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GMail New "Forward All" Feature Hilite

Gmail just added something I've wanted for a long time - the ability to forward all messages in a conversation at once. Hooray! Perhaps due to my over-exhuberance (GOD I love GMail!), I've made that "far right menu option" stand out in bold red. I believe the div[class="ar'} would apply to all items in that list, but I just wanted "Forward All" to stand out. You can obviously change the font size/color (MOST of you will! Ha ha!) below; this is just my preference.

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Google Maps and Mail Vista

Google Maps and Mail Vista (Version 1.1) February 3, 2007 If you're running Windows Vista you know that the SEGUE UI font is really incredible. There are certain Google services that look so much better using Windows Vista. If you don't have Vista or SEGUE UI installed, this will not work Change log: Version 1.1 - Added Google Finance to the site list Version 1.0 - First public release Thank you for downloading Nick Roberts

Updated: Feb 3, 2007 Installs This Week: 1 Average Rating: N/A (Web Search) - Dark Blue Redesign

This style is exactly like the Dark blue redesign ( I'll be working on the logo soon.

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Google Персоналка [by ikillbill] v1.03

Меняем вертикальное расположение элементов на горизональное, и выбрасываем весь ненужный хлам.

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Googlepedia Dark Blue fixer

Based on Googlepedia dark fixer, it fixes problems associated with using the Google Web Search - Blue Theme (vC) by Valacar. It uses a color scheme that complements this style.

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@ GMAIL.COM — For Big Screens Simply and Clear

— no gmail logo — no copyrights — less margins — "memory used" moved to the right top — "memory used" is grey coloured — "simply html|with chat|without chat" moved to the top left — search form centered — "web search" button removed — all texts are larger — letter star and strip are centered — active folder top and bottom paddings are bigger for easy targeting ) — letter headers have larger fonts — hover colouring on the labels — hover highlighting on the letter headers — no ANY ads *************** Feel free to add any notices on the style. If you like this style donate at least $1 PayPal. Thanks.

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Google (search results) - add filetype icon before

This style 1) removes the file type label Google adds before the link of a search result, 2), "File Format" to the left of the the listing for what the filetype is, and 3) adds the icon for that particular filetype (specific system uses for that file type). Neat, huh?! :-) (see screenshots) Those individual items are commented and can be selectively used or not, as you like - simply remove or comment out the part(s) you do not want. It applies to regular 1) Google search results, 2) Google Linux specific search results, 3) Google BSD search results, and 4) Google Microsoft search results. I started this style to include the filetypes that Google says they support, but there are obviously more. I have changed the code to only include these types. If you know of filetypes that work, but Google does NOT "officially" support, please feel free to add them as you like. Thanks! If you like this style, please refer to Google Scholar - add filetype icon before result. P.S. - This style also fixes the brok

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