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Google Docs Dark Gray 2 (update 27-09-2016)

Google Docs Dark Gray 2 Google Drive Dark: Google Drive Dark Gray (Update: 19-08-2016) Colors: · #FBBC05 - Orange · #00C0FB - Blue · #00FB5C - Green

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New Gmail - Read / unread contrast increase

This userstyle makes the difference between "read" and "unread" messages in the mail list more distinguishable.

Updated: Mar 2, 2012 Installs This Week: 24 Average Rating: N/A
Google 検索ツールをサイドバーへ

2012年11月21日の仕様変更で、検索ツールが折りたたまれてしまった問題を解決します。 検索ツールを常に展開し、以前のようにサイドバーから利用できるようにします。 ----------------------------------------------------- This style resolves the issue of the search tool being minimized and moved to the top due to Google's recent design change on November 21, 2012. Always expands the search tool and moves it back to the left side (legacy feature).

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Gmail dark

Dark theme for gmail

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Wordstar - Customizable Theme for Google Docs

This theme allows the user to write in a simple and distraction free environment, by providing Google Docs of a classic computer aesthetic, while also allowing the user to customize the colors of the UI to his personal liking. Thanks for visiting. Tips: - The theme is best used in full screen mode, press F11 (for most browsers) to enable this feature. - The Google Docs UI can be hidden, under: View >> Full screen - Increasing the value of the property "Text selection shadow radius", adds a shadow to the borders of the sheet, also as the name suggests, it adds a shadow to the selected text container. Special thanks to GRRM, who inspired the coding of this style.

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kirito dsa

espero que le guste este fondo de pantalla

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