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Firefox - Not transparent popup menus

Makes not transparent background all popup menus. It is useful for some addons that are shown in the sidebar, for example like HeadingsMaps, screenshots of which are examples here.

Updated: Sep 21, 2011 Installs This Week: 0 Average Rating: N/A
(No screenshot available)
Facebook - Ticker Remover

Removes the ticker from the facebook new ui

Updated: Sep 23, 2011 Installs This Week: 1 Average Rating: N/A
SHINee Key with Icons

SHINee Dashboard theme for Key. Does NOT include the Korean Tumblr Logo.

Updated: Oct 1, 2011 Installs This Week: 6 Average Rating: N/A
RTM - Clean print

Restyle RTM print page.

Updated: Oct 6, 2011 Installs This Week: 5 Average Rating: N/A
Todoist - Remove Distracting Elements

Removes distracting elements like the note icon, go premium link, footer and email icon.

Updated: Oct 17, 2011 Installs This Week: 4 Average Rating: N/A
Gmail Compact - CSS ONLY

Google has committed a new style and look for gmail on November 1st, 2011. Do you feel like the compact look is incomplete? This script improves and completes the look and field of the compact view. Tired of seeing annoying ads? Let this script be your best friend and hide those ads. Enjoy!

Updated: Mar 6, 2013 Installs This Week: 1 Average Rating: N/A