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Firefox Strong Font Rendering (Like Safari)

Since Firefox 3.5 Font rendering style at got so huge success, I thought of refining the code of rendering in Firefox 3.6.9 and above... I still wonder why we don't have this type of font rendering by default in our firefox... Anyway I hope you will keep liking it.... I have kept the code as small as possible....Any suggestion is welcome....If anything important you find regarding the style then mail me at **SCREENSHOT MAY NOT DEFINE THE IMPORTANCE OF THIS STYLESHEET...JUST USE THIS ONCE...I AM SURE U WILL LIKE IT AND FALL IN LOVE WITH FIREFOX AGAIN :) Cya :)

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Anime Christmas Facebook Login

Facebook Login Anime on Christmas ! / Login para Facebook de Anime en Navidad More Anime Styles on .. / Más estilos de anime en .. Add me on Facebook / Agregame en Facebook Anime Christmas Facebook Login Preview/Vista Previa HD :

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Anime Cursors for All Sites

[OtakuStylish.TK] All Sites - Anime Cursors ver1 Enjoy! :3 Show your gratitude by liking our fanpage >> >> Instructions on how to apply the cursors ======================================== 1. Go to this site 2. Choose your cursor and click its link 3. On the "Cursor Download And Information", you will see a download button. Instead of saving it, copy the cursor URL(For Google: Right click + Copy link address). 4. Paste the URL of the cursor below and click "+ Install with Stylish" and your done :3 Tutorial with image is posted on the site. More Themes at Cursors by

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Smart Dark

Smart Dark: Protect your eyes. auto convert website style to night style, Almost all website,and compatibility Chrome & Firefox & Safari. 智能夜间模式:保护你的眼睛,自动转换网站样式到夜间模式。 几乎大部分网站都适用,并且兼容 Chrome 、 Firefox、Safari。 If you have any improvement opinions please let me know. 如果你有任何改进的意见请告诉我。 Github:

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搜索引擎跳转-文科版 跳转条浮动样式

搜索引擎跳转-文科版 默认是将跳转条嵌入到目标页面搜索栏下方,随页面滚动。这样一来滚动到页底发现没想要的结果要跳转的时候,又要滚动回页顶,二来密密麻麻的文字和图标再大面积覆盖页面位置,视觉观感不好。 本样式就是要使跳转条浮动起来,固定显示位置,随时可以跳转,并且改善显示外观,在不更改原脚本的前提下尽可能改进实用性和美观度。

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Cursor - Foxy FNAF

Pedido de Thaís Goenji e-e Se quiser pedir algum peça por inbox meu FB →

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这个样式是群里共享的,用于全局更改firefox字体样式 英文Georgia,中文微软雅黑 用此样式后,可能某些网页显示出错(比如,可以排除出错的网站,按照例子添加网站即可 @-moz-document regexp("((?!|||).)*")

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This adds a pulsating glow to links when they are hovered or focused. It works on Google, Facebook, Tumblr and everywhere else on the web. 12 colours to choose from including a rainbow option.

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Kuroko chibi cursor for all websites

A kawaii cursor of Kuroko from Kurokos basketball so you can have him as youre cursor on all sites!

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