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Google: no ads and compact

I love "style 728" and "style 640", thus I use both of them. But there are some conflicts when using them at the same time. So I combine and optimize their codes, also I add domains for and other areas. And I add styles for Reader and AdSense Reports, then here it is. Please take a look at for more detail. Suggestions are always welcome. :-) Update @ 20081222, For Google Reader, 1. Google Reader becomes pretty and useful, but some of my codes break its layout. So I removed those codes. Update @ 20080817 For Google Reader, 1. Make each article's content area 100% width. 2. Highlight when mouse hovers over the list-view title. Update @ 20071122 Removed codes for Gmail. I've made a new one for Gmail 2.0, please give Gmail Cleaner and Tweaker a try!. Update @ 20071015 Some miner tunes.

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gmail inbox: new style, original font/color

I still like the google's original font and color. I just need the hovering effecto. So I remove the font and color part of the solido's script.

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Gmail - Customize the navigation menu

Customize the Gmail navigation menu. Folders, Compose and Contacts I use this with Google 8pt v2.2 by PhiloHippus

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Google Image Search back to normal

Turns off the new "feature" of Google Image Search that hides information.

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GMail ghost transparent contact box: old gmail

clean version of transparent box, tweaked to my tastes, emphasis on whitespace sits a ghost white and subdued when you don't need it Hover brings it back and brings in your pop select Tweaked from the excellent "transparent chat" offering

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Google Auto Pager with changed font color

[Add comment on April 19th, 2007] First of all, I made a mistake to name for this css. This is NOT for Google Auto Pager but is for Googlesearchstyle, Greasemonkey script. When you use the script with Google Auto Pager, there is the warning between the first and second 10 results. This css includes the css so that the warning isn't displayed. P.S. Now, I'm using Google Search Static Topbar, Greasemonkey script, instead of Googlesearchstyle. This one has similar function to Googlesearchstyle. ---- Original Introduction Therefore, if you mind to use additional length of css, please erase "P[style="border:50px....."]" to "{display:none;}," which is to erase the warning part. This erases the alert text "Not Found" between the first 10 results and the next 10 results; it appears when you use Google Auto Pager. It's annoying for me at least; that's why I wrote this css. This also changes font and background color on result page like t

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Gmail: Inbox in light yellow tones

For a better integration with the colors in Google Calendar. Very good if used with 769 by 370.

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Google (all) - colored hover

This style adds a pleasant color to the background of any links when the cursor hovers over them (ALL Google sites). I chose this color because it matches Google's theme, but feel free to change it to whatever you'd like. Again, not necessary, but a nice little addition. Enjoy! (Updated 12-03-07 - includes option to change color of text, upon hover)

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CustomizeGoogle - remove filtered

When the "filter" option is used in CustomizeGoogle (a wonderful extension, by the way), the filtered results are replaced with a line of text alerting you that a result has been removed. Originally inspired by Google Search Results Filter, the purpose of this style is to ENTIRELY remove ALL filtered search results; if I intended to filter a specific site, I don't necessarily want to a giant hole in the layout of search results. This style takes care of that, removing any trace, all without breaking the layout of the page. Also, you do not have to update your "list", as there is no "list," as there is in Google Search Results Filter. This style works for both sites CustomizeGoogle filters: 1) Google search results and 2) Google News If you use CustomizeGoogle, please also see: CustomizeGoogle additions - Google Web, CustomizeGoogle additions - Google Images, CustomizeGoogle additions - Google Books, and CustomizeGoogle additions - Google Products. (03-08-08 - updated to include the inexplicable addition of the "" domain) (09-02-08 - updated to reflect new Google code) (09-15-08 - code cleanup & updated t

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Google Accounts logon minimized

This style, removes all *useless* information in the Google Accounts logon screen, and leaves visible only the real login form. I have tested this in: * Gmail * Google docs * Sitemaps * Analytics * Google Reader

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