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Google For Persian Language

توسط این استایل تمامی صفحات اعم از صفحه جست و جوی گوگل ، جیمیل ، تقویم ، تاریخچه وب ، ابزار مدیریت ، اسناد ، گوگل + ، یوتوب ، آلبوم های وب پیکاسا و سایر صفحات به شکل بسیار زیبایی متناسب برای فارسی زبان ها در می آید . این استایل فونت پیش فرض گوگل برای صفحات را به فونت تاهوما تبدیل کرده و سایز فونت ها را استاندارد سازی می کند ، همچنین ساختار عناصر موجود در صفحات وب را تنظیم می نماید . مطئن هستم که بعد از نصب از ظاهر جدید گوگل خوشتان می آید .

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G+ Ultimate

This style is based on the Pony+ by Kireas but with some stuff added, this does not include the pony/cutie mark in the right down corner since it's replaced by a full background. This Userstyle can be updated normally through the userstyles addon. Disclaimer: I am well known about dropping projects, especially when I'm very busy so don't cry when I don't update. I'll try my best keeping this up to date, and I am in no way connected with google except by their services like search, google+, youtube ect. The base of the code is made by Kireas.

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Google - GM - Google Real Side Preview v2

It's for a WIDE SCREEN(1920x1080)! For this useful Greasemonkey Script: "Google Real Side Preview: - When you click on the icon next each result , it Open the site in an Individual inline frames (you stay on the Google search page). - You can too open Multiple sites together an the inline frame. - Search Results will be opened In the tab. More Options in the author's site

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Google Search - Remove Chrome Ad

Removes Chrome ads from Google Search. Similar to Google - Hide Google Chrome Ad on Main Page, but adds support for secure URLs and also blocks their "pushdown" (blue bar) ad.

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Gmail quote colors and font sizes

This style works with gmail-generated quoted text blocks, and works best when people intersperse comments in replies, so the new text stands out. The quoted text at deeper levels is given a varying off-gray, slightly lighter color, and the deepest levels are just gray. The size of the fonts is also decreased slightly. There is also some correction of grayed text at the top level that should not have been marked with quotes. Only quotes that are recognized by gmail and marked as such will be affected - they show up by default with a left border edge. Quotes that are still prefixed by the commonly used angle bracket (>) are not distinguished from other text in the markup so I can't apply a style to them, unfortunately. (Some JS would be required to convert such text first.)

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Gmail / Autohide "People"

This style hide "People" pane, shown right side of message pane. When you hover the black bar upside shown instead of "People" pane, "People" pane is shown. This style work with "Vertical Split" mode and "Horizontal Split" mode.

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Google Plus minus WhiteSpace

I tried(!) to get rid of the huge amount of whitespace in the new Google+ design and this is what I came up with. none of the other styles worked correctly so I made on very basic from scratch. The script simply widens the message boxes shown in the stream - nothing else! The form to post is still too small but I'll maybe update that later. No elements are hidden or moved.

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Google plus transparent style for 26/6/2012 update

a G+ style for the Updated New UI on 26/6/2012 The top Google bar, left side bar and right side bar will be hidden. You can see them when the cursor is on the top of them. The main content will be in the center position.

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Make Google+ Comment Text Black

Makes comments on the updated Google+ black-on-grey instead of grey-on-grey

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