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DarkNote - Google Keep

A simple dark style for Google Keep. Includes support for the Category Tabs and Panel View extensions. Feel free to use any of my code as long as you give credit. Special thanks to Nass O for inspiration from DarkTube and DarkSearch for Google (I recommend downloading them.)

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Google - Homestuck

Homestuck themed Google Homepage layout. The style will not affect the search result pages, only the starting page for Google. You can also change the style in the CSS if there is something you would like to have another way. Thanks and enjoy! ♥

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Google Bar Nyan Cat


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GMail - Message List Color Changer

This is a super-simple and straightforward style that lets you easily change the Gmail message rows' background and text colors. Individual colors may be set for Read, Unread, and Selected rows. Hover colors can also be changed for each type of row. Finally, you can change the style of the Snippets and the dividing line between rows.

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SAO Google Logo

A Google Logo from the show Sword Art Online. Dedicated to my best friend. :)

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Gmail - Dark Gray

My first style, a reskin of GMail. *Updated September 15, 2007 - Worked on some basic kluges for HTML email with white backgrounds *Updated August 1, 2007 - Fixed dropdowns for font size and face selection with some help from Yeraze - Toned contrast down a little - Made search bar more reasonable for people without enormous monitors - Changed colors of the different contributers to a thread (only goes 6 deep, I haven't seen any threads with more people involved to know what colors are there) - Styled the advanced Filter and Search options\ - Fixed tooltips to be readable with some more help from Yeraze * - Added a wide search bar at the top and removed the 'Search Mail' and 'Search the Web' buttons (added to be consistent with - Simplified various buttons and repetitive toolbars when viewing messages/message threads The font choice and text size dropdown menus use Javascript mouseovers to control the background color, and I wasn

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