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Google ARTSY - Image Search

An "artsy" theme for Google. Be sure to view the screenshot in it's fullest resolution (1280 x 1024) to see it's true appearence. For other half, visit this link:

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Anonymous Red Google- by Hobbies

enjoy being anonymous with my red anonymous google , its looks pretty cool because the transparent( translucent ) parts in the them ( specially the search bar) . . . . . :) For free hosting and servers visit: For more themes visit: To remain updated, connect with us at facebook: visit "Dragon facebook theme" : Visit "Rainbow lion fb theme" :

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Gmail inbox - improve readability & adjust colours

Annoyed that the gmail inbox comes in 2 flavours - white and black? You can adjust this style to make the colours more suitable for you. The colours used are suitable for the HD planets theme ONLY. You'll need to choose the appropriate colours for your theme of choice

Updated: Nov 1, 2011 Installs This Week: 20 Average Rating: N/A
Google bar returns(install alternative script)

** BROKEN!! INSTALL ALTERNATIVE SCRIPT ** Google updated their code, broke this style. I have another script, written in JavaScript, that's much more reliable than this one is, and ever could be. I could update this style, but I don't see a need to do so since it's so easy to break it... ^^This^^ script add the Google bar on several Google pages. You can adjust the color, the links, and the bar position. In the future, I'll add even more options.

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TwiCane Google Logo

Twilight's Cane Google Logo Check out more arts from me! Twicane fanpage:

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Google Bliss Blue & Black Glass 2011

A blissful Black & Blue Glass like theme that I made for Google. Background is fixed, might be slower rendering.

Updated: Jul 4, 2011 Installs This Week: 20 Average Rating: N/A
Vintage Google

Vintage wallpaper background for Google - check out my other vintage styles for Gmail and Google Images here

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