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Gmail Bland

I was unhappy with the new Gmail and tried 'The Return of the Old Gmail' by Techably. After using that style I decided to try modifying it a bit to reduce contrast. The result was 'Gmail Bland'. While it looks nothing like the old Gmail, I realized some of the appeal behind the old Gmail had to do with softer color combinations that were much easier on the eyes. 'Gmail Bland' is simply a style that tries to eliminate harsh contrasts to make it easier to focus on content without being distracted by the garish and visually draining motif in the new Gmail. Two things I was unable to alter include changing the red 'send' button to something less alarming as well as the black border in the chat box. Since I am not savvy with css and just used trial and error to modify Techably's style, I welcome and appreciate any modifications and advice to improve this style.

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Onepress Social Locker Disable

Remove that POS ONP social locker and view that shit without having to +1 that crappy content.

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All Dark Eyes Wide Open version 3

Modified All Dark military by airstep to be used with Black Youtube by Panos and Black Google by Panos About version 3 Fix for swf (shock wave flash video) because some sites the video would constantly pause and if i pressed play it would start from the beginning again.

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Anime Facebook Login 2015

More Anime Styles on .. / Más estilos de anime en .. Add me on Facebook / Agregame en Facebook Anime Facebook Login 2015 Wallpaper HD :

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Iron Man Cursor

Iron Man from the Avengers Cursor /o/

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Firebug Dark Theme (beta)


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Red:visited -- Mark visited links Red (*DM)

Provide distinctive red coloring for visited links on all sites. An alternate style Red: Mark visited links as read on unruly domains (16842) limits the change to a few commonly used domains that do not provide adequate color changes between visited and unvisited links such as Google, and some of the Mozilla and MozillaZine sites. For some additional effects involving red dashed outline around links when hovering, green dashed borders around no-follow links, and cross-hair cursor for links that open in a new tab/window see No Follow links, mouseover id of other links (DM*) (10987). Have simply incorporated "red:" bookmarklet as a style. The bookmarklet version can be obtained at look for "red: Visited links to RED for visibility" and give the bookmarklet a keyword of "red:". The bookmarklet can be used on site for a temporary change instead of using a style. An alternative suggested by Bob Jamison would be to show a red Unicode character to the left of a visited link so as not to disrupt t

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Spiceworks Full Width Fix (Remove Ads)

Since you already run Adblock to remove ads from Spiceworks, this stylesheet change will widen the tickets area so you do not have 320px of blank space.

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