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Gmail 2.x White background / Inbox Row Colors

Thank you to: (doesn't work for me) This is a style that adds custom colors to the rows in your gmail inbox as follows: 1. The background of any message is white (-> Screenshot) 2. Rows with unread messages have a light blue color 3. Rows get a brighter blue highlight as you mouse-over them 4. Selected rows have a light green color Enjoy ...

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WriteRoom for Google Docs

Distraction-free writing in Google Docs - inspired by Hog Bay's WriteRoom. No email, no IM, no web - just writing. It's like a type-writer on your computer, only with online storage, group editing and automatic versioning. Use this in combination with Full Screen mode in Firefox (View > Full Screen or F11). It hides everything, reduces contrast, and increases text. It sets a maximum width for the text area so it can work well even on very large screens. Improves on work done in Make Google Docs look like WriteRoom by Mazuhl. Note that this is still a fairly basic script - it only covers basic paragraph text and headings. Updated 2009/10/22 For smaller sub-headings

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Gmail - Simple Header

================================================================ NOW COMPATIBLE WITH THE NEW GMAIL(2010/9/9). Sorry for being late! ================================================================ Simplify Gmail. Remove the header and footer. This style leaves the search box at the top so that you can focus on it using the keyboard shortcut "/". See also: *Gmail - Slim Sidebar (Fixed): *Gmail - Labels on the Right: *Gmail - Vertical Multiple Inboxes Cleaner: You may like: *iGoogle - Simple Header: *Google Bookmarks & History - Simple Header: *Google Maps - Simple:

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Google Maps - Simple

Simplify Google Maps. See also: *Gmail - Simple Header: *iGoogle - Simple Header: *Google Bookmarks & History - Simple Header:

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Google / Websuche - Dark Blue

Google-Websuche in Dunkelblau mit weißen Container Google web search in dark blue with white containers

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Google News & Finance Dark and Colors -All Nations

Custom style for Google News and Google Finance. Style uses dark background and modifies colors and fonts (no images). Hopefully it should work with all country mutations. UPDATE 12.12.2009: - Added custom Google logos with black background - Changed appearance of interactive fields (mozilla styles) - Some other minor tweaks UPDATE 7.3.2010 - Just a bugfix update (repaired white borders around stories that have appeared after "starred" addon by Google). UPDATE 8.3.2010 - Added styles for FastFlip feature

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Gmail Fixed-width Font

This style makes fonts of Gmail text messages fixed-width fonts while it keeps HTML messages proprtional fonts. Gmail のテキストメッセージを等幅フォント表示にします。HTML メッセージはプロポーショナルフォント表示のままです。

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Move Google Calendar Tasks to left column

Moves the Google Calendar Tasks block to the left side column left of the calendar navigation. Put your tasks on the left side giving them more importance for left-to-right readers over the calendar. Gee Google why didn't you think of that?? ***UPDATED: 12-18-2011***

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