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这个样式是群里共享的,用于全局更改firefox字体样式 英文Georgia,中文微软雅黑 用此样式后,可能某些网页显示出错(比如,可以排除出错的网站,按照例子添加网站即可 @-moz-document regexp("((?!|||).)*")

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Freely Tomorrow Miku cursor!

A Miku cursor that you can use anywhere on the web!

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Global Style - Pitch Black

Status: Alpher++ ( let there be bugs! ) Info: A Global style effecting ALL webpages. Colors: Backgrounds set to black and texts set to Blue. Inspired by: Riddick eyeshine from Pitch Black the movie. Again: Effects ALL webpages, that means google, bing, twitch, youtube, twitter, facebook and so on! Note: This is a release with a lot of room for improvements!

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搜索引擎跳转-文科版 跳转条浮动样式

搜索引擎跳转-文科版 默认是将跳转条嵌入到目标页面搜索栏下方,随页面滚动。这样一来滚动到页底发现没想要的结果要跳转的时候,又要滚动回页顶,二来密密麻麻的文字和图标再大面积覆盖页面位置,视觉观感不好。 本样式就是要使跳转条浮动起来,固定显示位置,随时可以跳转,并且改善显示外观,在不更改原脚本的前提下尽可能改进实用性和美观度。

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Hide scrollbars globally

I have no idea why this works better for me than Scrollbar hidden / hide scrollbars totally. I just copied it from comments on it. Your mileage may vary. This causes the scrollwheel to stop working in XP _and_ makes it so that searching with '/' doesn't jump to the results. That's pretty terrible! The Grab and Drag addon has an option to drag exactly as the scrollbar does when you grab any part of the webpage. Vimperator users can just use ^U,^D, jkhl to replace using the scrollbar.

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This STYLE is for Tumblr, Google and Global. Based on the dark color, and LINKs shines in bright colors. I made in the image of the neon city at night.

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ALEXAPOLLO - 通用 - 微软雅黑、Consolas - 版本2

基于 Daniel65536 的 gist 修改。 中文统一微软雅黑,英文统一Segoe UI/Consolas。 注:只识别常见字体,不常见字体不会替换。

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