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GMail - Message List Color Changer

This is a super-simple and straightforward style that lets you easily change the Gmail message rows' background and text colors. Individual colors may be set for Read, Unread, and Selected rows. Hover colors can also be changed for each type of row. Finally, you can change the style of the Snippets and the dividing line between rows.

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GMailbox ( Gmail + Mailbox ) Mac

[Please let a comment if you like it or if you have any feature idea; I do it for fun and I couldn't develop some features if these aren't useful for me (e.g. GTalk).) GMailbox Turning Gmail into Mailbox (in progress) This version looks like the Mac Mailbox app, to be usad only with white background. To use with any background, use this style: To use with dark left column, iPad style, use this: New: 3.1 Little changes: compose window colors. Some transparence experiments. Ver. 3.0 Changed Action icons. Fixed background. Other fixes. Ver. 2.2 Added left column 'folders' icons. Suitable for any background (better white or black). Ver. 2.0 Re-maked from zero. Ver. 1.0 First version, made from Outlook style. # Outlook, Calendar, Tasks, iCloud, Mailbox, Dropbox, Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo, Email, Mail, Contacts ...

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Gmail inbox - improve readability & adjust colours

Annoyed that the gmail inbox comes in 2 flavours - white and black? You can adjust this style to make the colours more suitable for you. The colours used are suitable for the HD planets theme ONLY. You'll need to choose the appropriate colours for your theme of choice

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Google - Justin Bieber

A Bieber Google version.

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Asuka Google with links color well defined

Change the background to Google page, and change the link colors to more distinctives colors for visited link and not visited link. If you like, you can also choose your own background images; and your own link colors.

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Luna Google logo

My deviantart Thepatrollpl.Deviantart.Com

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Norwin's Google Menu Bar "only"

"only" Norwin's Google Menu Bar -testet with Chrome & Firefox- If you have questions or suggestions, please mail them to Norwin

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