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HelvetiCal V1.5 - Google Calendar Color Agenda

A user style based on Helvetireader by Jon Hicks and created by Ad Taylor [Version 1.1 - Now with coloured 'Other Calendars' and support for https:// hosted calendars.] [Version 1.2 – Cleaned up for use with Google Gears [Help from Martijn van der Ven].] [Version 1.3 – Fixed Firefox specific bugs (tasks, labs items,hover states etc)] [Version 1.4 — Events are now colour coded in the 'Months' section.] [Version 1.5 - Agenda events are color coded in Agenda section.]

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Google Finance - Only the Chart

Expands the chart (including current financials) to fill the browser

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SlimCal [ ] rolled for Helvetical users [ ]. Also extends Helvetical by adding "today" highlighting in Month view. ! WARNING ! This style breaks formatting in the Agenda view. Users who must have the Agenda view should not load this style.

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Google Web Search - Results in two columns

It shows current Google Web Search results in columns based on Google Search - Columns & compact UI (clean). You can set four columns by comment out the "" and uncomment "#ires, ...", please find comments the code.

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Advertisement Login series! If you prefer a script, check out : This style will pimp up the google login screen. Removes all the clutter & only leaves the login box & create new account box. Also changes the background. Don't ask which wall, cuz i don't remember :p Find the rest of the series @ "user 43074" Also check out some of other Gmail scripts @ CHANGELOG: 0.3 : 16 Jan 2012 - Completely re-done. 0.2 : 18 Aug 2010 - Completely changed. Even more minimalistic now. 0.1 : 05 Jul 2010 - Initial Release.

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3D-like highlights for Gmail inbox

First time posting a style. I adapted this from some existing styles for use with Gmail's Phantasea theme. I prefer all hovered mail to look the same whether it's old, new, or checked, but you can change the colors as you like. Height of the top color in unread and checked mail can be changed as well. Unread mail is light blue to dark blue (top to bottom) Selected mail is light green to dark green (top to bottom) Hovered mail (both read, unread, and checked) is gray on top and bottom, white in middle. Read mail has white background. Styles running include which takes bold away from new mail, and tweaks font colors in message area to black for sender and subject, gray for body of e-mail.

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