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Lights Out (White Pages be Gone!)

This style works on ALL sites and is meant for surfing during the night. Imagine you're browsing at night and the only lighting you have turned on is your monitor. And then that site comes up that's all WHITE!? Squinting only gets you so far and aside from being annoying as shit, the overexposure is also bad for your eyes in the long term. Hence this style: make everything DARK. It won't be the most beautiful solution as you will lose some of the site's design, but all text, links and images will still be there. And visible without needing to squint like you've got lemon juice in your eyes! Rejoice!

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Amor Doce - Castiel AD

Tema para o Amor Doce do personagem Castiel. Feito por coisas-de-docete | Tumblr hunterbaka | Tumblr Feito pela Docete e Sucrette ArabellaToadmincer Por favor, não distribua como seu.

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GTA V Facebook Theme

Applies to:,,

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Test style2

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Light text on black background

Light text on black background was much nicer for my poor cataracted eyes. Now I have a new lens implanted I like black on white again, so this style probably won't be updated anymore. Thanks to KuRmA for the stars and the improvement! I have incorporated it in the style. Now uses system colors for input boxes & buttons, too.

Updated: Aug 8, 2006 Installs This Week: 22 Average Rating: N/A
Firefox 11 + Change image view background

Recently, Firefox (Nightly) introduced some changes to how single images are displayed on a page. This code will allow you to put any color you want on the background. Plus, some simple shadow if you want to.

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This STYLE is for Tumblr, Google and Global. Based on the dark color, and LINKs shines in bright colors. I made in the image of the neon city at night.

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