Large checkboxes (Fitts law!)

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Only right to left and better view with small tahoma font!

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A Gmail Collection (Fixed Nav, Style, RTM)

A collection of gmail styles and fixes. Based off the following scripts: * BurnOmania's Gmail style ( * Fixed Navigation for Gmail ( * Hide Invites ( I am also running the following: * RememberTheMilk for Gmail ( * Gmail Multi-Login ( * Folders4Gmail ( * Quicklinks (Gmail labs) I am not a professional coder. I've done my share of CSS work, but I can't promise I will be able to address specific issues or provide updates. I loved the original scripts listed above and wanted to be able to use them in conjunction, so I threw this style together, going in to fix the little conflicts that inevitably result. But because I am not a coder, I can't guarantee it will work in all computing environments. If you run into anything, or if you have any id

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BoH ~ Google Deutschland by IRA™

Dark grey Google skin. It is meant to be used by Persons working with only!!! For more Information on our Clan visit

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Google Web Search: Bubbles v1.11

An easy on the eyes web style optimized for small screens and vertically oriented displays. All ads are blocked. The search results are stretched to occupy the whole screen and prettified using rounded borders and hover effects. Especially useful if you use the search query for 100 results on every page. I have also included the result counter (uncomment it to use) Based on the pastel blue style for google search. UPDATE v1.1 New ad element #rhsline blocked UPDATE v1.11 Thank you m&m for your kind comment. Added out of respect :)

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GMail - Remove Ad and Search/Add/Invite

Removes the ad/quote just to the right of the "Compose" button. Also removes the seldom used "Search, Add, or Invite" text box. I have been trying to see if I could find some way to kill these two birds with one magical-CSS-stone, but alas I couldn't. Its a pity you can't nest :not() selectors inside of each other, as that is the only way I could think of to get some OR-logic going on. I am using the Google Redesigned extension in screen-shots. This edit - One class name now seems to change depending what exactly you are viewing. Generalized to compensate. Apr 14 2009 - One class name got changed. Mar 15 2009 - Completely reworked after Google renamed all of their classes to things even less humanly readable.

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