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New Gmail - Alternating message colors

Makes messages in a message thread more distinguishable by alternating their background colors.

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Gmail Hawken

!! IMPORTANT !! Go to gmail themes on the preference dropdown and change your theme to dark and select a nice dark background image to go with it. This script only alter the mail reading panel. The inbox list will be controlled by the gmail internal theme, this is to prevent heavy dependence on 3rd party restyling. Read your mail in dark grey background. Enjoy.

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HUMMER H2 google theme

Customize your google home screen with this fabulous looking hummer h2 Like my pages

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Material Design - Dark

This theme is heavily inspired upon Google Search - Material Design But just with a few changes. What's Different? - The theme is dark, so it doesn't melt your eyes. - The code is completely made by me. - You're able to pick what background you want. - This theme also affects the google search home page.

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Google Ghost

Yet another "dark google" style. Changes Google search pages to use a black background and contrasting text. Also replaces standard images with ghost-colored (darkish green) versions, to better fit the color scheme. Fully affects standard Google search and Google image search. Strongly affects Google news and Google product searches (some images may still have white backgrounds, etc) Does not affect Google maps or GMail. Untested on searches from the "more" dropdown. Feedback is most welcome. Let me know what you want included, what doesn't fit, what's broken. -------- 12/05/08: V0.3 * Updated the main image sprite, corrected some bg positioning * Removed some unnecessary background-positioning on the navbar links * Replaced SearchWiki icons * Corrected misplaced Google logo on News search * Added style name, contact info, and version number to source

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