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Cute Naruto GOOGLE

Cute Naruto GOOGLE -testet with Firefox and Chrome-

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Google Army Military Camouflage Theme 1

All Googel Pages with an green "Army Military Camouflage" Theme Image as Background. Theme Image in in various shades of green and the Font is white. The Google-Logo was changed also in Army Font Style. This Theme works with all Google pages.

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Google Home Page OS X Style

***** To the Mac O.G., RIP! Thank You, Steve, for the changing the world and making it a better place! You will be forever loved and missed! Steve Jobs, 1955 - 2011 ***** *** Please be sure to "Like", "+1", etc. my style if you use it! *** Completely rebuilt and now compatible with both Firefox 5 and Google Chrome! Like the other, a simple Google home page style, done with OS X style. Simply choose from one of the thousands of Mac wallpapers on the net to set as your Google home page wallpaper and you're good to go. Here's a direct-link to the image I used:

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Google Underline

Brings back the old look of google search results after the changes introduced in March 2014.

Updated: Mar 19, 2014 Installs This Week: 23 Average Rating: Good
Gmail *2* small attachment icons

See from your inbox what kind of attachment an email has. This script is the new version of Gmail with different attachment icons. I updated it because Gmail new version changes a lot of things :) This scripts works in both version of Gmail. To contact me:

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The Return of Old Gmail

An effort to get back the older look of Gmail. What does this UserStyle do? Changes new Gmail style to the older one Reverts the top navigation in Gmail to the classic one Implements classic Gray-Blue Gmail theme Version 3.2 features and Changelog Made things more tidier than before, fixed almost everything wrong in v2.0 Re-fixed Chat and Mail list scrolling Re-styled buttons Re-styled the Menu bar Re-fixed no-scrolling of Gmail in Version 3.2.2 * Feel free to drop an email for any suggestions and bug report. I'll do my best to implement your thought. Stay Tuned! NOTE: Please link and share this post: , if you appreciate author's work and want him to continue updating this userstyle. Best regards.

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gmail Terminal (*all* black background)

A gmail terminal theme. Similar to the old gmail terminal. Basic idea is that *everything* should have a black background (except labels) and all text should be green/white/light colors.

Updated: Mar 13, 2014 Installs This Week: 57 Average Rating: OK