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Google-Pink Hearts

Animate To Try!

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Google Calendar - Dark Style

This style was developed to match the Dark theme for Gmail. It also goes nicely with ben999_'s Google Voice - Dark Style. Nearly everything has been themed and every item in the CSS has descriptions so you can edit it as you see fit. If you would like to enable theming for Google Tasks, edit the style and comment out LINE 1391. If you see something unthemed, let me know and I'll try to fix it. Credit goes out to rry for some code in his Impossibly Clean Google Calendar and riser2 who's Dark Google Calendar userscript code I used as the base for this style.

Updated: Aug 27, 2015 Installs This Week: 89 Average Rating: OK (England)Theme

"" with Union Jack of Great Britain (Great Britain-Flag) as background, white Scripture and a colorful flashing Google logo. Theme for "" Domaine. The "Great Britain-Flag Theme" only works for all "" pages (only for "" Google Domaine Great Britain)! in other Countries pages of Google does the "Great Britain-Flag Theme" not. (on some "" pages does this "Theme" unfortunately not!)

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PayDay 2 Google

PayDay 2 Google

Updated: Jun 19, 2014 Installs This Week: 100 Average Rating: N/A
Gmail - Elite

Makes your Gmail: - dark blue with stylish background - using transparency and an Aero bar - using Segoe UI as standard font - darkening out those "white" stars I use a compilation of the following styles: - Google Aero! and Google Aero! - Icon Pack by by Renaat De Muynck - Google in Segoe UI by MrFreeze - Tweaks for Planets Gmail theme by wizard04 - Gmail - Dark Shiny Blue, transparency by DaedalusIcarusHelios (I will soon release a little fix, so that the non-english Googlemail-Users can use this without those wrong-sized buttons.) ### NOTE ### This is NOT a userstyle, its more an information about combining other userstyles and releasing a fix soon.

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assassins creed unity google

new theme based on game assassins creed unity,with a 1920x1020 resolution wallpaper.designed for,designed with glass fluid UI.theme is compatible with google search,google image, google maps and google accounts.

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Hacker boy- Anonymous google by Hobbies

Hacker boy- Anonymous google , lol Feel Like an hacker with it :) , host your web apps for free visit: For more themes visit: To remain updated, connect with us at facebook: visit "Dragon facebook theme" : Visit "Rainbow lion fb theme" :

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google search - Blue - NavBar

Google search style with old navbar that was removed by google. No longer updated try my new style below will keep this code here for reference/backup.

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Hatsune Miku Google

Google search with hatsune miku background

Updated: Jun 21, 2013 Installs This Week: 93 Average Rating: N/A