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Mickey Mouse Cursor 2.0

Mickey Mouse Cursor (themesltd)

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Lazy Generic Inverted Grayscale Style

What it does: Makes websites grayscale, then inverts it. This affects everything (except video and probably any embed objects). Affects images as well. Page scrolling speed is slowed when this style is active. How to use: When you come across a website that is too dark/light, you add the website to the list of affected sites to make it opposite of what it currently is - dark becomes light, light becomes dark. Play with the values to whatever you prefer. You can delete brightness and contrast properties in code to slightly increase scrolling performance. Use it on sites that mainly have text content.

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GTA V Facebook Theme

Applies to:,,

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Red:visited -- Mark visited links Red (*DM)

Provide distinctive red coloring for visited links on all sites. An alternate style Red: Mark visited links as read on unruly domains (16842) limits the change to a few commonly used domains that do not provide adequate color changes between visited and unvisited links such as Google, and some of the Mozilla and MozillaZine sites. For some additional effects involving red dashed outline around links when hovering, green dashed borders around no-follow links, and cross-hair cursor for links that open in a new tab/window see No Follow links, mouseover id of other links (DM*) (10987). Have simply incorporated "red:" bookmarklet as a style. The bookmarklet version can be obtained at look for "red: Visited links to RED for visibility" and give the bookmarklet a keyword of "red:". The bookmarklet can be used on site for a temporary change instead of using a style. An alternative suggested by Bob Jamison would be to show a red Unicode character to the left of a visited link so as not to disrupt t

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Kill Helvetica

Many Windows users of Firefox, including myself, suffer from strange Helvetica font issues. Firefox does not appear to render the font correctly and makes sites which use the font (e.g. Digg, Twitter, etc.) very difficult to read. This style simply overrides Helvetica Neue and tells Firefox to use the local Arial font instead. See for more information. This problem has been reported in various places: --- Apologies for the deceptive ads you see on this page, I have no control over that. If you see a big download button on this page, please ignore it - better still, install Adblock Plus: See here for more information:

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Anime Cursors for All Sites

[OtakuStylish.TK] All Sites - Anime Cursors ver1 Enjoy! :3 Show your gratitude by liking our fanpage >> >> Instructions on how to apply the cursors ======================================== 1. Go to this site 2. Choose your cursor and click its link 3. On the "Cursor Download And Information", you will see a download button. Instead of saving it, copy the cursor URL(For Google: Right click + Copy link address). 4. Paste the URL of the cursor below and click "+ Install with Stylish" and your done :3 Tutorial with image is posted on the site. More Themes at Cursors by

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