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This STYLE is for Tumblr, Google and Global. Based on the dark color, and LINKs shines in bright colors. I made in the image of the neon city at night.

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Shingeki no Kyojin - Scouting Legion Emblem Cursor

so, um, this is just your cursor taking form of the scouting legion emblem/the wings of freedom from shingeki no kyojin/attack on titan. *oh and uh, the line thing in the screenshot isn't part of the cursor.

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Cursor indicator

A cursor indicator for hyperlinks of file extension: pdf, doc, xls, txt, zip, exe and e-mail All icons come from "Mini Pixel Icons"

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(No screenshot available)
mac type

mac type for chrome os

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Anonymous Everywhere

An Anonymous Background which you can use everywhere OR specify where to use by clicking the "Edit" button after installing the Theme. Then from "Applies to : " Select the Domains. :) Follw me on Facebook : Follow me on Twitter :

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YouTube – Wolf progress bar video player theme

This is a theme for your youtube progress bar i will upload more soon with different animals so stay tune this one might be crap cuz its my first one

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Pitch Black & Blue with Ghost Images

Global black pages and menus with light blue text. Images are hardly visible until mouseover. I combined "Global Style - Pitch Black Firefox" with "Facebook at work" to make images transparent.

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Dark Pokemon Showdown Style

A dark Pokemon Showdown style, with dark mouse and scrollbar css. Overall a pretty smooth style. If you have any question, you can find me at servers such as flare.

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Firefox 11 + Change image view background

Recently, Firefox (Nightly) introduced some changes to how single images are displayed on a page. This code will allow you to put any color you want on the background. Plus, some simple shadow if you want to.

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Dark Everywhere

simply turns to dark theme almost all webs

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