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Gmail Cleaner and Tweaker

If you need a style that works for Google Search, Reader, and AdSense Reports, please give Google: no ads and compact a try. I recommend users to install Gmail *2* small attachment icons, too. It makes Gmail's attachment icons look prettier. The icons in left sidebar is from Gmail *Mobile me* [obsolete], thanks to Nic\o/. Attention: 1. It works only for Gmail 2.0, but not for other Google services. 2. It works best with Gmail "Tree" theme. 3. It doesn't work with Gmail Labs "Right-side chat" and "Right-side labels" features. 4. The "Invite a friend" area must be placed at the *last* position of the sidebar, so that it can be removed. For more detail, please visit my gallery ChangeLog: 2009-08-31, Update for Gmail recently update. 2009-06-06, Fix: Gmail changed its HTML codes, so I changed mine. 2009-04-20, Fix: Icons incorrectly displayed in "Chat" window. Add: Hover effect in Settings. 2009-04-14, Fix: mail can't display when ope

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Google, AllTheWeb etc. - Colored Hover

Modified the code so now when you hover over a link it will hilight the words, not the background. Works with google search, images, maps and video & same with alltheweb search, images etc. Feel free to add any ol site you wish or to change the colour of the hovered text. Original work done by USBman Edit 25.04.2008: Cleaned up the code little bit and added http://userstyles to url's.

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GMail - Minimal Login

This style minimizes the Google-Mail Login. Usage: *To login enter your userdata and press enter *If the password or username is incorrect a red frame is shown Change: *To show the link "Password forgotten?" write at the end of the style but before the last "}" the lines between "code" and "end" ---code--- div[class="errormsg"], tr[id="ga-fprow"] { display: inline !important } ---end---- *To use Persistent Login write at the end of the style but before the last "}" the lines between "code" and "end" ---code--- input[id="PersistentCookie"], span[class="gaia le rem"] { display: inline !important } ---end---- *To use the "Googlemail"-Logo instead of the "GMail"-Logo remove the lines between "code" and "end" ---code--- img[src$="googlemail.gif"] { width: 0 !important; height: 59px !important; padding-left:143px !important; margin-bottom:0 !important; background-image: url("

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Len R's rounded FF3 RC1 for glasser

A lot of work went into this - if you appreciate it, please support my work. looks great with my LR-UIBar windows vista-style menubars & toolbars replaces Len R's rounded FF3 for glasser v1.3.5 - more idbox fixes ---------------------------------------------- v1.3 - first version for FF3 RC1 - fixes glitches in id-box v1.2.1 - transparency edits v1.2 - finally, script updating is back. v1.1.3: urlbar tweaks, mostly; some page fixes; fixed findbar v1.1.1: statusbar fix; added new go-button image v1.1: lots of bugfixes; misc changes, added search-go button back in per request v1.0: initial release makes urlbar rounded and transparent; gives more vista-like menu effects; fixes some visual discrepancies in glasser; makes elements more transparent (back, forward etc). Show rounded text fields, menulists and more in Firefox 3 Includes webpage fields and multiline fields shows blue hover and focus for all fields (vista-themed colors) I've integrated parts my vista statusbar and findbar theming upon (many) requests; also shows

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Hide Gmail Chat

Hide the Chat section in Gmail.

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Google Groups: monospace font for messages

This style change to monospace the font used to display Google Groups messages, as well as the reply area. Monospace is a generic term used to characterize a font where "all glyphs have the same fixed width" [1]. It's commonly set as Courrier or MS Courrier New. See your browser help documentation to learn how configure this font. Note : the composing text area already uses the monospace font [1]

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Gmail clean font

fixing gmail fonts to Lucida grande more cleaner font

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CustomizeGoogle Extension - Fix Missing Favicons

With the Firefox Extension "CustomizeGoogle", you can enable Favicons on all Google Searches. The problem is that on sites that Do Not supply one, CustomizeGoogle supplies a generic favicon. I really dislike Generic Favicons, so this style removes them, making the sites without a favicon stand out more. ** Thanks USBman for the CustomizeGoogle - remove filtered - Similar Idea (making web better), Different Functionality. Features: + Removes Google Search Favicons on sites that don't have a favicon + Requires the CustomizeGoogle add-on for firefox (Install it here: Pages Supported: + Supports Google-West (.com) - United States homepages + Supports Google-Canada (.ca) - Canadian + Supports Google (.com) - Entire Sub-Domain Integrates with the Following Styles: + Firefox Start Page - Ultra Wide SearchBar (Google) + Block Animated Favicons + Only Show Site Identity Favicon When One Exists Works on: -Firefox2 -Firefox3 About:Screenshots: - Notice how the Before screenshot shows Generic Favicons for MetaCrawler Web Search. Google,

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