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Super Car - Google Theme

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Theme Goolge One Piece By Minh Cường

ID: FP: GR: Theme By Minh CườngID: FP: GR: Theme By Minh Cường

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Google News Dark - freecyber

Includes international versions and search results Due to frequent Google changes, I have removed the signed-in links/icons for now.

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GMail - Message List Color Changer

This is a super-simple and straightforward style that lets you easily change the Gmail message rows' background and text colors. Individual colors may be set for Read, Unread, and Selected rows. Hover colors can also be changed for each type of row. Finally, you can change the style of the Snippets and the dividing line between rows.

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google stylee One Piece Việt Nam cuongmcc nguyen dinh cuong theme one piece

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New Gmail - Alternating message colors

Makes messages in a message thread more distinguishable by alternating their background colors.

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Google Home Page OS X Style

***** To the Mac O.G., RIP! Thank You, Steve, for the changing the world and making it a better place! You will be forever loved and missed! Steve Jobs, 1955 - 2011 ***** *** Please be sure to "Like", "+1", etc. my style if you use it! *** Completely rebuilt and now compatible with both Firefox 5 and Google Chrome! Like the other, a simple Google home page style, done with OS X style. Simply choose from one of the thousands of Mac wallpapers on the net to set as your Google home page wallpaper and you're good to go. Here's a direct-link to the image I used:

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Gmail Easy Access Colored Buttons

Determine icons with color for Gmail (new version) I can determine icons easier, because they are changing depending of view... Yes, delete button is red! The Easy Access Colored Buttons userstyle gives each button a different color, so you can instantly tell which is the delete button, which is the label button, and so on..." Recommended: GMAIL - searching field Gmail - Add labels to toolbar icons

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