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Dark Gmail .5 patch 3 β

Adapted to gmail changes, not well tested unresolved problems: - the reply dropdown has rollover effects so it cannot be styled - the coloring of email addresses in thread view is not well adapted - the tabs in thread view do not have top borders so they cannot be always distinguished (could be done by a replacement picture) - when in search thread view the control for frobbing highlight slightly reaches into the first email header - cannot style checkboxes and radio boxes what should work: message list, compose, thread view, reply, address book re contrast: this is the 'decent contrast' version I use. Since the screen has some reserves in this area I do not want max contrast for text. You can use lighter gray for text to make higher contrast.

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Google Image Search back to normal

Turns off the new "feature" of Google Image Search that hides information.

Updated: Jan 31, 2007 Installs This Week: 2 Average Rating: N/A (Web Search) - Dark Blue Redesign

This style is exactly like the Dark blue redesign ( I'll be working on the logo soon.

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Gmail to Google Mail logo

It's funny, because I am not from the United Kingdom, but I'd rather have the 'Google Mail' logo then the 'Gmail logo' and only style here that came close did the opposite. (and did not exactly work). So here is my first ever style!

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Gmail - space for labels

Makes the labels use a smaller font, and removes the contacts and invite boxes. Makes the left pane fixed to not scroll. Moves the header to the right (floated, to be usable at a minimum resolution of 1024px wide) to make room.

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Google Персоналка [by ikillbill] v1.03

Меняем вертикальное расположение элементов на горизональное, и выбрасываем весь ненужный хлам.

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Google Homepage (using a theme) Transparency Edits

Sidneyboy -- Can you post a screenshot of your problems? I can verify this works on Vista Home Premium, WinXP SP2, Gentoo & Ubuntu Linux. I wouldn't see how it would work in VHP vs VHB. I love the new themes Google has added, but I wasn't fond of certain things (namely the input, tabs, etc) getting in the way of good artwork. So I modified certain parts of the page to be transparent so I can see all the goodies :) I am currently using the Springscape theme although this script is compatible with *ALL* of the Google Homepage Themes so far. *Current Script Size: 3.95 KB (4055 Bytes) **(New! Check Out - Zathman's Redesign)** UPDATES: * v1.4 * 25 JUN 2007 (Minor) - Temporarily disabled the tab height I set due to some google updates * v1.4 * 27 MAY 2007 (Major) - Rewrote/Organized code, new styling features & formatting, fixed old code. »» * 1024x768 * | * v1.3 * 25 MAY 2007 (Minor) - Fixed f

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@ GMAIL.COM — For Big Screens Simply and Clear

— no gmail logo — no copyrights — less margins — "memory used" moved to the right top — "memory used" is grey coloured — "simply html|with chat|without chat" moved to the top left — search form centered — "web search" button removed — all texts are larger — letter star and strip are centered — active folder top and bottom paddings are bigger for easy targeting ) — letter headers have larger fonts — hover colouring on the labels — hover highlighting on the letter headers — no ANY ads *************** Feel free to add any notices on the style. If you like this style donate at least $1 PayPal. Thanks.

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