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Gmail - Remove ads

Remove ads area, separator columns, message area bits, invite box, footer bits.

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Google+ Theme : Khaotic Blue.

A Simple Black With Blue Google+ Theme. I'll be updating as much as I can for a truly black feel. If you have any comments or concerns please contact me. Donation is available; I work hard to make these themes. Thank you. *REQUEST YOUR COLOR!*

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Gmail Urdu

This is the style to read the better urdu emails in gmail....

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Google Music dark style

a dark google music style. dark and clean with black and dark-grey colours.

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GMail -- new interface fixes

0.21 Inverted colour of attachment and hangout icons in mail list 0.19 removed scrollbar removal; it's way too broken for production right now. :/ 0.17 Added option to shrink label text 0.16 Fixed scrollbar removal 0.14 Chat list tweak now expands status messages 0.9 Fixed people widget removal 0.7 Removed tweak to other style I no longer use 0.6 People widget option hides people widget if you haven't done so 0.5 Removes empty space reserved for people widget (use if you hide people widget); made everything optional 0.4 Fixes colour of text added to buttons by Gmail - Add labels to toolbar icons (edit to match your theme) 0.3 Removes internal scrollbars; adds one scrollbar for whole page. 0.2 Fixes chat spacing and colour: makes status line closer to own username than following username, and lightens status line text colour. 0.1 Changes the mail list view colours to black on white, and greatly reduces the top and bottom padding to make the list more compact.

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GMAIL - searching field

Hides bar with GMAIL logo, moves searching field and makes buttons smaller.

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Wide GPlus

Improve the readability and look of G+ by rearranging the columns with some small tweaks.

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Google+ - AutoWide

***THIS DOES NOT WORK ANYMORE DUE TO GOOGLES LATEST UPDATE. WILL BE FIXED SOON*** It's the standard Google+ layout except improved greatly. - It will adjust itself to the resolution you are using and take advantage of your monitor. - The side menus are fixed and will always be there, even when you scroll for easy access. In a time where widescreen monitors are common, Google decided to make a thin STATIC layout (probably for phones). I didn't like that, not one bit. The screenshots are re-sized and were taken on a 1920x1200 monitor. I have tested this all the way down to 1280x1024 which is the minimum res for this to work as intended. Tested in Chrome and Firefox!

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Google images for small screen (no sidebar)

Maximizes space for pictures by unfixing top zone and removing page spaces. Very useful for small widescreen displays. This version has no sidebar.

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