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GMail NEW FORMAT Red Bold(s)

I liked having "Compose Mail, Contacts, and SignOut" in Red Bold. However, I have been updating this thing constantly due to constant element changes; this was to be my final edit, and I obsoleted it, and then thought "What the hell, this is cool!!" so I've unobsoleted it and fixed it. These elements change often; don't be surprised if they "go away," but often I update that same day. Use DOM Inspector to inspect the element of what's changed, and correct the style yourselves to suit your particular address anomalies. Last change before this was April 25th; it will continue to be in flux. Today is July 14th 2008, and yet more changes - so I think we can expect new changes every 2-3 months. Enjoy while it lasts!! / Cheers all / Paul

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Gmail Cleaner and Tweaker

If you need a style that works for Google Search, Reader, and AdSense Reports, please give Google: no ads and compact a try. I recommend users to install Gmail *2* small attachment icons, too. It makes Gmail's attachment icons look prettier. The icons in left sidebar is from Gmail *Mobile me* [obsolete], thanks to Nic\o/. Attention: 1. It works only for Gmail 2.0, but not for other Google services. 2. It works best with Gmail "Tree" theme. 3. It doesn't work with Gmail Labs "Right-side chat" and "Right-side labels" features. 4. The "Invite a friend" area must be placed at the *last* position of the sidebar, so that it can be removed. For more detail, please visit my gallery ChangeLog: 2009-08-31, Update for Gmail recently update. 2009-06-06, Fix: Gmail changed its HTML codes, so I changed mine. 2009-04-20, Fix: Icons incorrectly displayed in "Chat" window. Add: Hover effect in Settings. 2009-04-14, Fix: mail can't display when ope

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Google Search CSS (Ver, hamashun

LDRizeを使用してるとシマシマが2P目以降に適用されてなかったので作った。 なんという階段コード。 こういうのはLDRize側を書き換えるべきなのかなあ。 まあでも、追々色々と追加していきます。 割と自分用です。 /* 更新履歴 */ /* 2007-11-25 公開 */

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Google Hover Over Links

Simple user style to remove underline on links, on Google pages, when they are hovered over. Note: Change domain as necessary to reflect your region (e.g. or if you are a US user, remove that second domain. All users should keep the reference regardless of location.

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GMail Login - Dark and Simple

This style pulls out pretty much everything from the GMail login page except for a top image (borrowed from Valacar 's excellent Google Web Search - Dark Gray Theme (vC)) and the login box.

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Google Search EXTREME Cleaner

Removes all unnecessary elements on search result page of google. It leaves only search field and results. In the form of link and description only. Just see the screenshots. Configured for and For other locations, please change the code. Update(Jan 23 2008): - To keep cache links and regular site URL's, uncomment following code /* span.a, a.fl, nobr { display:inline !important; } */ - Hidden some related search results

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Gmail - Remove Footer

Removes the footer from Gmail. Also moves storage indicator to top-right, under the navbar.

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Google - Remove Text Ads and Sponsored Links

Removes text ads and sponsored links. 03/17/08: Based on Google - improved ad remover, but updated to work with the latest ads.

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Google - (search results) malware warning

This style adds an obvious visual warning to Google search results that turn up sites Google has deemed to contain malware, or otherwise be harmful to your computer. Google did a good thing, doing this, but this style just takes it one step further by making it VERY obvious!

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google for eee

...or I guess for any 7" screen. Style just hides headers and nav bars. Applies to reader, docs, spreadsheets (buggy), gmail (thx to srazzano -

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