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A Gmail Collection (Fixed Nav, Style, RTM)

A collection of gmail styles and fixes. Based off the following scripts: * BurnOmania's Gmail style ( * Fixed Navigation for Gmail ( * Hide Invites ( I am also running the following: * RememberTheMilk for Gmail ( * Gmail Multi-Login ( * Folders4Gmail ( * Quicklinks (Gmail labs) I am not a professional coder. I've done my share of CSS work, but I can't promise I will be able to address specific issues or provide updates. I loved the original scripts listed above and wanted to be able to use them in conjunction, so I threw this style together, going in to fix the little conflicts that inevitably result. But because I am not a coder, I can't guarantee it will work in all computing environments. If you run into anything, or if you have any id

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Gmail chat - chevron before additional posts

When using Gmail chat, if you post more than once before the person you're chatting with replies, it's hard to tell where the first post ends and the second one begins. This prepends a chevron character before each additional post.

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Google Aero! - Calendar plugin

______________________________________________________________________ Google Calendar plugin for Google Aero! (actually it's the style from Outlook 2007. I'll problably change it a little 'cause I dont't really like the orange a lot... at least if I find the time, so probably not I guess...) ______________________________________________________________________ TODO: • Google changed it's markup and classnames again (sigh). This will be a neverending story i'm afraid. I'm working on the fixes (might take a while though)... ______________________________________________________________________ RECENT UPDATES: • Search box styled • Month view now working (still somewhat buggy though) • Config panels are now displaying correctly ______________________________________________________________________ RECENT BUGFIXES: • ... ______________________________________________________________________

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GMail line-height fixer-upper

With today's realign Google seem to have taken it upon themselves to reduce the line-height of each message line… yet again. So, here's a quick-n-dirty fix :) * Updated March 3 2009, since Google changed all the class names :\*

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Google Calendar Colorize weekend and minor change

The week end days are in differents colors. The daily events and the events are in Trebuchet MS 12px PS : Screenshots are awful, there is many noise :/

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light googleの検索結果から、余白や情報を削り取って一覧するスタイルです。一覧性重視、コントラスト強。 ・関連ウェブサイトの表示を差異化(2009-04-11) ・「Next」「Prev」リンクの配置修正(2009-03-02) ・右揃えに「もしかして」リンクを含めた(2009-01-31)

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This style makes the search result in Google very cool. Add your language if this style don't work. Ex. @-moz-document url-prefix(""), url-prefix("") { /***** style code *****/ }

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Gmail - Large Labels and Move To menus

In February of 2009, Gmail introduced new style buttons and new "Labels" and "Move To" menus that lets you apply multiple labels faster and label and archive e-mails with just 2 clicks. The maximum height of these menus is 200 pixels, so if you use a lot of labels you have to scroll down the list. This script changes that maximum height to 500 pixels, making it faster to apply labels to e-mails if you use a lot of labels. More info on this new feature here: R.I.P. Scrollbars! Updated March 6th, 2009 - CSS code changed in Gmail... Should be fine now.

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GMail - Remove ads and relocate action links(alt2)

This style removes the ad panel from Gmail or Google Apps Mail, relocates the action links (Print all, new window, etc.) from the side bar to above the message area, and widens the mail content area. ****** DEPRECATED ****** This is not working anymore after the update that brought the "People" widget in the right side column. It may be replaced by GMail - People Widget Drawer (with ad blocking).

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Gmail 2.x White background / Inbox Row Colors

Thank you to: (doesn't work for me) This is a style that adds custom colors to the rows in your gmail inbox as follows: 1. The background of any message is white (-> Screenshot) 2. Rows with unread messages have a light blue color 3. Rows get a brighter blue highlight as you mouse-over them 4. Selected rows have a light green color Enjoy ...

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