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GMailbox ( Gmail + Mailbox ) Universal

[Please let a comment if you like it or if you have any feature idea; I do it for fun and I couldn't develop some features if these aren't useful for me (e.g. GTalk).] GMailbox Turning Gmail into Mailbox (in progress) This version of the style was made for being used with any background image. To use the Mac style (all white) use this style: To use with dark left column, iPad style, use this: New: 3.2 Compose window color changes. Transparent message container background. Ver. 3.0 Changed Action icons. Fixed background. Other fixes. Ver. 2.2 Added left column 'folders' icons. Suitable for any background (better white or black). Ver. 2.0 Re-maked from zero. Ver. 1.0 First version, made from Outlook style. # Outlook, Calendar, Tasks, iCloud, Mailbox, Dropbox, Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo, Email, Mail, Contacts ...

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GMail Dark Theme

Modifies GMail's dark theme to give it some character, make some features more visible, etc.

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Google Ponies

Version 1.74 Replace your Google logo with ponies from MLP! :D I'm releasing this with a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license. Feel free to do what you like with it, as long as you are not making money off of this and you give proper attribution to the creator of the style (netMASA) and the image (happydragon101 on DeviantArt)

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Pokemon Google Logo

My DeviantART:

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Gmail Nyan Cat


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Google PINKY

All Adds Removed Search Centralized Wider Search Box Pink Theme

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Google Calendar - Simplified

Simplifies Google Calendar by removing the calendar header (except for the Settings link), footer, and other things. Home page: Inspired by Aziz's original, now deprecated Google Calendar Simplified. Also see Google Tasks - Simplified.

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